War on Drug Cartels

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On November 4th, nine American citizens were murdered by members of a Mexican drug cartel. The family was traveling from Bavispe in Sonora state to the town of Galeana in Chihuahua. The attack occurred less than 100 miles from the city of Tuscon, Arizona, in a territory which is currently embroiled in a conflict between rival warlords. Or, sorry – drug lords. Whatever, they’re still cockroaches. In response, President Trump made the offer to the Mexican government of American military support in order to destroy cartels. Now, even though that’s a conflict that I, personally, would believe in and support – I might have a better idea. One that could win the “War on Drugs.”

See, there’s this group of fellas that are incredibly well-trained, well-funded, and highly motivated. They pay their own bills, (mostly) handle their own logistics, and perhaps most importantly, are terrifyingly capable of killing people. Theirs is a reputation of fearsome fighters – indeed, feared much more than some American uniformed military units that operated in Iraq and Afghanistan. It might be pretty clear that who I’m alluding to is, of course, Blackwater. I know, I know.. “ThEy’Re nOt bLaCkWaTeR aNyMoRe.” Semantics, to be honest with you. The company still employs deadly men. Erik Prince would likely jump at the opportunity to prove his point that in many cases, private military companies are much better suited to the task than uniformed military personnel. And, to be honest – I *do* mean Blackwater. Change the name, dust off those old flags, hand out some standard-issue steroids and 20mg Instant Release Adderall, and let the boys go killin’ again.

To be honest – you wouldn’t even have to pay them. Do you know how much money the cartels have? I mean, honestly, their walls are even filled with cash. They’ve got hundreds of millions – they’ve got billions! So, you let Blackwater do what Blackwater does best – hunt down and slay wicked men.. And in return, instead of financing the entire operation with tens of billions of United States taxpayer dollars.. You just let those dudes keep half of whatever they recover from the cartels’ safehouses. I guarantee you, with this course of action, you won’t be able to find a single cartel member in the entire state of Mexico. Once that literal black flag gets raised and entire compounds start dropping dead (or obliterated – they have air support helicopters, too), then the entire network would crumble.

All you’ve gotta do is send them after the fields, the manufacturing sites, the storage facilities – start hitting all their product, ambush their convoys, and flattening the houses their families live in, and we’ll end this “War on Drugs” after all. But, I guess this is all just a few hundred words of some weird dude rambling – because at the end of the day, the American government doesn’t have the stones to do something so bold. The American people don’t have the stomach to do something so gritty and dirty, yet necessary. And the American Department of Defense doesn’t have an open enough mind to admit that maybe they aren’t always the best choice.  But, either way, we must end the war on drugs.



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71 thoughts on “War on Drug Cartels

    1. Why 75%? Give them all they find. In return, you don’t have to watch family and friends suffer losses at their hands… whether it be drugs or the cartels or the violence that comes with both.

      1. 10% and give the rest to the communities the cartels have made suffer. I’m sure that’s still an incredible amount of money. But it’s gotta be a coordinated attack. Otherwise, they’re gonna burn that money like a Saudi oil well. Blitzkrieg! Hit ‘em hard and fast!

    1. Because it’s blood money. Some of that needs to be paid back. It’s similar to receiving stolen goods. If their hearts are in the right place, they could do it for a “modest” 10% and still make a killing, I’m sure.

  1. That’s a very good point being made. Matter of fact, since we are talking about an international corporation here why not instead offer the Columbians a S.O.F.A. to contract Mexico out?… I mean when we are talking Cartel, why involve the U.S. government? The Mexican Cartels arent just bandidos and sicarios, but also the Mexican Government. Lots… Of Mexican government.

    Finally winning the War on Drugs will inevitably lead to the need to eliminate big name government honchos. Thus.. Have a rival entity provide the S.O.F.A… And then let the expidition have its way with Mexico. The international community can’t blame America, Mexico won’t know how to respond, Mexico will suddenly become, within a matter of days, a country scratching its head regards who is in charge and… Who was that masked man? HIYO SILVER AWAY!…

  2. I agree in principlewith Dave. There aremany capable men I kmiw of and worked with who can deal with these low life thugs and utter cowards. One is for sure: It will be a massive mustake to let this go unpunished as this ckearly crossed a very significant “line in the sand”. Hunt them down and terminate them as merilessly as they did with those harmless women and children. Action should be very swift with all the resources available in the US. Happy huntin’!

  3. I’ve served in the USMC and would be glad to join the team against the Drug Lords and against there negative action.

  4. this is a good gig for EP and fire off the FPF. the spoils of war will go to the victor. there are millions of dollars to be confiscated and it would finance the op. Play by their rules, no rules. I am sure we can drum up about 5000 knuckle draggers and just go across the border like we own the place and take the gloves off….Cry ‘Havoc!,’ and let slip the dogs of war.” WS
    there is some killin to be done and evil to be destroyed. Don’t stop until it’s done.

  5. We never did anything in that article other than protecting diplomats. We were not hunter killer teams, seems like someones fantasy. Beards and tats do not a Warrior make. There was ample numbers who talked a good game but lacked the actual training and intelectual skillsets to perform at the above mentioned levels. In fact its very insulting to insinuate that we as peofessionals are just merely the blood thirsty mercs that the media said we were. Exactly why we have 4 brothers in jail. Free Raven 23!

  6. Damn right! We could have ended the war on drugs years ago, like the eighties, but to be honest elements of our government are so crooked that they turn a blind eye to shit being shipped right into our backyards. Whether we as Americans want to believe it or not, big time drug shipments into the country is big time revenue for corrupt politicians and they have always known what goes on down south! Instead of sending our troops to the Mojave desert to train in desert warfare we could have set up training facilities all along the border years ago but that’s not bringing the corrupt politicians, demorats if you will, illegal votes from the illegal cock roaches that set up camp in our back yards and take the jobs and resources from our own brothers and sisters right here in good ole USA. My thoughts on the so called “war on drugs” could have and should have been accomplished years ago but I’d love to see black water back in action eradicating cock roaches all over Mexico and even putting nooses around the necks of every damn corrupt political piece of shit that allowed it to get to this point. Mexico, sadly to say, is a huge barrel of shit with diesel #5 all over it and black water has the light to set it a blaze but my question is who is gonna stir?

  7. I am in complete agreement of every word. Cut the head from the snakes, then burn the body= GOAT PRESEDENT! Half for them, other half pays for the completion of the wall.

  8. My God man! Even half of the billions that are hidden away would be more than anyone could ever spend in a lifetime. People are asking why only half..because the other half would simply be the beauty of getting back out there and doing what is done best!

  9. Hells yea and they speak the language too, so why not just turn the ilegal drugs keep everything else why not?.. this nonsense violence on innocent people needs to stop💪🏼

  10. Have no love for the cartels, kill them all !!! This will not end as long as their is a demand for this poison. Fix the problem in the US, end the demand, punish the street dealer severely and jail every corrupt politician !

  11. Partial solution.
    The cartels have their own version of Blackwater’s. Highly trained and highly paid. I would almost venture to say some of them are probably now employed by the cartels because that is where the money is.
    The thing American Patriots need to do is wake up and stop thinking we are on a moral mountain and arw the greatest and honest people in the world. In fact we have the most corrupt government in the world. The U.S. crroked banking cartel is and has been propped up by drug money since the 80’s. We as a nation would fail without the hundreds of billions of drug money in circulation. Truth.
    It is why the border will never close. The fentanyl being produced in Sinaloa is all of the sudden hitting our big pharma in the wallet so this is why you are all of the sudden seeing our crooked media attention.
    You wanna stop drugs? Cut the head off. The head is Congress and the Senate. Crooked to the very core.
    If they know their Senator or congressman to their left and right is corrupt and nothing is being said then they are guilty by association.
    These two bodies allow the drugs to flow for the ,”GREATER GOOD”.
    That is the most dangerous and insane phrase our government is using to justify the means.
    If you want a war on drugs it need to start here.

  12. I still have my BW shirts & pipe hitters union hats in the closet, and all my gear in the garage.

    When the phone rings, the answer is “email my plane ticket to …”

  13. Finally common sense reigns supreme. Send In the guys that not only know what they’re doing, they enjoy ridding the earth of worriesome pests. You got my vote as one redneck American to another

  14. Hell yes! 100% agree . Sometimes it takes hard men who are capable of using the very same tactics to do the hard job of fighting evil people. And let the spoils of war be theirs.

  15. Yes there Infrastructure has to be hit First, this Means an all out Attack from all Four Sides at the Same Time. I was Stationed at Fort Bliss in the 70s. Seen all Kinds of Horror back Then. So I can just Imagine what it looks Like today. Time to stop Them and make it Safe for the People of Mexico.

  16. Micah, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head…. something needs to be done before these drug gangs/cartels invade the US. I’m glad Trump wants to take action but think our “regular” armed forces should not engage. These guys might be the answer. Let me know how things are going with you….🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. HELL-2-DA-YEAH!!! I say let em keep all they find and heck, maybe run some craigslist with what they find and not want, Id be up for some good cheap guns/ammo/vehicles/etc. I bet that in a matter of months we would see a HUGE change not only there but in states as well because you know damn well that they are getting funded and funding many organizations both corrupt and on the DL. Hell, might even find some of this human trafficking crap and put a stop to that……This will be the exercise that Black-water can add to a portfolio to prove that up next will be Afghanistan because with “project Ejecto-Mexico war/drug lords” they will have a full head of steam to wipe out some other dirt that needs to be tidied up in a quick fashion! SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN & this might just be the ticket to get that ball rolling! All praised be BLACKWATER……and RIP / PRAYERS & THOUGHTS to all that have are involved!!

  18. Seems the Mexican government isn’t going to lift a hand to take care of this Cartel problem then it is time to take care of it ourselves. Find the bastards and guy them and leave them for the dogs to eat. The Mexican government thinks they can have a peaceful resolve with these brutal criminals then they are just sheep awaiting slaughter. God won’t have Mercy on them. And we should set up the meeting for these butchers to meet God.

  19. Good idea.
    1. How do you stop all the U.S. weapons going into Mexico.
    2. The Mormon colony “Colonia Juarez, Colonia LeBaron” are another Mobster. You might as well call them Narcos .
    They hold dual citizenship.
    If you’re an US citizen your alliance to one Country. They hold 2 Citizenships. They have weapons and Assault weapons. They have permission from the Mexican government due to a Shooting range in there Colony. They also have Municipal escorts. They are fighting a war with locals for water rights and land. The LeBarons have been slowly taking land from the locals. I agree with you that the war on drugs should be fought. We sell the Guns and we buy the dope. We owe nothing to the LeBarons. Ask yourself this question. Do they pay taxes? I’m sorry for their loss of family , especially kids. But Mexico loses more kids in a day, than the LeBarons. I wonder will crying wolf “American” will people fall for it. Think about it.

  20. Steve I’ve done several special operations years ago n you hit the nail on the head it would be incredibly easy to achieve the intended goal.

  21. I know and feel what your saying but you also have to see that the American govt doesn’t want to stop the Drug Cartels because they are with the Cartels. If they were to let Chapo start talkin and hear bout the wheels he greases too many people in the American govt would be named, and can’t have that. It’s a great thought on how to end it but it wouldn’t end.

    1. You are so lost to who this Family is, who they are associated with, and what they are doing to the communities around them. Do you your research instead of being a typical military/contractor.. AAAAGGGGHHHH BEATING CHEST LETS GO KILL EVERYONE. The entire US population is being mislead to “AMERICAN FAMILY BEING AMUSED”. They are 💯 MEXICAN. They are MEXICAN after they petitioned the Mexican Government to become MEXICAN citizens after the Mexican Revolution. The government was redistributing lands in form of EJIODS to Mexicans, and to be able to keep lands to remain in Mexico they had to become citizens. They did this with the help of the American Ambassador to Mexico who happened to be Mormon. At the same time this American Ambassador petitioned the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to allow them to keep their America citizenship. Therefore becoming Dual Citizens. They live in MEXICO and VACATION IN US. They don’t live in US because they still practice Polygamy in their Mexican Communities.

      I feel I have to say that I was in 75th Regiment and currently in Private Contracting before anyone attempts to say shit.

      1. Suddenly “ WHITE AMERICANS” die in Mexico and everyone cares. If you pay attention there is little to no news about it now, WHY?? Mostly likely cause all the family history, illegal activities they are doing, and corruption they are associated with is damaging the image of this family in Mexico and in the US.

        1. Yeah that’s not the case they’ve offered before and both sides said no because they are corrupt. BW is the only answer at this point

      2. Ninety-five percent don’t practice poly, and many were born in the US. I got family there, so easy on the generalization and race baiting.

  22. Some how, we, as a government, need to grow some BALLS and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. The cartel has been allowed too much room and need to be finished for all. It doesn’t help that they have created a supply and demand system that is astronomical…

  23. I couldn’t agree more. The American government has an allowed us to step up because obviously they are benefiting in someway financially from this. Corruption runs deep on both sides of the border. As a patriot, I would love to see you are bravest and strongest take out the scum of the world. And I fully agree that they should get all of the spoils and 100% of it. To play devils advocate, problems would definitely come of this. Hunting for sport in American pride would soon become a business of greed and Blackwater would probably become corrupt as well.

  24. I agree with the past statements, Why half? Finder keepers. And why does that group need permission. How do we, the citizens of this great country, pull together and support this operation? We are the ones hurt most by this poison and scum that push this crap into our country.

    1. You realize starting a war with a neighboring country like Mexico would easily result in that war leaching into American Communities. You think either government especially the US would support a war that would most likely be fought on American soil with American Casualties. What you think could be the reaction to Invading Mexico? Think about all the sentiment against Americans of Mexican descent… What happened to the Native Americans during the Indian wars, Italian and German Americans in WW1, the Japanese WW2 they were put in interment camps. I’m American of Mexican decent. You think I’m going to be ok being rounded up with my family and locked up. FUCK NO

  25. Well that would take care of one end of it but America is the land of supply and demand. Where there is demand someone will supply it. We can’t very well send Blackwater after the demand side of things can we?

  26. What’s the old saying ” Cry havoc and release the Dogs of War !” And if the Mexican Government is good with it then there’s no difference between them and the Flying Tigers of pre World War 2 paid in gold by the Chinese to kill Japanese!