American Flag Journey Kept A Good Thing Going

This is going to take a turn from our usual brash and flippant style. Last year we interviewed a young officer in the United States Army who had a very special mission for his American flag. He’s been sending it across the globe near and far. In case you need a refresher, you can get caught up here (click on ‘here’). What impressed us about Jordan was his desire to not be a flash in the pan. There was more to him than the flag traveling the globe…it was a catalyst…to what? Read on.

Since our interview with Lt. Henrickson last year, he has set up a non-profit under the name American Flag Journey where he and his team have been directly responsible for properly transitioning service members to the civilian world. Way before the last day of service, the team at American Flag Journey works with the departing servicemember to discuss job skills, their standard of living, likes, dislikes, etc…until they find an adequate career, not just a job, but a career for that servicemember.

But unlike many other programs, the caseworkers at American Flag Journey stay with the servicemember for a year, ensuring the career is the right fit and everything is going smoothly for the servicemember and their family. As of writing this, in a little over a years time, the Jordan and his team have placed 107 servicemembers into careers where they can provide for their family and enjoy similar standards of living as they did when they were in. In addition, while small, they’ve helped in other areas where they can by providing nearly two thousand dollars total among five families affected by the shutdown and have opened up a scholarship where applicants can receive between $2000-$2500 for educational purposes.

Jordan has helped run this, all while continuing to serve on Active Duty…and being deployed. Much of the credit goes to his team as he will tell you though, humble as always. What started out as a gift to Jordan has helped him inspire and lead others properly.

A leader…often times that word is used flippantly, relegated to someone who is merely in charge. However, when we think of all that Jordan and his team at American Flag Journey have done in such a short amount of time, we’re reminded of the pocket definition of a leader that we use.

“A leader is the one who can expertly enable his superiors, peers, and subordinates to truly thrive in any given environment by expertly recognizing, utilizing and encouraging the talents of those around him, while minimizing the effects of any shortcomings.”

That is a leader. That is Lt. Jordan Henrickson, United States Army.

To follow and see how you can get involved, check them out at their website American Flag Journey.

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5 thoughts on “American Flag Journey Kept A Good Thing Going”

  1. I know this young man. He’s married to a wonderful young woman, also in the Army, that I’ve also known for many years.

    Jordan is everything this article stated and more. They are both treasures and we should be so proud of their service.

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