Eddie Gallagher, Chief Again

A week before veterans day, President Trump has taken a special interest in the case of Eddie Gallagher, the SEAL who was accused of murdering a POW, who was cleared of those charges but still reduced in rank by the jury for being found guilty of posing with an enemy corpse. There has been an ongoing push for Eddie to have his rank as Chief Petty Officer be reinstated after the demotion. Posing with a dead enemy, in the opinion of some, didn’t warrant the reduction in rank for Eddie.

Here is our whole take on the issue. After everything that had come out, that someone else killed the POW to prevent him from being tortured by the Iraqis and all that jazz, the prosecution seemed eager to get SOMETHING…ANYTHING out of this whole ordeal which they’d sunk so much time and effort into. They NEEDED to find a way to at least land one blow that stuck against Gallagher and the reduction in rank is what we were left with. Even his Wikipedia page blatantly tries to mischaracterize Gallagher.

Look, if posing for pictures in front of dudes that rape and behead anyone that doesn’t believe like them is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. In our opinion, it was nothing more than a personal vendetta that played out in a courtroom. While small and trivial to some, the fact of the matter is, posing for a picture with a dead guy who likely used to commit, by definition, war crimes en masse is not that big of a deal either.

So if you’re going to try and tell us, that a dude needs to get demoted for taking a picture with the lower than whale shit fucktard that thought ISIS was a promising career move, you’d better bring a chair cause you’re going to be here for a while. A long fucking while.

In this instance, we are pleased that the president made this decision for Eddie Gallagher. It’s the right thing to do.


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6 thoughts on “Eddie Gallagher, Chief Again”

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    I wish the pussies in Washinton & and any girlie man out there would get a grip. War is not pretty & is sure as hell is not politically correct. Taking a pick with a corpse is not a big enough deal to demote someone period. It has happened in every war and will continue to happen. #getoveryourself

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    Matthew Kimball

    I tried to vote 5 stars and when I pressed it it came up as 1 Star so one of the votes is a 5 star vote ,This guy is a hero and this fucking snitching pussy ass soldiers has to stop ,I don’t know when the culture of Americans soldiers not having each other’s backs started ,but those that snitch on another soldier Need to be charged with treason!!These millennials and Democrats have turned our country into a bunch of snitching ass ,pussy ass anti Americans,Soldiers in Vietnam and WWII would never have told on each other.Its war the fact that our country has turned war into a sideshow and many soldiers have been killed for the fact that they have made it near impossible for them to protect themselves or make judgments to save American lives.Our wars would result in better results if we went over there and just unleashed our military on our enemies,no rules ,no rules of engagement,and turned it into what it really is …WAR!War is chaos and we as a military would be way more successful unleashing chaos on our enemies and we need formal charges against these snitches from now on!!!


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