WWII submarine USS Grayback located after 75 years

Modern technology allows people to do many things in the palm of their hands these days.  Most people use this technology to communicate about themselves faster, posting selfies and statuses on social media.  Others, however, use the gifts of modern technology to go back in time and find missing submarines.

The USS Grayback played a fairly significant part during World War II.  The submarine and it’s crew arrived at Pearl Harbor three months after D-Day and immediately went to work.  From there, the USS Grayback went on multiple patrols in and around Australia, destroying enemy subs and shipping freighters.

The crew of the USS Grayback would successfully rescue and return home the crew of a B-26 bomber during one of its patrols.  The submarine would complete ten total patrols, sink 14 enemy ships and almost 64,000 tons of enemy freight.  It is the 20th ranked submarine, receiving eight battle stars for its service.  Battle stars were awarded for participation in battle and damage received during.

Unfortunately, the Grayback was sunk on its way home through the East China sea in 1944.  It was one of 52 submarines not recovered during WWII.  Then, last year, a gentleman named Yutaka Iwasaki was listening to Japanese radio records when he discovered the coordinates originally given to locate the Grayback were mistranslated.  They were missing a digit.

This is when “The Lost 52 Project,” coordinated by Tim Taylor, set off to confirm the new, corrected coordinates.  They were able to successfully locate the USS Grayback, which held approximately 80 personnel at the time it went missing 75 years ago.  Family members of the submarine crew have already expressed their extreme gratitude to Taylor’s team.

They initially confirmed the location of the submarine in June and have been working to verify the confirmation, which happened this past weekend.  Both of the key players used new technology to take them back in time and provide the missing submarine after 75 years.

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2 thoughts on “WWII submarine USS Grayback located after 75 years”

  1. Wow!
    1. Who and why listen to tons of recordings in Japanese and specifically those regarding this sub!?
    2. Was it part of the plan the review all known info about the sub’s last whereabouts and demise?
    3. Now to verify and dive the actual location and plan an appropriate memorial.
    4. Please state those key technologies used. I’m not clear.
    5. Thank you for those that still search for the missing in action and reach back into time to bring to the present closure for many.


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