September 11th, 2001

September 11th, 2001. Sometimes, it’s difficult to convey through the written medium, without the body language or inflection, just how much one day can set your life upon its fated course. One day that you remember vividly, forever, that would shape and mold your life from that day on. For some, this day holds extreme significance, for others, it is but another horrific tragedy that they’ve seen in their long lives. So the question we ask is…how do we remember?

People who saw Pearl Harbor attacked were alive to see the events of September 11th, 2001 unfold. People who lived through the massive deaths in World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam watched as planes crashed into our skyscrapers. They all watched in horror as our homeland was struck.

This attack was unique, but the script read so predictably when one compares it to other horrific acts in history. Total surprise. Unique use of resources. Massive body count. Paranoia. Pandamonium. Fear.

But on the flip side, the script read the same as many other tragedies as well. Good men and women sacrificed themselves to help others. Neighbors cared for one another. Those at ground zero exemplified the words of Admiral Nimitz regarding Iwo Jima,

“Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

So on this, the 18th anniversary of a day that steered the course of so many of our lives, we remember the men and women who perished on that day. We remember that in that tower all ablaze, nobody was concerned with political affiliations or other trifling bullshit. On that day, what people gave a damn about was each other.

We here know how we write, and we know what we stand for, but we’d be remiss if we ever let that get in the way of caring for our fellow man. We know the clickbait titles and the obnoxious and sophomoric writing appeals to many of you, but…Beyond all the hype, beyond all the opinions, beyond everything…can we on this day, look at our fellow man, differing opinions, views and stances and have this one day, be a day of peace.

Can we honor the man who leapt from the towers rather than be incinerated? Can we honor the firefighters and police officers who knowingly walked bravely to their deaths, full well knowing it would be their end? Can we honor those who perished on United 93 and their selflessness and concern for those they’d never meet? Can we remember those who perished at the Pentagon? Can we remember them, by having one day of peace in our nation?

On 9/12 we can resume with hostilities and our and our angry ranting in cars, but on 9/11…can we just have…

One day of peace?

Know what we're sayin fam?

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    Thank you. We need to focus on our good common love of Country and God and love one another. We will only overcome evil with GOOD.


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