What We Can Learn From Rear Adm. Collin Green

First off, we don’t know too much about Rear Admiral Green because we weren’t SEALs, but he’s the commander of Naval Special Warfare, and he’s a Rear Admiral, so he’s obviously at some level, done pretty well for himself and probably knows how to solve some problems. Purely off of this latest piece which you can find here (click on ‘here’) we’ve found some solid lessons in leadership. As many have obviously seen and heard, the SEAL community has been under a lot of heat recently. High profile issues of discipline is what we’re seeing and it obviously needed to be addressed. So, succinctly, RAdm. Green addressed it.

The first thing he did was own it. A true leader understands that the actions of those following him, are a reflection of him/her. Your subordinates will only do what you show, or allow. It’s not often in the world we live in where the guy in charge says “Hey fuckers, it’s on me, this is my fault.” People are usually too selfish or what we like to call downwardly focused to see that the issue starts with leadership. He then proceeds to say that the small unit leaders should own it as well. Fixing a problem from the top down? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF SUCH MADNESS?!

Next up, RAdm. Green gives a task. He tasks the unit leaders to develop “written commander’s estimate that describes how you and your command team will develop a plan of action that is informed by “Naval Special Warfare’s Force Ethics Assessment” dated 22 March 2019.” Right there he is placing trust in his smaller unit leadership. They are going to develop the plan, he’s not going to ram it down their throats waving his big flag officer dick authority around. He issues guidance and directives, then is hands-off.

Next up, he encourages those subordinate leaders and units to crowdsource their plans, engage the men. Don’t ram shit down their throats.

He restates his guidelines and due date ensuring everyone knows exactly what the fuck is expected of them after giving them all the tools for their success, and finishes up by exhibiting trust in the subordinate leaders to get the job done.

It was quick, it was succinct and to the point, making his expectations obvious, along with some guidance.

So let’s summarize.

Owned the problem, encouraged other leaders to own the problem.

Assigns a task with clear guidelines and timetable, provides two resources for additional guidance.

Wants everyone involved, it’s not to be something everyone hates that gets shoved down their faces.

Reiterates his guidelines and encourages and places his trust in the leaders to accomplish the “mission”.

That’s how you tackle a problem.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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13 thoughts on “What We Can Learn From Rear Adm. Collin Green”

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    I’s just a civilian puke now, but. . .

    How’s about a “How dare you paint my exceptionally dedicated forces with such a broad brush. We’ll clear up the few problem children that have recently attempted to tarnish our stellar record and reputation, and you won’t hear another thing of it.”

    That’s leadership.

    A “Leader” needs a time to be needed to lead. And a Leader knows in which direction to address his leadership.

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    I know this leader very well. I always said he would make the best Flag O the taxpayer ever paid for. He will work himself into the ground. He always makes the right decision, no matter how hard it is to make. He has the biggest heart of anyone I ever met. He is a great father and there is little difference between that and being a great leader. He is a perfectionist and so is very hard to work for, but very rewarding as well. Thank you for writing an article that recognizes his value.

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    i would like a snail mail address to write him some fan mail for what he is doing with Chief Gallagher to bounce him out of the SEALS..

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    I think the guy is a scumbag and epitomizes “everything” wrong with military service…… Why would anyone want to serve in an organization run by people who don’t have your back and apparently think of themselves as self annoited kings and queens. Besides, the JAG Corps is pathetic and full of losers of the socialists / communist variety who don’t know the first thing about law…. Probably representative of the worst graduates available from the so called ABA accredited schools.

    If I were Trump, I would work on having this admiral sh** canned and fast. But first, I would put him in legal jeopardy by some statute of being disrespectful to the CIC…… I would then have him demoted to say the equivalent rank of a lieutenant and then kick him out of the service.

    No way does this guy deserve his full pension, which is his whole present paycheck, after his current display of stupidity and arrogance….. He appears to need to learn rank. No way would I ever let any of my children ever join America’s scumbag armed services in this day and age…..

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    You’re all (sans Festering Boil) apparently a bunch of morons. You have no idea how military structure goes or that no matter the issue, senior officers are either to remove or back up their operators. They, self-righteously in this matter, attempted to remove. But since their case was so weak…they got nothin’…thank God. Now Rr Admiral Green is throwing a subordinate and fellow SEAL under the bus! For lack of a better availability of descriptions, Rr Admiral Green is another little political bitch who has to be retired. Hoo-Ya!

    1. Charlotte Reavis
      Charlotte Reavis

      This is an old article we re-shared right as all of this was going on in the news and we didn’t realize it at the time. We have since written a new article about it all!

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    Green is fucking with SEAL combat vets who have killed terrorists and protected America and it is going to get him fired by POTUS.


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