Not Only No, But F*** No!!

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A bill was just introduced by several senators that aims to once again strip law-abiding Americans of their right to bear arms. The sweeping legislation will be the most sweeping gun control legislation since the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. To all of this we say not only no, but f*** no.

They say this piece of legislation is meant to honor those who were killed by mass shooters. You intend to honor people by removing the rights of others? Seems strange. How about these politicians give up their protection via these weapons? Are we not a nation where everyone is equal under the law? We say that jokingly because as we’ve seen, there is a set of rules for us, the common folk and another set of rules for politicians.

This type of sweeping legislation is the type we’d expect to see from a would-be tyrant who, under the guise of safety promises that all violence will end…all violence against a regime that will have a monopoly on violence.

We say this, if these politicians really believe in their message of gun-free areas, lead as a leader would and give up your protection via these weapons first. You say there is no need for these weapons on our streets? We see no need for them at your home or in your motorcade, or in the halls of Congress. Lead by example and refuse any sort of security that posses any type of these weapons. Don’t get us wrong, we still wouldn’t give ours up or support this legislation, but at least these politicians would seem more…devoted and genuine instead of pandering to the fear of the masses.

The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. We already did the math, even if 90% of the population complied and 90% of law enforcement/military officials enforced this act, it’d be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8.8 million gun owners versus 2.4 million against…in an urban environment.

There are over 80 million gun owners in the United States. Don’t let these scabs scare you into believing you’re in the minority and strip you of your natural rights as a living breathing human. Not only no, but f*** no to these gun grabbers!

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17 thoughts on “Not Only No, But F*** No!!

  1. “A bill was just introduced by several senators that aims to once again strip law-abiding Americans of their right to bear arms. The sweeping legislation will be the most sweeping gun control legislation since the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.”


  2. Let them try to take our weapons! We have more than they do. Wouldn’t even be a fare fight.
    Politicians can’t get shit right. Listen to the millions of legal gun owners. Taking their guns away WILL NOT STOP GUN VIOLENCE!!!

  3. Stop punishing law abiding citizens and try backing your made up appeasement laws with factual data instead of assuming they will be effective. Because the 20,000+ laws already on the books need to be enforced first!

  4. I keep thinking of 6 Million Jews killed by Hitler. Millions killed by Stalin. The Killing fields in Cambodia. We cannot. Must not allow anyone to disarm the American peoples.

  5. This bill is going nowhere, since Republicans control the Senate and Mitch McConnell won’t allow a vote on it. But…this is all about the Democrats thinking this issue is a good one for them in 2020 and the polling seems to think it is. We shall see.

    The bad news, for us, this isn’t a threat this year, but IF the Democrats take the Senate and White House in 2020…this could be a reality in 2021! Get your friends to register and vote! Organize! Ask every politician if they support this law? Ask local and state officials, if they will enforce the law, if it passes the Senate? If we don’t start to organize to counter this…it will be our future.

  6. As a U S Veteran of the Persian Gulf War region…and finally retired from the U S Army. It disturbs me totally about the current environment of elected officials in Washington DC…most of them are completely blinded by the call of complete gun control across the nation. This has to be a bad joke or few hours of a bad movie. Doesn’t the citizens see that crap they are being fed by the people they elected to represent them in Congress? Apparently not. I will say right here right now…I will do what is necessary to protect my family and close friends against any misguided official of taking my weapons or ammo or whatever else they think is illegal period. After defending my country against foreign and NOW the possible domestic enemies of my country, I will defend. It will be crystal clear what I will have to do to defend my Constitution of the United States of America, I swore to. There are many of my brothers and sisters in arms…who will step forward and surprise these so called elected officials…of how to defend the rights of the 2nd Amendment!!!

  7. This would be awesome, we need to get these killing machines off of our streets! Besides the NRA is in with the Russians along with the dear leader, it’s time to rid ourselves of these toxic weapons. Go Congress, go!