Afghanistan update- 2 attacks, prisoner exchange delayed

It seems like things in Afghanistan are really starting to heat back up this year.  While they haven’t been the greatest since it all started in 2001, it felt like the past couple of years dwindled down and we were beginning to make progress.  Unfortunately, this year has brought the highest death toll for US servicemembers since 2014.

That’s not the only thing that has us raising an eyebrow.  The last week alone, two attacks have happened in Kabul that have left quite a few casualties and several wounded.  It was also determined that a prisoner swap between the Afghan government and the Taliban would be put on hold.  The exchange would have freed two professors, who have been held captive since 2014.

Early Wednesday, a car bomb went off, killing 12 people- including at least two children.  There were also at least 20 wounded and neither ISIS or the Taliban claimed responsibility.  Then, earlier today, a couple of grenades were thrown at the military facility in Kabul.  This wounded four Afghan National Army members and one civilian.  No responsibility was claimed for this attack either.

Before any of these attacks took place, the exchange was supposed to happen between the Afghan government and the Taliban.  Two university professors for three Taliban operatives were supposed to be swapped.  Now, first off, this just does not seem fair.  Well, after the first attack, the Afghan government immediately terminated the deal stating the Taliban did not follow the terms.

And of course, the Taliban refuted stating it was the government’s fault.  So, what’s next?  There has been a lot of back and forth recently on whether or not we should re-escalate operations in Afghanistan.  After the 2014 draw down, we have kept a minimal footprint in the country. (What? We only dropped the MOAB once…)

One question we have is- why is the Taliban not claiming the attacks?  They are usually so quick to jump the gun and boastful when their plans are successful.  Why are they not doing it now?

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    The poor soldiers should be brought home and let their war lead themselves. They will never stop fighting no matter how many soldiers they will live for.


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