In The Absence of Orders…Glendon Oakley

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Tearfully he gave an interview to the local news station, a hero, a man who’d never call himself that. A man who exemplified exactly what we should be teaching everyone. Initiative. While shopping Glendon Oakley of the 1st Armored Division out of Fort Bliss, TX, heard the gunfire and immediately decided to do something about it.

We have a saying here. Do what you can, when you can, for who you can, for as long as you can with what you have. Maybe Glendon wasn’t able to save everyone that day, but we know today, there are children and parents who are grateful to Pfc. Oakley for his actions.

This is just another instance where doing something, is better than doing nothing.

This time, Glendon didn’t have to engage the shooter to save lives. No, he made a decision that at this point in time, his talents were better used, ensuring the safety of the children, something he could most definitely do as he was not only physically trained to perform such actions, but should he have come upon another shooter, he was armed and would have been able to put up a fight for the children.

There is much that we can speculate and guess on. We can throw wild theories at a wall hoping they stick or that they hold some relevance, but at the end of the day, always…action will beat out inaction. In the absence of orders, in the absence of someone telling him how to be, Pfc. Glendon Oakley acted calmly, professionally and intelligently, prioritizing the children’s lives and ensuring he was seen as a good guy to LEOs during an extremely chaotic time.

If this man doesn’t receive an award from his unit, then someone needs to get their head checked. We need more men like Glendon Oakley in this world, that’s for damn sure.



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23 thoughts on “In The Absence of Orders…Glendon Oakley

  1. Well said. I like what he said he wishes other people have the same sense of service .
    What a great Kiddo, young man and I will say it… Hero.

    1. Guys a fraud. A liar. If these guys post my comment(which I don’t think they will) you’ll change your mind about Oakley. If you do respond please give me your answers to my questions. If they make sense to me maybe I’ll give Oakley the benefit of the doubt but I don’t see it happening

        1. Why can’t you answer my questions? You blame me for your ineptness of researching before writing. You went off the wire service like everyone else did. That’s a lame answer dude. Weak if you will. Let’s hear your answers to the questions. You won’t because you have nothing. Next time bring your A-Game instead of that weak ass shit you’re throwing out here

          1. By the way, you don’t have this thing called evidence either. You believe everything you read? I got some ocean front property for sale. It’s just about 15 miles northeast of Phoenix. Interested??

          2. Do you have proof or evidence that he did do it or are you just believing what he says? If that’s the case I have some ocean front property a little northeast of Phoenix. Selling cheap. Interested? Clown

  2. Are you serious man? This guys a fraud. A hero who’d never call himself that? Yet in his interview he says “I know what I did was heroic”. If you believe this guy YOU need to get your head checked. From the entrance at the Walmart where the shooting took place to where Oakley was at in the Cielo Vista Mall(CVM) is one quarter of a mile. Factor in traffic noise from both I-10 and the access road Gateway West Blvd. Two very highly traveled roads at this hour. Factor in the noise in the CVM(people talking. Loud music playing). Add it all up and there’s no way he heard ANY gunshots. Between where he was at the Foot Locker to the Dillards North where he evacuated the CVM there is no play area there. In the Northwest side of the CVM near the Sears is one but there is no way Oakley could have gotten any where near there with all the police presence. There was no shooter at the CVM. The Mall was being evacuated as a precaution. Not one single person was in danger at the mall. Let me ask you this, would you leave your child UNATTENDED at a mall? According to SEVERAL of Oakley’s self-promoted interviews he has about 4 different stories working. Most of it about how many kids did he save, or how many cops did he encounter when he got outside. One interview he said some other guy helped him grab the kids and leave. On his You Tube video he said he asked people to help him but no one would. So which is it? Now let’s say Oakley carried out 3 kids. To carry 3 kids at once they have to be no more than 4 years old(and that’s being generous). So he’s got his arms holding 3 kids. Has his Glock out. Has his shopping bag and is video taping himself leaving the Dillards North. Is this dude an octopus? By the way, if he’s carrying 3 kids and a Glock I guess he wasn’t too worried about them since the Glock could have went off and shot a kid. He put the kids in more danger than anyone else. Let’s go back to the guy who supposedly helped him. Where is this guy? Who is he? Been just over a month and no one has come forward to verify Oakley’s story about that. Been just over a month and not one parent of any of the kids he supposedly saved has come forward to thank him. Tell you what, if I was in the mall and left my 4 year old UNATTENDED and Oakley saved my child I would go to every news station within a 500 mile radius of El Paso and praise this guy. I’m just gonna throw this one right down the middle…been just over a month and have you seen the video of Oakley’s heroic act? If you say yes you’re lying. BECAUSE THERE IS NO VIDEO!!!! Don’t you think that if he actually did this there’d be a video of it? In his initial interview with KTSM here in El Paso he said he called his friends house and his friend came over and Oakley gave him the gun. Why he would do that is a mystery, but let’s say he did. Where is his friend? Who is his friend? If I was his friend that came over to get his weapon I’d be verifying it to everyone, but nope, not one single “friend” of his has come forward. In one article of the Army News they say and I quote “Oakley, who was visibly shaken while being interviewed in the IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH of the shooting, said his own life wasn’t his main concern when gunshots rang out”. Really? His first interview was with KTSM at about 12:25PM the day of the shooting. Over an hour before his interview that’s when the shooter was caught. This guy is a self-promoting scumbag. He was given the ARCOM Award. They should have him charged with the Federal Crime of Stolen Valor.
    Fort Bliss Bugle, local paper that circulates Ft Bliss has his story. If you read it you’ll see the only person quoted in the article is his former high school Principal. No word from the Army? No word from Ft Bliss? Why not Base Commander General Matlock? You have yourself a fine American Hero right here but yet you won’t recognize him? Now that right there makes no sense. Here’s another easy question; Supposedly Oakley’s father, mother and sister all retired from the Army BUT yet in the Fort Bliss Bugle article not one of them had anything to say. Let’s see, Base Commander is silent. Family is silent. Ya get it yet brother?? The whole story is a lie. I’ll end it with this. Currently Oakley is under investigation by the local FBI and the Army’s CID. The local news channels know he’s lying as well. They won’t say anything because it’ll make them look bad. Godforebid any one in this town admits they’re wrong. Dude , seriously, think about what I just told you. If you have logical answers to the questions I asked I might give Oakley the benefit of the doubt but you can’t convince me because everything he said is a lie. You now have my email. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll show you a couple of videos on Oakley I’m sure you’d like to see. Just put Oakley’s name in the subject line so I don’t Spam it. But honestly, I don’t think I’ll hear from you. Like myself and over a million other GI’s we earned our stripes, Oakley didn’t!!

    1. I love how you think we won’t publish this because even if you’re telling the truth, you look like a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. Your delivery leaves something to be desired. Offer proof, other than a long angry rant on our page.

      1. You bust my balls with bullshit comments and name calling. Grow up dude. You’re wrong about this story but because you think you’re a professional journalist you’re never wrong. In this case you’re wrong and instead of accepting my proof to you you’d rather put me down.

    1. I guess this isn’t good enough for you? My rant as you call it was in reply to your post about me proving it. I did. What I stated are facts. NO VIDEO FROM THE MALL!! NO ONE COMING FORWARD TO VERIFY HIS STORY!! Bro, are you serious? Didn’t know you worshipped this scumbag. Police and CID investigating him. Anything else?

    2. All that story says is that police can’t (or maybe won’t) confirm his actions. They in no way produce any evidence that contradicts his story. In fact their reasoning for not releasing the CVM surveillance footage that COULD refute his story is rather odd: they need it for the trial?? If nothing happened and no shooter was present there, why would they need the footage for a trial?

  3. Oakley said he wants to reach out to the victims families here in El Paso. Not sure of the exact number but I know there was at least 10 funerals here in El Paso concerning the victims. Oakley showed up at ZERO of them. So much for reaching out. Oakley had no trouble reaching out to the press though to cover his bullshit story. You know Susan Katz Keating? She wrote the article on Oakley for People Magazine. I was in touch with her letting her know he was lying and like you she didn’t seem to give a shit. What she did tell me though was that the Army contacted her to interview Oakley. I have a very close friend that works at Ft.Bliss, in the HQ building, on Biggs,on the same floor that Base Commander General Matlock is located. There is no way in hell that the Army called People Magazine. Of all the rag mags out there why them? I won’t ask you to answer anymore questions because you don’t have any, so I’ll just say this concerning Oakley..he’s not giving anymore interviews. Ft.Bliss has no comment on it. Why not? Damn General Matlock you have an All-American Hero under your command, why not brag about it!! Try doing some research the next time. Oh yeah, by the way the other guy that helped Oakley with the kids? That was me. I’m an Air Force Vet. You want an interview? Because I know you’ll print anything that you think is a feel good story. Go back to journalism school. Like I said, take your weak ass comments somewhere else

  4. Yeah. That’s what I thought. You run that suck muscle of yours but when the truth is shoved down your throat you clam up.
    Typical jarhead. Why don’t you make yourself credible and get the truth from Oakley?? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t do interviews anymore and the Army has no comment either. Sounds like something is being covered up. I’m guessing Court Martial. Bro, you’re a hack. Close this page down
    “There are children and parents grateful to Pfc.Oakley for his actions” If they’re so grateful how come none of them have come forward to thank him??
    “We need more men like Glendon Oakley in this world”. You mean a world full of liars?
    Hahaha!! You’re a joke. Go cuddle with that fake tear, lying piece of shit Glendumb Jokely.

      1. You should know about keyboard warriors tough guy.
        Hope you like holding Glendon when the truth comes out. They’re already questioning him. What kills me about you is that you’re so in love with Oakley that you can’t see the obvious. You believe everything this nitwit Oakley says yet when I tell you something and throw some videos that prove he’s lying you dismiss it. Wow!! Didn’t know your compassion for Oakley went that deep.
        I don’t know if you have kids or not but would you leave your child alone in a mall?? You actually believe Oakley when he said 11-13 UNATTENDED children??
        No videos of him doing his “heroic deed”?No parents coming forward to thank him?
        Well I guess if the parents didn’t give a shit about their kids and left them alone then they’re ignorant enough not to thank him. My points been made. You know I’m right. You know you’re wrong for printing this article when you had nothing to go on. Like I said it’s okay because Oakley fooled most of the people here in El Paso and probably 80% of the country. Don’t worry bro I won’t rub it in when the truth comes out. Have a good day

    1. The arrest for desertion is quite unfortunate for Oakley. Presumably, due process will take its course.
      An arrest doesn’t change any fact about August 3.
      It doesn’t disprove what Oakley claims to have done in CVM –only countervailing evidence will disprove that. And the attempt to carry some children out isn’t important anyway, as Oakley himself stressed in his interviews.
      Most important, an arrest doesn’t change the fact that the police did a 180 about the shots fired reports from inside CVM by AT LEAST four different people , of whom Oakley is just one.
      Why don’t they want people to know that?

  5. Nice. Same troll talking points I’ve read plastered across the Web wherever Oakley is mentioned. Same lack of evidence, same distortions, diversions, fallacies, lies. A guy has to wonder … Who has the time and resources to mount this kind of smear campaign?

    1) Oakley never claimed he heard shots from Walmart. He heard gunshots fired in the mall. At least THREE other individuals have reported the same. This was freely acknowledged by EPPD for the first couple of hours.

    None of these witnesses claimed to know WHO fired the shots but it is extremely unlikely that it was Patrick Crusius.

    2) According to the map at CVM website a play area is located between Sears and Dillard’s North. There is no reason why he couldn’t have gotten near there. He encountered police, dropped the kids he was carrying, put his hands up, announced he was carrying a weapon.

    3) “self-promoted interviews” : what does this even mean? He was on the scene. The media found him, which is what media does.The Ft Bliss press op was obviously set up by Ft. Bliss.

    4) ive seen every interview. He NEVER claimed to have saved ANY kids.

    5) he didn’t have his Glock out. He plainly said he took it out, then re-holstered it before he approached the kids. DUH.
    and he’s got a bag, probably plastic, with one t-shirt. Not a prob for a big, built Army dude to hold a t-ahirt and also pick up 3-4 small kids for a short distance.

    5) “Has his shopping bag and is video taping himself leaving the Dillards North. Is this dude an octopus?”
    Now you’re just getting silly. He plainly said he put the kids down BEFORE entering Dillard’s. You should know that if you’ve watched and recorded his every statement.

    6) “been just over a month and have you seen the video of Oakley’s heroic act?”

    Who has the power to release surveillance video from the mall? Why won’t they do it? I think you know better than anybody else does.

    7) “Kn his initial interview with KTSM here in El Paso he said he called his friends house and his friend came over and Oakley gave him the gun”
    What time did that air? Provide a link. Because I believe i have watched every minute of live local neas video from that day, and every interview of Oakley, and i do not recall him saying any such thing.

    8) so you’re telling me the Army hands out awards based only on first-person accounts with no verification whatsoever? Okay…

    9) who did or didn’t get quoted by (and possibly couldnt be reached by) Fort Bliss Bugle in time to publish a story is totally irrelevant and bringing that up shows major desperation to “prove” an assertion in the absence of real evidence.

    10) if your videos are the ones I’ve seen circulated around, with the deceptive editing and captions, and laden with non sequiturs, red herrings, strawmen and probably other species of fallacy, keep ’em.