For Shit’s Sake Venezuela

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Everyone is getting absolutely tired of this bullshit with Venezuela. We just wrote a piece yesterday detailing how the National Security Advisor advised the Secretary of Defense to come up with ideas for non-kinetic actions towards Venezuela (i.e. not actually military action against Venezuela). Yesterday. However, today…Maduro’s solid pal Delcy Rodriguez the “vice president” of Venezuela, asserted that the United States is planning with Columbia and Brazil on going full tilt like a Peterbilt on Venezuela’s ass.

Pardon this interruption, but man it seems like we bout to fight everybody up in this mofo today.

For shit’s sake, we wish one side would just make a move already. We’ve said it like 10,000 times that we don’t think a war would be a great idea in that region. In fact, it’d be a bad bad bad bad idea in any region. We’re quite honestly tired of war plus this “humane war” school of thought is bullshit that puts us in danger, but whatevs…not letting us slay bodies as Mattis intended.

Anyways homeboy “vice president” of Venezuela is also stating that the people of Venezuela shouldn’t rise up against their government because everything is totes in control…aside from the wanton starvation of the people, the lack of medical care for the people, the arrests of people unhappy with the government starving them and running their country into the ground.

That’s right. Nothing to see here people of Venezuela. It’s not like you kidnapped 7 American citizens who worked for Citgo and have kept them detained for god knows why. It’s not like you’ve refused aid for your citizens from everyone except some of the world’s worst human rights oppressors (China, Russia, Iran). It’s not like you’ve jailed and killed people for saying they’re not super big fans of your governance. It’s not like you’ve used the military to go after political opponents.

Oh, wait…they did do all that shit and yet we still haven’t intervened militarily…

We’re not saying we’re NOT going to invade Venezuela, but if we were, the case for doing such was made a long time ago and we doubt we’re going to do it now that the element of surprise is off. In fact, it looks like we’re pretty content to let Russia and China bankrupt themselves trying to pull Venezuela up out of the dregs…so we don’t really care what the “vice president” of Venezuela says about what we’re going to do.

We’re almost to the point of not caring anymore…let us know when we start dropping bombs. Until then f*** off.

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