BREAKING: Prosecution Spied On Gallagher’s Legal Team

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This shit keeps getting dumber and dumber. According to the Associated Press, Naval prosecutors in the case against Eddie Gallagher installed tracking software into emails between defense attorneys and a reporter, in essence, spying on the defense teams of Chief Eddie Gallagher and Lt. Jacob Portier.

The software reportedly was installed and embedded via the signature of Commander Christopher Czaplak, the Navy’s lead prosecutor and sent to lawyers, paralegals and one reporter involved in the case in order to find out who was leaking information. The civilian attorney for Gallagher, Tim Parlatore told the Associated Press:

“I’ve seen some crazy stuff but for a case like this it’s complete insanity. I was absolutely stunned… especially given the fact that it’s so clear the government has been the one doing the leaking.”

Holy f***ing 4th and 6th Amendment violations!

Full stop. Look. Not a lot of people were on hand to witness everything that took place that fateful day. With how big of a clusterfluck this whole thing has become if we were the defense attorney, we’d move that the whole case be dropped, because if not, we’re definitely going to push for a mistrial. Not that we have a solid legal background to back that up, but even if the software was installed accidentally, you’ve allowed attorney-client privilege to be violated in the most egregious way.

With all of this coming out about the helmet cam footage and the back and forth between the accused and the other sailors involved…its best to just label this whole thing what it is. A Kangaroo Court. You know we’re biased towards Eddie’s innocence, but if he was found guilty…with how this case has proceeded, it’d be hard to take that verdict seriously given how the opposition has handled it. We’re not of the opinion that Eddie is guilty, but just to play devil’s advocate here if he is guilty…and he’s found guilty…the absolute buffoonery with which this case has been handled by the prosecution, will convince people that he was innocent.

Justice should be blind. The truth should have its day. We know what we want the truth to be, but the prosecution is making it difficult to see through its bumbling antics.

There is no legitimate reason for prosecutors to embed anything like this in an email to defense attorneys. None. Zip. Zero.


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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Prosecution Spied On Gallagher’s Legal Team

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if you think Military Justice is fair you’re a fool. Once in a GCM situation, someone will always get burned, period.

  2. As a Vet, i have seen military lawyers not call witnesses, hide evidence that would exonorate, all in the name of conviction.. too often over stuff that would be thrown out anywhere else, but do to a hire rank being involved, well they just play a game, specially when deployed they have screwed so many sailors and marines..