Amidst Another Act Of Violence…

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Another act of violence…What do you want me to say? That guns are evil? That we should just destroy all of them? Do you want me to make it about the race and beliefs of the victims and the perpetrator? What do you want? Please, tell me, I’d like to know because the truth is this. All this shooting does is reaffirm a deeply held truth that I learned during my time in the Marine Corps.

The world is a very violent and dangerous place.

There are people with mental issues and with hatred in their soul the world over. They are lone madmen, they are dictators, they are tyrants and sociopaths. They exist everywhere. Therefore…Every time I go to the grocery store I’m armed. If I drive down the street to get candy from the local convenient store, I’m armed. If I go to the dog park, I’m armed. Catching my drift yet?

I’m not trying to make this ploy for more gun ownership, but the truth is this. If you’re armed, there is a chance (however small it may be) that you can prevent you or others from being victims. There is zero chance if you’re not armed that you can prevent your own demise.

Ever been in a gunfight? No? I had the pleasure of being in a few. I was armed, armored and trained. It was still scary as all hell. If you’ve been in a gunfight and there wasn’t some fear in your heart, congratulations, you’re more of a man than I’ll ever be. Truth is that gunfights are terrifying. I’m confident I can handle myself as are most other veterans and gun owners, but there is still some level of fear. Now…imagine not being armed, armored or trained and you hear the gunshots ring out. Scary thought, right?

This latest shooting is proof that the world is full of hateful and evil people. People that if you’re not prepared to stand against, then you are doing nothing more than allowing yourself to be a target for them. Be vigilant. Be prepared. Fight back. While my heart aches for the people who are dealing with the immediate aftermath, the families, the friends…I know thoughts and prayers while a nice sentiment will do little to stem the tide. But me…being armed and trained wherever I go…that might actually do some good. So as for me…I’ll continue to be armed.

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