There Is No Solving This Issue

Twice in one weekend. WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETING…but what? Ever since Cain slew Abel, there has been evil in the hearts of men. Look to other countries who’ve supposedly “solved” their gun problem, like England for instance, where the knife crime has gotten so bad that they are literally replacing normal kitchen knives for ones with blunt tips to deter knife use in domestic violence.

There is no solving this issue. It’s probably unpopular and some might even say cold-hearted to write those words before the bodies of the victims are even in the ground, but it’s the cold hard truth. No amount of legislation will change someone with this type of ill intent. Look to the drug war and prohibition for examples of how the outright bans have led to more violent crime and a black market for such goods. Hasn’t really worked out the way we thought it would.

Red Flag laws…we once thought it’d be a decent enough idea…but then it became painfully obvious that due process would get scrubbed and those laws meant to “protect” would be used and abused by everyone from neighbors to the government. They are in fact an abjectly horrible idea.

There is no solving this issue, there is only preparing for it…wow that’s kind of a shitty thing to say one might think. By preparing for it, we don’t necessarily intend that we prepare for there to be a mass shooting, but rather that we prepare ourselves to deal with the ugly of this world. Train our minds and our bodies to do something when and if something bad should happen near us. Whether that’s shooting back or providing first aid or learning how to wield a chair as a deadly weapon…be prepared to act.

Action always wins versus inaction. Therefore, do something.

Does a man who takes a class on CPR hope to use it? No, rather he is aware, that something could happen in our imperfect world where that skill suddenly becomes a necessity for someone else to live. A few months ago, we saw a sharp decline in the number of victims in “mass shooting” events, because people started to fight back. Armed, unarmed, trained or untrained, these people realized that the way to stop the attack was to fight back. So for those of you wondering…what would we be doing if we were ever in a mass shooting?

We’d either be shooting back or flinging chairs, staplers, rocks, you name it, at the perpetrator. We’d be providing first aid, stopping bleeding, triaging the wounded…we’d be doing something, we’d be acting.

Stop preparing to be a victim, and start preparing to be a victor, because there is no solving the issue of hate and violence in the hearts of our fellow man.

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14 thoughts on “There Is No Solving This Issue”

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    Get this man a beer! Well said! I thought “red flag” laws were worth consideration until, as you pointed out I could see the abuse in them. Without due process, thet can never be fairly administered. But as we have come to see, “Due Process” is never going to be on the minds of those with an agenda.

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    No gun control will ever work. (period). There are solutions but they won’t work because people have rights.

    Take away every gun including the millions of guns we don’t know about, they will pull out knives. The U.K. had as much knife violence as we have gun violence, but shoot me in the head every day instead of stabbing me in the gut. It’s a heinous way to die.

    Biggest reason people pull this crap is for notoriety. Take it off the news, and you still have social media.

    I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more and worse after cnn said “this incident has set a new record for the most fatalities “. Does that sound like a challenge to you?

    Ya wanna know how to solve it?

    Take the name out of it. No fame. Nobody will know or care about the shooter. I don’t care why he did it. I don’t care if he had a rough childhood or was mistreated. It matters not to explain why he took it out on innocent people.

    Proper punishment. Expand capital punishment. Quick and insensitive.

    We have proof who did it. Surveillance cameras not testimony from an ex girlfriend. There is no doubt. And you lose your rights of pleading not guilty.

    You have 30 days until you’re executed. Just enough time to sign papers and say goodbye. Done. Gone. Change death row from 30 years to 30 days.

    Bring back Yuma prison. From the 1880s.
    And put sheriff joe in charge of federal corrections. Institute his changes and people won’t be so flippant about going to prison. Maybe then they won’t be so flippant about committing the crime.

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    It is kinda truth, but you can not go in public and kill 10 people with knife. Ofcorse if there will be gun on the table it will use gun. Secondly yes, there will be black market going on , but again it will be esier for us to catch them and harder for them to get the weapons. Shootings will decrese. I dont even have thoughts about guns , beacuse i can not get them so i do not think to solve my problems with guns. The thing is how you gona train 300 million people in USA? Will all have money to do it? I understand you dont want to take the weapons out of enemy hands, but train us to be like them. Lot of guys dont even look mentaly ill, they will train more to kill if you will realize some kinda of programm. Sorry english is not my languege, i am 17 , i may not understand this topic, but that was what i were thinking.

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    Life is inherently dangerous. It doesnt matter whether the danger is something man made or something God made, but it is imperative that we as the fallible humans that we take precautions and be as prepared as possible for the mishaps that will befall us.

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      Guns,knives,bare fists.etc. Ive stated and stand firm.Kane killed Abel with a rock.Guns etc. above stated.All attributed to the glorified violence in media,tv,music,rap music is strong with such lyrics.Look at your childs gta video games etc. Our great nation has lost sight of any good will towards fellow man.Until we place,our flag,our pledge of allegiance.Most of all people place some type of good in their heart.Youll see no drastic,if not any change.Make 10000000 more laws.Strengthen any existing laws.If man or woman,child etc. has a hate,or violence in their,and they set out too act on above.The gun is easy too aqquire.Its not a weapon problem,my friend.This is a people,human problem.If not addressed and hasnt been.Youll soon have militaries,not police depts. fighting this.Violence is glorified way too much in our culture.In my day we had 12 gauges,22s in our vehicles at high school.Now kids would be shot down.If,God forbid they sought too go “plinking” and did so after school in a safe,appropiate manner.Safe area,and were safe with the firearms.You now have men,boys.Whom believe its hard,tough,badass for lack of better words.To pull a trigger.Take a father,brother,mother,sister,child.A damn human life.A bad man,will in my opinion do everything in his power too do no violence.If at worst whip someones ass.Hey we lived too fight the next day,next week,next month.My mom spoke of looking like car wrecks.I dont condone or say thats correct.But,its a hell of a alternative.Im at loss,it must start in our homes.Spread to our communities.On to our leaders.Be in our homes,our chuches,our schools,our elected officials.Until we make it clear these acts are of cowards.I dont care what happened in someones past.No excuse can be made.To just kill.The gun and ill stop here.This matter could be discussed at great lengths.The gun,knife,etc. are made for survival,food on tables.Hunting game,sport,collecting.And self defense of life,limb,and property.Quit glorifying violence.I hope and pray no more shootings etc transpire.But,im a realist.In the gloomy day it hoperully never does.Do not,go live on TV stating this person/persons killed etc. Stop video games with a reality.Thats so damn unreal its unbelievable.We had pac man,asteroids,frogger etc.GTA etc theirs plenty.Its a issue.Install in our youth.That every human has good in them.Do unto others as you would have done unto you.And do your damndest.If a man smite you on your cheek.Turn too him the other.So it says.I say your entitled at this point.To engage fists.Hands may strike,blood may be shed.Teeth,nose broke.Live people.Not condoning or approving any violence.At some point we must say self defense is self defense.But its a CULTURE PROBLEM.You let me any other advice.Im open.

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    This world is an uncertain place battles are won by those who dare and its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it sure people may look at you funny but they will also be the ones hiding in the corner while you take care of business and neutralise the threat . I don’t intend to leave anything to chance.

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    We have taken morality and God out of this nation. All your left with then is the raw sin of man unbridled. No law will fix that. You can only prepare. Chicago has some of the stricktest gun laws and yet their murder rate is very high. No law will fix this problem. It starts and ends with the morality of the people of this nation and their faith.

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    Guns are tools they are as good or bad as the ones wielding them it is our individual responsibility to educate and arm ourselves properly because no amount of background checks mental evaluations etc. Will stop a motivated person(s) from committing acts of violence it is our duty and natural right to be able to defend ourselves and everyone around us in case an aggressor attempts such an act using a firearm, vehicle, sharp or blunt objects so who are these politicians who live in gated luxury to tell us we dont have a right to protect ourselves the way we see fit just because they its what they think is best


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