Yo, Fuck The Taliban

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Fuck the Taliban. We’re so over dealing with these asshats that a lot of insanely grievous options for dealing with them seem more and more prudent each day. How many times have we written about this shitty peace process where we sit and sue for peace, while these slapdick ass mofos continue to strap bombs to people and load up cars with explosives and kill our people? Countless. We’re certain that we’re beating the dead great-great-great-grandson of the first dead horse we beat over this dumb shit. YET, here we are again. Talking about it once more because well, we keep doing to same lame shit over and over and over again, and we keep getting the same shit results over and over and over again.

Now obviously, we’re not experts on foreign policy. If we were, we’d get paid a lot more by some think tank to speculate on the same shit using $20 words that you only learn through the dedicated reading of a dictionary…which we may have had to do once in elementary school because we were trouble makers as kids, BUT…that is neither here nor there, nor now. Now we’re seeing a breakdown in the “peace” process with the Taliban as we negotiate exactly how the United States military will leave that country.

Mind you these peace talks are being held between the United States and the Taliban only. The current Afghani government has been excluded, so that goes to show you exactly how fucking great this whole process was, to begin with.

Meanwhile, President Trump has declared the peace talks with the Taliban dead after this latest round of disagreements. We may still leave even with no peace deal. We also may not. The president has expressed a desire that we shouldn’t be the world’s police force, but that we needed to get out at the right time…the right time could mean after all Taliban are made unalive, who fuckin’ knows anymore?

So here, again, like always, we’re going to say..if we’re not going to leave, then we need to murder death kill every single loyal Taliban fighter or supporter. Fuck the Taliban.

If we are going to leave, then we need to just do it. Also still, Fuck the Taliban.

We’ve been riding the fence so long on this shit that the metaphorical splinters in our ass are indistinguishable from the rest of our body. Whatever way we choose to go with, we need to commit to it and just be done with it. Tired of beating this dead horse, as we’re sure many of you are tired of it as well.


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23 thoughts on “Yo, Fuck The Taliban

    1. Have you ever heard the phrase, “consider the source”? When I get a comment from “Fuck You” with an email address of “bigdick@fuckyou.net” I can’t help but think…what creative individual. Thanks for providing some entertainment today Mr./Mrs. Fuck You. 😉

    2. Tired of the same shit as well. There’s no peace when these asshats don’t give a rats ass on anything. Tired of our men and women soldiers puttimg their lives on the line to keep peace. Hell our own country isn’t in peace so why are we still dealing with these pricks. It’s time we take care of home before we go out trying to help other countries with their problems.

  1. Yes. There will be no peace until Pakistan stops supporting the Taliban and the drug money for heroin is cut off. I have read (and it may be true) that most Afghans hate the Taliban, Pushtuns, heroin, and Pakistan. But, in their culture, the family and tribe come first. And traditionally, foreigners in their presence represented an opportunity to rip them off. So, they just can’t get their shit in one sock. My fantasy if we stay is recruiting Kurds for officers and Ghurkas for troops to deal with all the combat. Let them come up with their own ROEs. US troops for air/medical/training support.

  2. Twenty year of hands behind your back ROE and they are still operational who’d a thunk that…I say ride in there Ghengis khan style and whack every mothers son who even looks at a rifle, step back and say now play nice or it’s gonna get ugly!

  3. Love the insight and commentary here men. Outstanding. As a Marine, I say……”nuke it from orbit, only way to make sure.” – Aliens 2

  4. United States should deploy all of our military warbirds bombers fighters and just be done with the third world countries. Problem solved.

  5. Unleash the Marines one last time before the new 4* puts em back on boats to do their actual job. USMC was created in a bar, fought successfully against the muslims to keep waterways open, and been kicking their ass ever since. Let them boys have some fun eradicating the Taliban. Do what God did in the old testament: kill the fathers, mothers, and descendants so there will be no one left to oppose.

  6. Fuck the Taliban…been there in2002-2003, should have cleaned house then. And had the chance in the 90’s to do great damage as well. Remember colonialism? It works in places like this

  7. There is no real solution. Those men and women who have been over there in the SH(T no that you are dealing with a 14th-century culture. They do not want us there and do not want a democracy more organized than the local tribal leader. Unfortunately, to prevent another 9/11 we have to be there and were going to be there a lot longer than trumps 4 or 8 years. There is a deterrent but we do not have the political will to carry it out. Wrap every Taliban Alchida fighter and any other Muslim extremist that we kill in pigskin freshly killed decapitate them and bury them 6 days later and do it publically. This won’t bring them running it will scare them the hell off. You can’t get you 75 virgins wrapped in pigskin and headless much less make it to paradise.

  8. Holy HELL!!! I wish I’d written this!!! Even though I might not have used the same Salty Language & a few more of them $20 words y’all mentioned… & I don’t even work for some 3-Piece Suited Think Tank buncha twinkies… But then, if ya don’t say it like you said it… It wouldn’t be the same. So, BRAVO ZULU!!! …From an old & very P!$$€D OFF Corpsman Sailor with 4 children in uniform & subject to this fight!!! Thank you for saying this EXACTLY AS IT NEEDS TO BE SAID & SEEING THE ONLY COURSE TO VICTORY EXACTLY AS IT NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED!!!

    1. Kelly Sir,
      I’ve said this before and stand by it today. Three or four strategically placed Hot Sticks to the Middle East, changing sand to sheets of glass. Then we, The Great US of A go back after the fallout has ceased, perform or diligent humanitarian duties to help rebuild.

      Funny how history was ignored, yet the same actions performed on a large Asian island during WWII resulted in our having a valuable ally.

      Easy fix with way less cost and best returns.