A Murder Charge And Stolen Valor Exposed

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A preliminary hearing regarding the charge of murder most foul by Major Mathew Golsteyn has been canceled. The top investigator was shown to be a stolen valor piece of shit, wearing a Purple Heart ribbon that he most certainly didn’t earn as well as several badges that he didn’t earn. Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette as the convening authority will now get to set a historical standard and either forever cripple our operators or ensure their future safety.

War is shit. Whether it’s the straightforward big battle lines of infantry crashing against each other circa WW2 or the extremely asymmetrical version we’ve seen in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. To paraphrase our favorite superhero, “It’s a Yakov Smirnoff opening for the Spin Doctors at the Iowa State Fair.” The only redeeming quality of war is that in some instances as a good guy, which we generally like to give the benefit of the doubt to our forces, you get to make some bad guys go to forever sleep land. In that regard, war is cool.

When you get to drop a walking shit sandwich of a dude that kills innocents, bombs indiscriminately…like…that’s gotta be a good feeling. Like Ahhnold said in True Lies when Jamie Lee Curtis asked if he’d killed anyone, “Yes, but they were all bad people.” 

Same shit goes here. Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette has an opportunity to review the facts, and the facts are this (as far as we can gather sitting here in Texas), Major Golsteyn killed a known combatant after the combatant was released by Afghan forces. Who the f*** reading this actually trusts the Afghan forces to do their due diligence? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

We’re not Harvard educated intelligence analysts here, but dude…Afghan police and military don’t have a stellar track record of vetting people in their own ranks, much less the people they take into custody.

We hope Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette dismisses all charges regarding Major Golsteyn as nothing more than what appears, at least in our eyes, to be a witch hunt carried out by someone with an ax to grind and little honor themselves.

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17 thoughts on “A Murder Charge And Stolen Valor Exposed

  1. About time and I hope the turd burglar that was representing the U.S. and wearing medals he didnt earn gets burned for it. In fact if this is true all of his cases should be reviewed and retried. That’s what happens in the world outside the military. If that shit bird investigator was willing to do this against a man the U.S. placed faith in to lead troops into harms way and defend and protect this nation. There is no telling the lengths he would go to try screw over any service member.

  2. I had a friend, Sgt JP Huling, USMC, killed by Afghan military he was working with while inside the wire… so yeah, I trust them less than the Taliban (since at least you know where they stand.) Bringing Maj Golsteyn up on murder charges is a laughable travesty.

  3. I have to agree with this article in its entirety. I believe the Major did the right thing, even if others view it negatively. I’ve been to Afghanistan with highly decorated elements of the 101st Airborne Div. (AASLT), though I was 11B10 SAW Gunner with the 1-187th In. Regt. I didn’t get to do even 1/2 of what these Operators do , but I miss the hell out of being deployed. Afghan forces haven’t much of a record when it comes to getting things done that need to be done without US/ NATO partners support, and they sure as shit can’t vett to save their own ass let alone anyone else’s. I do hope that the Lt. Gen. does the right thing in establishing a positive precedence with this case in dismissing the Special Forces Major for doing the right thing, and protects all other future operations and operators, as well as other US forces.

  4. Prayers for dismissed charges and the return of all his medals and honors. We need more men like this. He got the job done.

  5. I’m Retired Air Force, a non-combat vet, I’m proud of the ribbons and medals I earned however, I don’t wear them unless I have to. I didn’t earn them for the glory, I did it because it was the correct thing to do.

  6. It’s a slippery slope that our Spec OPs are walking in the Middle East. They are tasked to hunt down targets and either capture or kill. The countries we are assisting have countless issues one being trustworthy. This is obvious from the attack’s on US Forces still going on. Unfortunately our SO’s have to make split second decisions when our counters fail to do their job.

  7. Nice piece… and I agree with about 99% of it. That being said, the “True Lies” line, can be a double edged sword. Osama Bin Laden was convinced that on 9/11, he was attacking “The Great Satan” the source of all evil in the world. So… this is why we have the kind of law’s, checks and balances we have in our American Republic regardless of how we may feel about any particular politician or political ideology. No one… has the right to just be judge, jury and executioner in any situation regardless if it’s in war or peace time. Like the case against Maj. Golsteyn, it’s important to still do the full investigation and give everyone involved a chance to “plead their case to the judge…” regardless if the main accuser is a total piece of honor-stealing shit who needs to be brought to justice himself… especially if the accusations turn out to be false. In that, we can hopefully find true justice. Try to remember… Adolf Hitler, was convinced that Jews were the cause of all evil in the world… they were the “bad people” and killing them was the necessary thing to do in order to ensure a future peace and tranquility in the world. And in that thought… came the single greatest crime ever committed in the history of the human race.

    1. Hitler had a hatred of Jews because he was denied entry into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in both 1907 and 1908, which the head of it was Jewish and he had a hatred of Jews the rest of his life because he thought they denied him his life dream as a teenager. He talked about it in his autobiography Mein Kampf. That’s also why he confiscated prized art throughout Europe and artworks even from normal people he conquered. Thus the reason for the Monuments Men project.

      Good insightful article, and I appreciate the bit of humor. I hope the right thing is done in this case, and the good idea fairies and legal kids need to stay out of the way of people doing a tough job that requires split second decisions that can have life and death consequences for themselves and the people they’re in charge of. Unless there’s clear proof of egregious mistakes, stay out of the way and play keep playing COD sunshine.

  8. I’m sick of all this BS prosecuting our military heroes in combat. It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback after the Sunday game. Although never in the military or in combat I spent some time in the Police and Sheriff’s game and this crap prosecuting combat military men and women has gone way overboard. IT”S COMBAT!!!!
    Thank you all for defending our freedom and freedom in general. You are the true heroes.
    Stay strong,
    Christopher DiGiovanni

  9. Amen amen .amen the last thing we need to do is shackle our soldiers with needless BULLSHIT!! SEMPER FIDELIS GOD COUNTRY &CORPS

  10. We need to get control of this country from the spineless that would even proceed with such charges. The stress the Major and have already gone through can never be wiped clean and all because someone felt the need to “protect” the rights of a pos that would kill any of us for sport. Hang in there Major and let’s all work towards getting things right in the USA.

  11. There is nothing in this article that remotely describes the Governments case. The description of combat as in the Second World War, or Insurgent Warfare like the war in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan is reasonable, but in the laws of warfare are applicable in either type of conflict. Each warrior is responsible for their own actions, moreover officers are responsible for their own and actions of the unit they command. There are no exceptions. Unreliable “allied forces” is not a defense regarding warcrimes. It rest with the CINC of All U.S. Armed Forces, The Secretary of Defense and other appointed Secretaries of each Military Services, the Joint Chiefs and Theater CNIC to keep us from being intermingled with allies of questionable reliability and commitment to the over all mission.

    Regarding, “Stolen Valor”, by the criminal investigator, if the allegation of wearing ribbons, metals. or devices that had not been awarded is appalling to every warfighter and if I understand correctly he has been removed from the case, as he should be. He has dishonored himself, and will certainly reap the whirlwind that he has sown.

    Major Golsteyn should be investigated by some other appropriate military authority to either be prosecuted or cleared of wrong doing. Simply dismissing a case altogether based on, “Stolen Valor” alone undermines justice.

    1. Jason,

      The only evidence that was found was the evidence found by the dishonorable investigator. We’re to assume that his evidence is legitimate when he has proven himself not to be? In the civilian legal world that would be cause for a mistrial.

  12. Excellent article. Unfortunately we saw several of these cases in Vietnam. Sometimes the truth has a way of shining through the bullshit. Dropping these charges need to be immediate and Major Golsteyn needs to be compensated for the loss of a promising career and nations loss of an honorable warrior.