Down With Alt C

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This is why the Marine Corps talks shit on the Army. This Alt C Marksmanship course as we’ve learned is a literal cake walk. It’s literally the BZO course for the Marine Corps. A 25-meter range with targets scaled to represent a distance of 300 meters. No need to make wind calls or anything…just easy peasy lemon squeezy. If a Marine can’t shoot, if he or she is walkin’ around proud with a pizza box or sharpshooter cross instead of the rifle expert rating, they get ragged on mercilessly.

It’s even more embarrassing when you realize how extremely low the bar is for getting pit love…so what it ends up really saying about you if you’ve got a pizza box is…you can’t shoot and nobody likes you.

Pit love aside, because it definitely does happen, maybe the new shooting qualification will help bring the Army up to the Marine Corps standards. Granted, I’m writing this as an extremely arrogant and super biased Marine Corps infantryman who shot expert, but my extreme bias and proclivity for talking shit shouldn’t distract you from the fact that anyone who really examines the Alt C course of fire knows it was an absolute without a shadow of a doubt kerosene-fueled dumpster fire.

However…sigh, there are a few caveats. You Army folks can still use Alt C for qualification IF a general officer says it’s totes cool because they can’t get to a range due to deployments or other mitigating factors. You’re telling us that in almost 20 years of building up gigantic FOB’s that are basically a city…no one thought to put in a full-length rifle range? There are Green Bean Coffee shops galore and PX’s that would put some small CONUS bases to shame…I even heard at one time that Al Asad airbase, had a pool. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t get to go to Camp Cupcake.

Either way. Amidst my disgruntled and arrogant ramblings, the Alt C course of fire for qualification is pretty much going bye bye. As it should. It’s fine and dandy to teach CQB shooting, but that’s not what this is. It’s fine to teach distance shooting, but also that’s not what Alt C was. It was a bastardization of the two and gave the Marine Corps tons of room to talk shit for years to come, no matter how unfounded our claims are.

For those of you who will just dismiss this as grumpy ranting and raving of a Marine, you’re right, I fully admit to my bias and arrogance. Y’all still can’t shoot, or take a joke (laughs Marine Corps-ly)


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11 thoughts on “Down With Alt C

  1. Here, here! As a prior service Marine who has spent the last 16 years in the Army National Guard, I was shocked when I showed up at my first range fire at Camp Please, Ohio. Home of the National Matches, and we shot at paper targets so close I could have scored expert throwing rocks at it. When I pointed waaaay down range to the butts and pointed out the numbers that marked the lanes, and told my fellow guardsmen that as a Marine we shot at targets raised and lowered above that berm, I was met with disbelief.
    To top that off soldier are never taught to shoot. There is no snap in training, no marksmanship coaching. Once a year you are handed a rifle, maybe it’s the same one you had last year… Maybe it’s not. You put on full battle rattle and attempt to hit pop up ivans at ranges from 100m -300m in a timed course of fire.
    Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to “train as we fight”. Soldiers need to be able to engage targets while wearing our battle rattle but, first soldiers need to be competent marksman. Unfortunately because the guard has a identity crisis, it feels it has to be the Army but only has one weekend a month to do it.
    To much time is spent on mandatory training. PowerPoint slides on such important war fighting topics as cultural awareness, transgender awareness, equal opportunity (do unto others ect…), don’t kill yourself, keep your hands to yourself and let’s not forget that we have to celebrate all the big holidays like South Pacific Islander month and Pride month. I can’t even keep up with all the special days and months we have to celebrate. Instead of building a cohesive team we fracture it along race, gender and nationality.
    Weapons training? We don’t have time for that nonsense. Send in the Marines.

  2. “Yall still can’t shoot”, hmm. Tell that to the Army snipers who are routinely making the Marine Corps look like a bunch of Cub Scouts. USMC snipers are “a joke”. And we can totally take it lmao

  3. Yep Al Asad did have a full length Olympic pool…and it was cold….in 130 degree weather. Ahhh the good ol days. The sound of rounds coming at you is unmistakable after pulling targets. Helps to know when your being fired on.

  4. Army here. Was at Al Asad, May 2003, Mar 2004. Had two pools. The outdoor one was the water purification point. Engineers got the indoor one cleaned up and operational. Fine until you crayon hoovers showed up, and I learned why Marines are so pissy. I didn’t realize your branch has an actual Morale suppression division. When 3rd ACR handed over the base to the Marines, they shut the pool down, never to reopen, or so I heard. When I rotated back to Al Asad for the second tour, the pool was closed, and I’d only been gone 8 1/2 months from Iraq! Big Green Weenie indeed.

      1. She’s comparing an active duty Marine pog experience to a National Guard annual pog qualification experience? Well, you must be “basically Infantry”.