Enough Is Enough

Fuck Navy, why can’t you just take the L with dignity? Why, after everything, after the vindictive witch hunt that was the trial for Eddie Gallagher, do you now, after getting your pp slapped with a pardon, seek to rob Eddie of his Trident? Like…what are they trying to prove here? We thought Admiral Green was a smart guy, wrote a whole piece about how his direct message was smart leadership…now…homeboy goes and sets this shit up. Fuck did we peg this guy wrong…lol peg.

The Trident review board seeks to determine whether or not Eddie and three others, officers, are allowed to keep their SEAL Tridents. We thought the Marine Corps was vindictive in its stupid fuck fuck games for people exercising common sense, yet here we have all the signs in the world as to who and where the witch hunt, that was the trial, started. At the top. Shoulda known better than to trust Admiral Green, we’ll haze ourselves accordingly.

It’s not enough to violate someone’s rights in a court-martial, it’s not enough to try and reduce them in rank, no the Navy has to make sure that they shred Eddie’s character and career in every single way shape or form they can, just to get some form of satisfaction.

How embarrassing it must be, we can only imagine, to be a flag officer, and constantly having a Chief get the better of you. Like fuck…dudes, an Admiral is so fucking mad at a chief, that he can’t get shit to stick on this dude, that he’s not even hiding his contempt for the man. Fuck. Constantly, not just once or twice, but every time there is some Wiley Coyote scheme to fuck with Eddie’s life, it blows up in the Navy’s face.

We’ve no doubt that the Trident review board was “randomly” selected and that Admiral Green had “no say” in who was on the board. Navy is super big mad at Eddie.

Editors Note: Defending SEALs is the most painful thing this infantry Marine has ever done, I wish the Navy would stop investing so much time into a guy that’s trying to retire, so I can stop defending the tea tree oil hair product using, book writing, balancing a red ball on their nose Naval Special Warfare guys. 😉 Also SEALs, pls don’t kick my ass.

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16 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough”

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        Abso FUCKING lutely just leave the chief alone WHAT THE FUCK is it going put another ribbon on your chest MOTHER FUCKING DESK JOCKIES
        Veteran Marine Artilleryman

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    I know how it feels, a platoon SGT who swore he was going to see me in Leavenworth didn’t work out so well for him. Booted for DUI in Germany. Backfire lol.

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    Trump will allow him to keep the TRIDENT, than, once retired, will bring him to the WH and pin the Legion of Merit or DDSM on his chest as a last “I win” moment.

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    Reading in today’s Daily News-Miner in Fairbanks, AK, is an article by David Ignatius, titled “Trump is sabotaging the military”.

    The bait is set according to the author by the President, telling Richard Spencer the Secretary of the Navy too “Get him out!” (of the brig, while awaiting trial.)

    Then Comes the Switch and spin. How the Navy is, after the “Fat Leonard” scandal, “Steering to True North” on ethical issues. Except that the President is “Sabotaging good order and discipline by, “Sabotaging his Admirals and Generals”.

    If you are interested, look into “Fat Leonard” and who got hung out to dry. Just think about how long it was going on. What Flag officers, got a pass? Just wondering.

    It seems to be easier to make a point with a E-7, with 2 Bronze Stars. I have not found the Citations to accompany the awards, probably for Valor?

    It isn’t hard to see that more is going on than what actually happened. 8 tours… You think someone is just a bit vindictive?


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