BREAKING: Finally A New War Daddy: Mark Esper

Well. Truth be told I don’t know a ton about Mark Esper aside from the fact that he was a Lt. Colonel in the 101st Airborne Division. So anybody that knows about him is gonna have to get real in the comment section, our only hope is this. He ensures that we are militarily put on a path to ensure that we keep China and Russia in check while ensuring other emerging threats know that there will not be any more forever wars. If we fight you, we will mess you up and ensure that the survivors write about what happened for 10,000 years…someone who used to hold the office of Secretary of Defense said that…*cough*Mattis*cough*

Truthfully, we just hope he stays around to do the job. As I said, I don’t know about Mark Esper, just that he used to be Secretary of the Army and he was in the 101st Airborne. We guess he’s been around the bureaucratic bullshit long enough to hopefully get shit done.

Priorities for us are as follows:

Less fraud, waste, and abuse when it comes to developing new and lethal weapon systems (here’s looking at you F-35, you expensive ass f***ing plane, you better be worth what we paid for you)

A focus on lethality and winning the fight.

No political bullshit and aspirations for higher office. Just do your job now really well and if you want a higher office, then when the time comes to push for it, do so on the basis that when you were SecDef, we were the most lethal, dangerous, cross the Delaware River on Christmas to slit your throat bad mofos out there.

I may be out of the game, but I still look at the younger generations and hope that they have a war daddy that takes care of them.

Mark, you’re an officer from the 101st Airborne, you represent a long line of big dick havin’ officers who slew bodies. When I think of officers from the 101st, I think of Major Dick Winters and Lt. Colonel Ronald Spiers. Big shoes to fill, don’t let them and us down.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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