Riots And Protests In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is odd. Ever since the British lost their lease on the city, it’s been semi-autonomous from mainland China and the repressive Communist regime. It has it’s own economic and government systems separate from the rest of China. But…a new law would change parts of that.

The extradition law would allow the mainland Communist Chinese government to take people from Hong Kong and try them according to Beijing’s rules and laws…see where this is going. Communists of a feather always flock to oppression. Well, the people of Hong Kong aren’t exactly thrilled about it and showed up en masse which prompted tear gas and riot police to break up the protest/riot.

The good news about the protests and riots is that they aren’t in mainland China. If they were, despite seeing them all live, the Chinese government would no doubt deny anything ever happened and many people would mysteriously disappear.

While Hong Kong isn’t as privileged as Taiwan in remaining separate from Beijing’s authoritarian rule, it is somewhat privileged and this change in the extradition law would only allow Beijing to exert totalitarian and oppressive control over more people…

Sounds like there is money to be made in running guns to Hong Kong. Maybe arm some dissidents…in all honesty, as bad of a track record as we have with arming dissidents who turn out to be worse…it certainly wouldn’t hurt our feelings if China was embroiled in a state of civil unrest that moved from Hong Kong to the rest of the country along with our guns…

And as capitalists…we think there might be some cash money to be made in running these guns. Of course, the risk is high and we’re certainly not advocating that a private citizen illegally run guns to Hong Kong (do it anyway).

If the boogaloo is going to start, and it will start, we’re pretty sure, why not have it start by taking one of our biggest near-peer adversaries out of the game via civil war…or major civil unrest? It’s a pipe dream because the PLA would definitely like murder-kill everyone with extreme prejudice and nobody would do anything about it…but one could hope.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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2 thoughts on “Riots And Protests In Hong Kong

  1. As capitalists you maybe should know that this “communist regime”, which is actually a form of state capitalism, already owns the capitalist shithole USandA, which is the most idiotic form of corporate plutocracy on this planet. I´m also sure you dumb idiots don´t even know what “capitalism”, “communism” or “socialism” means. For that you need to read some Marx, Chomsky and other intelligent people that you will never understand. Better care about cooking candied bacon, your gun fetish and other dumb things. Thanks!

    1. Boy, you sure told us. Look at us changing our mind and thinking Communist China is a buncha cool dudes. Oh wait, that never happened. Also, great double negative from such a smart person, we are in fact a bunch of dumb idiots. *yawn*