Why Is Bail Even Being Considered For Epstein?

He raped children and allowed others to rape children. WHY IS BAIL EVEN BEING CONSIDERED FOR JEFFREY EPSTEIN? I get it. We have a justice system. We have rules. We have procedures…but HE RAPED CHILDREN AND FACILITATED OTHERS RAPING CHILDREN. Where are the pitchforks? Don’t get me wrong, I want him to live, but only long enough to bring everyone down with him. We doubt that will happen, but…letting this dude out of an 8×8 cell…Nah…that doesn’t sit right with us.

Let’s all put on our tinfoil hats and join me for this mild ride down conspiracy theory lane.

Let’s say the child-raper gets bail. Now he’s out walking the streets. If any powerful person, that has something to lose if he testifies, decides that maybe ‘ol Jeffrey needs to have an accident before trial…would it be easier to get him while he’s out walking the street or if he’s locked in solitary confinement? Granted, we’re not so foolish as to think someone couldn’t get to him in jail, but who fukin knows at this point what will happen.

Anyways back to our outrage fueled vitriol.

If there is one thing that should unite the country at this time, it’s that we all hate this fuckin’ prick and anyone, no matter who, that knew and/or allowed his behavior to continue, or anyone that participated with him in said behavior, we do solemnly swear as a nation to make sure they all go down, before everyone dies trying to raid Area 51.

Honestly, I just can’t fathom how some dude hasn’t gone all Liam Neeson “Taken” on Jeffrey or anyone else involved for that matter.

I know, I know, I know…the constitution, I get it. And I get that I’m making an extremely emotional argument, but seriously. The DUDE RAPED CHILDREN and they are considering letting him walk around until his trial.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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4 thoughts on “Why Is Bail Even Being Considered For Epstein?”

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    Dude hasnt gotten bail yet because some websites aren’t Area51’ing hard enough yet… If this dude needs to get bail then the blog industry has to Area51 even harder! Are you doing your part by blogging Area51?

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    Jerry Hutchinson

    Regardless of his crime (which is SUPER fuckedup), he has a ton of money & a jet. Add those two & the sum is, “Flight Risk.”

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    It’s being considered because we’re a nation of laws. Just as everyone is supposed to be entitled to their day in court they are entitled to consideration to be released on bail. Of course the consideration for bail should have lasted only until the laughter stopped and it was declined.

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    I love your theory. When you think of all the Hillary / Billary / Killary folks with info on that evil duo, accidentally dying / suicides, then it’s only makes sense that something will eventually happen very similar to this putrid snake.


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