Ok, Now It’s BREAKING, US Intercepts Russian Aircraft 2nd Day In A Row

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What a bunch of slapdicks. Honestly. Like really. Here we are the people of the United States trying to temper our government via free speech and saying shit like “Hey let’s be cool and deescalate,” or “Hey we’re tired of forever wars, let’s just be super peaceful for a while.” And what does Russia do? For two days in a row, they’ve sent aircraft into the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone, like a bunch of Diet Soviet Union canoes full of douche.

This time the bombers came into the Alaskan ADIZ and were met by F-22s. Then the bombers left the ADIZ and came back with Su-35s as escorts.

For shit sake. These assholes are not making it easy for us to play it cool. Nobody here wants a war after 17 years of duking it out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nobody. So what does Russia do? Some passive-aggressive bullshit that makes even the most peaceful amongst us say:

“F*** it, next time they do it, shoot em down, I don’t even care anymore. F*** these guys. Cowabunga bitches.”

Ironically this is probably how China feels when we sail our ships in the South China Sea, but those are international waters and China is being a prick to Taiwan. The Alaskan ADIZ does extend into international airspace as well and it’s apparent that they’ve stayed out of United States airspace so far, but…we’re not on Team China or Team Russia. We’re on team USA, plus it’s not like we’re threatening an island nation with a hostile take over to bring it back into the fold. So there is that. We got your back Taiwan.

We’ll be quite interested to see if it happens for a third day, and also, why this is making headlines amidst all the tensions with Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea…strange how we keep getting our focus pulled elsewhere. Almost like it’s planned so we don’t see where the real threat actually lies…(adjusts tinfoil hat and turns Alex Jones up…just kidding).


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6 thoughts on “Ok, Now It’s BREAKING, US Intercepts Russian Aircraft 2nd Day In A Row

  1. All media, and i mean ALL media, cable improvisations (improvs) through and through all ranking social media platforms have also been pulling this “lets play old videos and footage on top of whatever is actually NEWS, present time up to the minute NEWS, and label the same but not same shit happening 156268659 times in a DEJA VU MONAGE AU TROIS THE WORLD IS ENDING (we’re lying to those not paying attention to start a 3 time WORLD WAR) cock a doodle doo shenanigans fuck clowns staging absolute propagated, shittily rehearsed , evil, numerously in sync interfering with REAL shit happening blasphemous reporting and two cent whore sucking balls journalism, covering up treason conspiracy, hollywood groomed, backed and hacked illegal AGENDA” in forsaking God hopes they pull some mighty crazy world ending shit off without 1 soul, just maybe 1 soul, catching on to this whole organized political crime ring sham, perhaps even a little bit.

    At some point, crazy without action is just stupid blabbering foolishness, like taking away the 2nd amendment, *LOL* and politicians of a nazi but are instead democrats now descended, to threaten “bombing” America to take away our guns.

  2. Can our aircraft shoot something like aircraft grade paintballs? If not that would be cool! Like tagging ‘em in flight!

  3. Oops we shot your stinking bomber down. Guess flying in American airspace 3 days in a row wasnt the best plan. Next!