Epstein And All The Shit That Won’t Happen

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Jeffrey Epstein

Sex traffickers and pedophiles are literal pieces of shit. We don’t even count them as humans deserving of amendments six through eight in the Bill of Rights. Is that a bit emotional and lackluster in logic, yeah, probably, in fact likely. But it is where we stand. Luckily for them, we’re not in charge, if we were, well…there’d be a lot more dead pedophiles and sex traffickers. Jeffrey Epstein among them.

Tons of people are speculating that so many big names are going to go down when he testifies. So many people are like “Ha these elitist scumbags are gonna get what’s coming to them.” Except it’s not. We know the evidence is like “super damning”. Yeah, we’ve heard that song sung before and absolutely jack and shit happened. Anytime there appears to be someone that is going to “bring down the corrupt” something happens.

The story either disappears or the person dies from two gunshot wounds to the back of the head in an apparent suicide. Or someone gets to him in prison. True, money didn’t protect Jeffery Epstein, but if you think for one moment that all the wealthy individuals that you hope are going down, aren’t going to find a way to pay someone to do something dirty to him before they get implicated in his crimes, well we’ve got this great ocean front property in Nebraska. Beautiful sandy beaches and temperate climate.

Pick a name out of a hat. Any name that you think is going to get indicted and charged and paraded before the public. It isn’t going to happen. It’s just not. We’ve got a bet with our friend Trevor (a real person actually) for 50 doll hairs, that nothing will happen. He thinks some shit will. Us, we’re betting that Jeffery either gives circumstantial evidence that isn’t strong enough to prosecute OR he definitely dies before anything happens.

Sorry for the letdown, but Jeffrey is the only guy going down on this one.


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4 thoughts on “Epstein And All The Shit That Won’t Happen

  1. He’ll make a plea deal and get 2 years house arrest and some community service speaking out against sexual crimes. What he should get is liberally ventilated and his corpse hung in public until it rots and falls apart.

  2. Yah-sure. Creeps are gonna be indicted and brought to justice. Just like Hillary Clinton is serving prison time for the many felonies all of America knows she committed. Thanks, Jim Comey! You paved the way for Epstein and his pedophile friends to do plenty of time in Federal lockup.

  3. It’s horrible if they all get away with this horrific crime.
    It’s the children that suffer the most in all of this. I pray that this article is wrong and justice is served for these children.