Surprise, Surprise in Syria

Did we call this Syria stuff or what!? I mean come on…  Who would have ever thought this would happen, especially with the multi-decade pattern we have held in the Middle East? We did!

The Pentagon just released a report showing that ISIS has rebuilt in Syria.  After drawing down US troops and allowing Turkey to come into Syria, ISIS was able to use the gaps between Russia and Syrian Democratic Forces coming into the picture, to rebuild.  Even with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi out of the picture, reports are showing the terrorist organization is steadily taking hold.

The report, which was only supposed to cover the quarter of July-September, reviewed October as well because of the amount of “action” that happened in the region.  Because of the draw downs in the region, the US was not able to assist the SDF.  The SDF was already thin in the area because it was guarding refugee camps and providing security instead of mainly focusing on the fight against ISIS.

So are we surprised this happened? Obviously not.  We mentioned multiple times on the live shows and as we reviewed the events taking place this would happen.  As it has continued to happen all across the Middle East through the last decades we have had a presence there.  We occupy an area, get it moderately safe, have to ‘draw down’ or leave completely and utter chaos comes right back in.

Case in point- Mosul.  We had a very good stronghold on Mosul when we left too soon with too little and look what happened.  So what should we do next?  Should we go back in and defend our honor with the Kurds and moderately attempt to save face?  Do we just say fuck it and only continue to maintain the minor presence we have?

What’s next for Syria? Is an immediate resolution possible? Drop a comment and tell us what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise in Syria”

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    The Arthashastra states – The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    In this case the Turks, Russians, Syrians, Iraqis and others will face and have to destroy ISIS. No American blood or treasure and the end result will be the same.

    Yet some will say “muh, influence, muh we‘re deserting our allies, muh, we have to stay”.

    Stay for what? To occupy Syria, or part of Turkey for the Kurds?

    Also, the fact of Turkeys belligerence and the quickness at which they took action against the Kurds illustrates we had little or no “influence“ with the former foreign policy IF that policy was anything more than fight ISIS (like a Kurdish State cut from Turkey. Never gonna fkn happen).

    I’m down for a fight as much as the next American Warrior. But, I do appreciate it if there is some coherent end game to me killing and possibly being killed “for my country”.

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    Col Cooper (USMC and Gunsite founder) was once asked don’t you think violence begets violence? his retort was ” I sure as hell hope it does, (pause for liberal gasp) If someone offers violence I hope he gets more than he can stomach” doing an enemy a minor injury allows him to retreat, regroup and ready the rematch with a greater appreciation of your capabilities. Finish the fight the first time and you only have to fight them once.

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    As long as radical Islamists exist there will be an Isis force spreading their hatred and twisted ideals. I don’t think we can defeat an ideology of religious hate that has existed for thousands of years.

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    Get our troops out of the Middle East and just let these idiots kill each other off once and for all. If they need a push a little strategic bombing would help.

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    Mixed feelings on this, but I believe there will be no end to both, middle East wars, and the creation of terror groups sick as ISIS. The USA can’t fight everyone’s wars, it’s too costly, and never ending. It sucks life out of the country in the form of casualties as well as expenses, trillions of dollars. I also think fighting these wars actually perpetuates more hated of the USA. It’s time to get out. A better exit plan maybe should have been used, but either way, we need out.

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    We yes we Veterans and currently serving took an oath to defend The United States Constitution not Syria not Iraq not any body of land. The US Military should never be deployed as a police force. You have to come to realize their culture is different and it will only change if all of them want it to change. A man or woman dressed in US Military BDUs is not going to change it.

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    I am not sure what to do with Syria maybe after Iraqi freedom we should of broken it into three separate states. Not sure if that would have changed anything though. Though this will be a problem for a long time

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    This is not a surprise but are supposed to stay forever to safe guard our gains? I mean the local are incapable of defending themselves without the support of US ground forces. I am tired of my brothers and sisters in arms being the only means of maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East.


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