Gun Safety Classes? That’s Not What We Want…

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Ahh we can see it now, yeah we click baited the title a wee bit, but it’s for a good reason. There is a report coming out of North Carolina that is mildly (and we do mean only mildly) misleading due to its title…so we felt like we could do the same thing with OUR title, except with us, we’re going to praise these guys. The title of the article;

‘North Carolina class teaches kids as young as six how to use guns’

Wow…just Oh shit North Carolina, are you training child soldiers an’ shit? We will give them some credit because, in the actual article, they went on to describe the class as a safety class, instead of leaning on the headline which made it out to be like the Junior Navy SEALs. Thanks, news! All it is, all it is, children are getting gun safety classes. Why? Because answer us this, before you drove a car, were you nervous? But then you got behind the wheel and figured out, hey this isn’t so bad now that the unknown is gone…guns are always going to be a part of our society, whether anti-gunners want them gone or not. Wouldn’t more education be better than none? The answer to that question is “duh doy”.

The things being taught at this class are the weapon safety rules and appropriate handling of firearms. Holy guacamole Batman, YOUNG KIDS LEARNING TO USE GUNS…except..they’re learning that they shouldn’t be handling guns, they’re learning guns aren’t toys, they’re learning that what some adults should learn, but haven’t, how to not be a negligent douche.

Make no mistake, the headline is begging for you to be against this safety class because, in the minds of anti-gunners, the only real gun safety is confiscating them all and a gun safety class runs counter to that goal. If anti-gunners can’t stand on the graves of children, then what do they really have left in their arsenal, because it doesn’t look like it’s anything close to a valid point.

See, we can clickbait headlines too, except when we do it…sometimes, we’re really cool dudes in the actual writing, notice we didn’t say smart…just kinda ok cool dudes sometimes.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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One thought on “Gun Safety Classes? That’s Not What We Want…

  1. As a nearly 50 year old veteran, I was taught firearms safety and use by my Father in the mid 1970s. He was taught by his father so on and so on before.

    I always thought that hat was common sense. Which I later learned wasn’t so common.

    Later in my teens and 20s (80s-90s) I was just amazed at how many folks met outside my family and later my Army “family” that had zero (0) knowledge about firearms. Not even basic safety.

    Maybe that is because I came from long line of veterans, outdoorsmen and hunters (several retired military including my Father) who not only wanted to pass on the very ethos of our constitution and the 2nd Amendment but just felt that it was common sense.

    I don’t think that is it though.
    I have met plenty of folks in the last 10 years that have no connection with the military and still have a great knowledge and skill on the usege and safe handling of firearms and the history behind our right “to keep and bear arms”.

    I can still remember my Father’s lessons (he died in 2013) to this day.

    Firearms safety and responsibilities 1st.
    The U.S. Constitution (not just the 2nd Amendment hit all of it) and ability for any Maerican to defend themselves against a tyrannical goverment or a scumbag 2nd
    After that then hunting and sport shooting 3rd.

    The anti gun crowd wants nothing of that sort to happen.
    No discussion.
    No classes.
    No history.

    Well poop on them.

    Keep teaching and passing on the knowledge.

    (Edited from first comment due to large man thumbs and tiny phone).