The Line To Not Cross

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Trump said it way earlier this past summer when we started having trouble with Iran. If a U.S. service member dies…then it’s on. But…guess what. No U.S. service member died in the attacks on Saudi Arabia sooo….like maybe again still…keep not doing anything until they cross that red line we set for them a few months ago.

Look, Saudi Arabia, as much as we all hate them, or at least should hate them, should have the means to defend themselves and solve this shit regionally. Again, we’re very much on board with both sides losing if that is a possible outcome. We’ve sold those motherfuckers so much hardware and trained so many of their “prince” officers…like shit dude, fix your own bullshit for once instead of having us wave our big ol’ eagle dick around.

It really is simple. We never get taken seriously because our lines in the sand are taken as seriously as people that think Post Malone made Ozzy Osbourne famous. Let’s just hold true to our line in the sand this time. Don’t touch our service members and Saudi Arabia has enough training and equipment to fight Iran to at minimum a stalemate, you know, like when we supplied Iraq with weapons during their war against Iran.

Really, we’re not sure what more we can say on the matter. It’s quite stupidly simple. Set a line that we’re entirely certain will justify the preplanned response and hold true to it. Furthermore, it’s pretty equal as far as the exchange goes, don’t kill our people, we won’t kill your people. How that doesn’t make sense to more of the world’s leaders, we’ll never know, we just know they don’t get it.

We know there are some war hawks out there still wanting to turn Iran into a giant parking lot. We get it, part of us wants to do that too. They are annoying as fuck, like a bully that’s really bad at being a bully, but still tries to be a bully despite obvious reasons why he’d die if he actually got into a fight with anyone else.

Hold true to the line. It may not be one you like, but we have to hold true to something other than waging war across the globe all willy nilly.


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4 thoughts on “The Line To Not Cross

  1. Saudi Arabia is 6-7th in spending on their military in the world, they should take care of their own business and leave us out of it.

  2. I’m normally 100% with you. I don’t want to see a war with Iran. However I also don’t want Iran to get a bomb. The Saudis like most mid east countries should be on the watch list.we need to protect the straits.shipping and the Saudis can’t get by Russian air defense missles that Obama purchased for iran.we can’t give stealth tech to Saudis under any circumstances. So we may get dragged in. I’m hopeful that Iran stops their shit

  3. It’s not so much about avenging Saudi Arabia than it is about making sure Iran don’t get too ballsy. If Iran see’s our inaction, then it will escalate. We need to check them. I’m not saying to go all out war, but we need to respond in a significant manner.

    1. Starting a war would be totally in vain and if this begins it would be a global massacre, the most intelligent thing Trump could do is avoid it, especially if no American military was harmed. Greetings from Argentina !!