Is Donny O’Malley A Warmonger?

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Not only no, butt f*** no (that was done on purpose). Look, we get it, VET Tv may not be your flavor. It may not be your jive, but the truth of the matter is that Donny O’Malley and VET Tv advocating for unnecessary war is more ridiculous and unlikely than the Jonas Brothers doing a cover of “God Send Death” by Slayer.

Look, the military has a culture and each branch has cultures within that culture. As different as each sub-culture may be, they all revolve around doing one thing. Killing bad guys. Each service has its own unique way of killing, but each branch focuses on killing. The Air Force wants to bomb you back into the stone age, the Army wants to throw tanks, infantry, attack helicopters and everything else it can in the combined arms arena at you, the Navy wants to bombard you from over to horizon with missiles and rail guns (one day, maybe) and the Marine Corps wants to defile your civilization to the point that you never dream of taking up arms against our nation again. Everyone wants to kill, just in their different ways.

Why? Because it’s their motherf-ing job.

“But he promotes violence and all this other stuff I’m not comfortable with.” -Random Butthurt Person

Are you comfortable being ruled by China or Russia? Do you want a government where any of your Facebook posts could potentially land you in jail depending on the whims of a single politician? Because as bad as you think it may be now, we guarantee with a 100% refund on the imaginary money you’re paying us, it could be a whole shitload worse.

“If you’re not the best at war, then what happens? You lose. And what happens when you lose in war? You submit to the will of another nation, another army.” – Donny O’Malley

There is a distinct difference between saying we should always BE at war and saying we should be the BEST at war. Knowing Donny, and having served in the Marine Corps as well, I can definitively say without a doubt no, and anyone who thinks Donny O’Malley is, needs to go walk an IED laced mile in his shoes and gain a little perspective.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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3 thoughts on “Is Donny O’Malley A Warmonger?

  1. I believe the only branch that defiled a civilization was the US Army. Have you ever heard of Sherman’s march to the sea or what the Army Air Corps did to Japan with the atomic bombs? Not sure ANY other branch has created such devastating results. Stop with your lies please. Fighting on tiny islands is ABSOLUTELY nothing like taking a country. FACT

    1. It is a known fact that Imperial Japan had the hardest and most brutal infantry of the Axis Powers. While Germany was great at infantry tactics especially small unit leadership and machine gun tactics. Japan had been fighting and invading countries decades compared to Germany. They were fucking ruthless, suicidal and unpredictable. If you think that the European Campaign can even be compared to the hell Marines went through in the Pacific, you’re a fucking tool. Crack open a history book or just read the first hand accounts of Marines that served there.