Insult to Injury

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The government’s message to the Coast Guard and their families couldn’t be more reprehensible. While Senators, Representatives, etc… debate on policy and still get paid, men and women securing our shores are told to get a second job or have a garage sale. Well if that isn’t the most horseshit thing we’ve seen all day, we don’t know what will top it…bet it’ll be something with Kanye…that’s a safe bet, but… let us move on.

As a veteran, I’m not super big into some of the…I guess what you’d call perks of being a veteran. When I say that, I mean the superficial things like a veteran discount at Taco Bell for my crunch wrap supreme at 3:00 a.m. I’ve been out for nearly 10 years and aside from keeping in reasonably good shape, I don’t look like a veteran with my haircut or facial hair…or maybe I do (I don’t know, what does a veteran look like exactly, see my point, anyways…)  I don’t ask for veteran or military discounts because hell so far, Uncle Sam has kept his contract with me.

I ask no more and no less than what was in the contract when I signed. Whatever that may be. The same goes for these men and women now, continuing to protect our shores and do their duty.

I’m not sitting here typing this up begging for the Coastguardsman and possible military members being affected by the shutdown to be given special treatment. Rather all we’re sitting here saying is to give them what is contractually obligated. They are upholding their part of the contract, the government should uphold there side.

Nobody is triggered or any of those mainline stupid phrases that people use when they’re losing an argument. This is real, all jokes aside, how insulting is it for the US government to tell people they should have a garage sale to make ends meet because they can’t get over their partisan politicking?

We’d say pretty damn insulting. Stay strong Coasties, we know we give you a lot of shit, but this is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to endure it.


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11 thoughts on “Insult to Injury

  1. If they can have a Go Fund Me account to build that bullshit wall then why not have a go fund me account to help the Coast Guard? Maybe President Trump will donate a billion dollars to that cause like he did for the wall??? This is an insult to our country and the very foundation under which our country was founded. If the government is shut down then congress should not get paid either. They should have a garage sale or get a second job where they will have to do some real work.

  2. My son is in the Coast Guard. I’m glad I taught him to be a saver. He should be okay for months but they have enough stress in their lives without having to worry about not getting paid.

  3. Agreed!! Just pay those who are supposed to be paid. Especially since they can’t get temporary employment elsewhere. They are contracted to show up.

  4. Are you ready to do a multi million person march on Washington for our service members, I am. The only people that should be alliwed to shut the gov down are we the people. Therefore we should get enough people to walk on Washington and shut it down and let them know we are serious.

  5. The only way I see to stop this crap is vote out every single person in the house and senate. Put people in office who are more middle of the road and have no affiliations with either the far left or far right. People who won’t place their heads up their asses in order to drown out their constituents concerns. Unless 51% of your constituents are far right or far left, you have no business pushing their agenda, period. But America, in all honesty, you are responsable for this, because you keep electing the a-holes to both houses of Congress. The definition of insanity is to continue making the same decision and expecting a different outcome. Just saying.

  6. If all government Employees stood together and said know pay know work this whole thing would end in a heartbeat. HAVE WE THE PEOPLE KNOW BACK BONE OR GUTS.

  7. Yea maybe they can go to Purto Rico on a winter vacation? OH wait that’s just for Democrat congressmen and staffers. POS’s ALL of them politicians.

  8. Blame dems the President told them he would not sign another bill that left out border security. Too bad dems are more interested in future border runner votes than Coasties.

    1. The WH has made multiple attempts to compromise but because our congress wants to be selfish there is no deal and part of them go on vacation. Our country is torn about this with a part of it wanting to impeach our president. Why is so bad to want the best border security we can put together. I heard this a few days ago that if anyone who is against border security locks their doors at home or to their cars they are a hypocrite. I feel like that is very true. Know what you stand for. Stay strong Coasties.