Alaska HS is a (meat) cut above the rest

When you think of Alaska, you probably don’t realize up to 70% of the state is completely uninhabited, except of course, for wildlife.  So, what’s the point?  Well, recently an article was published about an Alaskan high school teacher who brought a moose he hunted to the class, then taught his students to butcher the meat properly.  The article, found here, even states the teacher wanted his students to skin and quarter the moose, but he had to perform those actions himself to get it to the school.

Nowadays, survivability skills are almost few and far between, and not just with millenials.  So many skills and trades are being lost as technology advances.  Classes like ‘home ec’ and ‘shop’ are some of the first classes districts drop when looking at budget cuts.

How many people from “generation x” and younger honestly know how to do something as simple as replace a button on their clothing?  Change a tire?  What about something like start a fire without any tools?  What would happen if all technology were shut down?  How many people would be able to survive?

There are people who even think a payphone is an archaic device.  So, teachers who are taking the initiative to teach students to rely on themselves and learn basic life skills are true role models.  They are going above and beyond textbooks and “Google” and actually showing these children how to survive anything.

Another reason this is valuable, because the children will learn the difficulty of the skill a butcher needs to ensure the meat is cut and processed properly.  By proxy, they also learn appreciation and value.  Appreciation and the value the animal has to society, as well as the scientific nature of it all.

While not all people will agree with the lifestyle choices presented, an estimated six million animals are dissected annually in high school alone.  Shouldn’t we ensure the animal is killed and used in a more ethical manner and the meat/parts of that animal can be used to feed the local populace, instead of going to waste? Especially for “science?”

Ultimately, the article also quoted the children.  Some of the children stated they did not initially take to the idea of what the teacher presented, but once they began, they did see the value.  They are also quoted as saying they ended up liking the hands on aspect of the lesson.

Hunting, fishing, sewing and general self-sustainment are all diminishing skill sets.  Do you think this should be taught in more schools?  What about other survivability skills?

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