Airman says forget it and jumps out of C-130, still missing

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This was written with an intent to soften the blow on a story all the details have not been released on.  We apologize if not everyone appreciates the humor, and we promise, we want nothing but the safety of the missing Airman and we hope he is found.


On Tuesday, Nov. 5, an Airman jumped out of a C-130 during a training mission near Hurlburt Field, Florida.  Sources say the Airman fell approximately 1,500 feet above the Gulf Coast, near Destin and he was able to deploy his parachute before landing in the water.  It is also stated he was seen treading water until the plane had to circle around, then he was no longer in sight.

The Coast Guard, Air Force, Army and local Wildlife department are all searching for the airman, said to be with the 24th Special Operations Wing.  Rescuers have already scoured over 7,000 square miles attempting to look for this Airman, who can only be identified so far by his rank- Staff Sergeant.

Now, we don’t want to assume the worst here, as they are still attempting to locate him.  However, this does make us raise an eyebrow or two. Let’s break this down another way, perhaps.

A, what we can assume is seasoned based on his rank, special operations airman jumped out of an airplane just above Destin, Florida.  Destin is known as having beautiful beaches.  He jumped only 1500 feet above water, successfully opened his parachute and was even seen treading water before ‘disappearing.’  No one is able to locate him for miles so far.  Nor are they reporting they found his parachute, nothing.

So, again, not assuming the worst…. We are thinking ol’ boy decided it’s time for a beach vacation.  He has all the training and skills needed to survive the situation he was put in and well, maybe he just decided a beach vacation is far better than the military life for a bit.

We’ve all thought about it.  He just had the skills to execute it.

All in all, we will keep you posted and continue to hope he is found safely. Sipping Mai Tais. On the beach.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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17 thoughts on “Airman says forget it and jumps out of C-130, still missing”

  1. What a tasteless pile of crap this article is. Seriously, there’s a guy missing in the ocean and you think this is the correct time to throw in some dark humor? Pathetic!

    1. The whole point of dark humor is there is no wrong time for it. If words really hurt you that much I’m sure there’s a college with a safe space for you nearby.

    2. Dude did it to himself. I hope he is found but he did not take his life searously so I have no problem with making a little fun.

  2. I get it. My sense of humor is broken just like yours. We all know that no one is hoping for the worst. It’s a joke. I read the headline and laughed. It would be different if you were anti military…clearly you are not. Keep it up.

  3. This is disgusting! Poorly written one of our brothers is missing and you think it’s funny! What would you do if the family saw this?

  4. Completely missed the mark. Change the service… would you show as much disrespect for any other person? Lock it up and find another line of work.

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