N. Korea not playing by the rules with S. Korea

At the beginning of the month, we wrote an article (found here) about North Korea “losing their patience” with the US.  Well, it seems they are still trying to escalate things.  This week, they decided they needed to push the button with South Korea by firing some artillery close to an established border between the two.

Now, most people know that between the US, South and North Koreas lots of talks have happened in attempts to get everyone on the same page and “peace” established.  But it looks like lately, “Fearless Leader” is trying to assert some dominance, and neither us or South K are having it.  North Korea has been throwing fits on everything and now, they are beginning to escalate those with artillery “testing.”

The United States established a timeline with North Korea about when the nuclear agreements would happen.  We also suspended the scheduled annual exercises with South Korea because NK threatened hostility if we moved forward with them.  But it seems like North Korea wants to ignore all of it and doing whatever they want.

This week, North Korea conducted a live-fire artillery drill on the Changrin islet, which is North of the established lines between the Koreas.  This also “happened” to occur on the 9th anniversary of a deadly rocket fire attack on Yeonpyeong.  Coincidence? We honestly think not.

South Korea isn’t happy about any of it and neither are we.  North Korea is trying to assert their “dominance” and “bully” our two countries into decisions.  Well, they need to understand that’s just not going to happen.

While the end of the year is drawing closer, which is the deadline originally given- North Korea needs to understand changes won’t happen overnight- even if an agreement on all sides occurs.  This whole process has been handled “delicately” so far to ensure everyone plays “nice.”  And if North Korea intends to keep pressing buttons (pun intended?!), they’re going to find out really quickly just how we roll.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists homie and North Korea’s walking the line. Let’s see how much they teeter totter the line as we head into December.

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2 thoughts on “N. Korea not playing by the rules with S. Korea”

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    I hope it doesn’t come to that, because my grandson is in South Korea as we speak,but I know if push comes to shove he will without a doubt defend his country. I talk to him every day and he tells me he and his battle buddies will not hesitate to take the enemy down. I just pray to God they all come home soon.


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