Amnesty International Late To Venezuelan Party

We still respect Amnesty International as a source for news on global human rights violations, but just yesterday, they threw down the gauntlet at Venezuela accusing the country of human rights violations. Don’t…don’t we all think like…you know, they could have done this sooner? We’ve seen Venezuela go from pretty shitty to ugly shitty in the last 5 months and just now…JUST YESTERDAY, Amnesty International is like:

“Hey, you know…these Venezuelan guys in power, Maduro and his buddies, definitely not cool guys. They cannot come to the barbeque.”

But then like one guy in the back is like: “Yeah but the U.S. is going to bring a barbeque to them!”

Then everyone clapped and laughed because both of those things probably definitely happened.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world collectively stares at Amnesty International with a dumbfounded look on their face…(well the rest of the world except China, Russia, and Cuba) wondering why it took them this long to decry the abuses of Nicholas Maduro.

Amnesty International
Gee golly, ya think?

It’s not like he’s been jailing political prisoners…oh wait, no he’s been doing that. Well, it’s not like they’ve denied humanitarian aid from everyone except three of the top five biggest human rights violators in history…oh wait…they did that. Even then it’s not like they’d run over their citizens with a Chinese made APC during a protest…oh wait…they did that too.

Quick segway, is it just us or do Chinese military vehicles have a habit of getting into standoffs with civilians…*cough* Tiananmen Square *cough*

Anyways, Amnesty International has asked the International Court to investigate claims of human rights abuses by Maduro…you know…like everyone has kind of already been doing the last several months.

Maybe later, they can tell us some other interesting news like, how water is wet, or the Earth is round…(cue the flat earthers collectively losing their shit).

Know what we're sayin fam?

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