BREAKING: U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drone

According to President Trump, the United States just shot down an Iranian drone that strayed wayyyyyy to muthafuckin close to the USS Boxer. According to Trump, the drone was a threat to the safety and security of the crew of the USS Boxer.

The USS Boxer is a Wasp Class Amphibious Landing ship, carrying Marines as well as sailors on board. What is unknown at this time is what exactly the drone was doing. Did it have weapons? Was it just surveillance? One thing is certain, someone aboard the USS Boxer definitely thought the drone was way too close for comfort and knocked that little bish outta the sky.

What is known is that should this turn out to be accurate, it will not do anything but further inflame the tensions between the two countries who are facing off over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that the United States left last year.

Iran and the United States have both seemingly been on the warpath the last several months only to be pulled back at the last moment. This action may just be a revenge killing of their drone, for shooting down our drone, but given how reactionary different nation-states are these days, it wouldn’t surprise us if this was the start of a definite U.S. military involvement in Iran.

The United States has since urged other nations to ensure the safety of their vessels as they pass through the waters of the Strait of Hormuz, as they are now ripe for a brand new conflict. Given all the incidents that have taken place over the last few months, it is surprising that it has taken the United States this long to respond militarily. Despite what anyone says, we’ve actually been pretty even-keeled after all of the tanker and drone drama from last month.

Hopefully again cooler heads prevail…and if not. We’d better win definitively.

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11 thoughts on “BREAKING: U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drone”

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    Trump won’t allow a war to break out with Iran until after the election. I smell democrats egging this on. After all, the dems are really sucking wind with nothing to run on except anti-American ideology.

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    Actually nothing is known for sure, given the government’s record of lying through its teeth. Iran says that all their drones are accounted for, so far as they know.

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    the comments on this post are sad. americans really do not know what the cost of war with iran would be. trump left the agreement which was the only thing keeping iran from being able to enrich uranium to the point of being able to have nuclear weapons capabilities. what would going to war with iran even accomplish? have we learned nothing from the disasters that have been the wars in iraq and afghanistan? this will do nothing to help anyone involved, rich people just want to send in their soldiers to be able to claim iran’s natural resources, the same reason trump’s admin. wanted war with venezuela. you should all really think about the true motivations and consequences of going to war with Iran.

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        okay but if they were still complying, and we were still in the treaty, theyd be much further from having nuclear capabilities. they were complying with the international commitee up until recently because they no longer have an obligation to comply. good try tho


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