Coast Guard For The Win (VIDEO)

What in the name of big dick having, cowabunga it is, gnarly submarine riding, badassery was that shit? I know by now we all saw the video and in case you haven’t, we’ve included it here. But that dude was not having any of their drug smuggling narco bullshit. That dude who’s name we definitely don’t have because, well it’s hard to see his face and we doubt the Coast Guard is gonna go around telling everyone who he is since drug lords aren’t huge fans of guys that confiscate their shit went full tilt like a Peterbilt.

After catching up with the submersible, one ballsy ass dude took the lead and prompted his teammates to follow by taking action in an extremely perilous situation. Out on the open sea, you’ve got a submersible running from the Coasties like it stole some shit…which it probably didn’t it was probably delivering some shit or returning to its home when the Coast Guard was like “Nope, not today, we gonna getcha fool.” And get em they did.

One question we have though, how did the submersible not sink when he got on? Since obviously, he has gigantic balls of depleted uranium. Anyways, homeboy got on the sub and started bangin’ on the hatch like these goons owed him some hard-earned dolla dolla bills y’all. We kinda wanted him to drop a frag down the hatch and hold it shut, but we get how impractical that would have been. Either way, feast your eyes on the badassery at hand.

Usually, we talk a buncha mad shit about the Puddle Pirates and whatnot, but they have definitively earned the win this week and shit-talking privileges for about probably 5 days before we start giving them shit again. It’s up to another Coastie to keep the shit-talking at bay and doing another gnarly submarine ride.



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4 thoughts on “Coast Guard For The Win (VIDEO)”

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    Great story. But wait till hurricane season and Coast Guard will be back at it. Landing on bridges and streets, pulling people out of flooded buildings and off the rooftops.

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    Hell to the yeah! What do they put in those boys energy drinks? And how many other Coasties were thinkin’ why didn’t his psychotic ass join the Marines? LOL That is a seriously badass to the core video. And can you imagine inside the submersible? “No, Juan, don’t open the fucking hatch! But that’s the secret knock, Esteban.” And yes, bitch at me for not being PC because first of all, I’m not because I’m a realist and, secondly, that hand was extremely tan. Nor am I a hater. Caramel is my favorite color, but I digress. That was definitely the most kickass I-have-balls-the-size-of-COCONUTS video that I have seen this year, much less this week. Great job, Coast Guard! (Never thought I’d type that in a comment) Seriously. BADASS JOB, COAST GUARD!!!!

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    Justin Capenter

    i know we are being sold out by a bunch of fucking weak socialist democrats im sick of it the ask for fucking federal money thru the militatry then they ask for federal money thru the church then they want money for their socialist fucking programs to help a bunch of godam people that dont have any right to be here in the first place while they rape our country and poison it with drugs buy up all the flooded properties and pack more people we dont know. the entire local government in houston is VERY fucking corrupt. i am not racist and i know a bit of corruption is necessary in polotics and the economy. i have neighbors there all hispanic dam near all of them were not born here or have real papers but their still my neighbors they have been here a while . make no mistake about it minorities are not minorities in the southern part of the united states. when 51 percent are hispanic and get better treatment and services than an american white black or hispanic that were born here is treason .


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