What in the 2A, Virginia!?!

We recently got wind of the gun debacle going on in Virginia and it’s making us raise our eyebrow.  Ultimately, a certain state govern….ment…. employee is making statements about legislation they are currently writing to have all ‘assault weapons’ banned from the state.  This is causing so much chaos that multiple VA counties are declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries.

The debate on the possession of a gun defined as an “assault weapon” has gone round and round.  Merriam Webster defines an assault weapon as:

There are currently millions of guns that would be considered “assault weapons” on the market today.  Virginia’s current gun laws can be found, here, starting with Article 4.  The new legislation, however, would add quite a few caveats to these laws.

Once the people of the state got wind of the proposed bill, they immediately responded.  In fact 76 of 95 counties and multiple individual cities on top of that have considered themselves “2nd Amendment sanctuaries.” A 2A sanctuary is a location that has resolved not to engage in actions that could be perceived as unconstitutional toward the 2nd Amendment (e.g. taking guns from citizens who lawfully own them).

With the citizens obviously speaking out, there are already revisions being made to the proposed bill that will allow a “grandfather clause.”  This clause will allow current owners to ‘keep’ their guns, but they must become registered with the state.  Even with these revisions, however, what is being said in press conferences and media does not match the proposed legislation and sounds rather threat-like.  This is probably why thousands of Virginians are looking to join local militias, rallying, and lobbying to combat this bill.

Will Virginians have to give up their “assault weapons” or register them with the state?  That ultimately remains to be seen and the bill has to be passed through the appropriate levels of state legislation.  Even then, it could be fought, depending on the details of the case. What we can offer, however, is a reminder of your Constitutional rights.

The Supreme Court is the ultimate deciding factor on what is Constitutional.  While state laws should be followed, they have to remain Constitutional.  The 2nd Amendment has been interpreted several ways to meet the needs of both sides over the years.  (We rather like Encyclopedia Britannica’s explanation with references found, here.)

There are also reports that the National Guard is being called to action, however, the Virginia National Guard has released a statement saying they have not been contacted by any government official yet.  You can see the Twitter release here:

We will be keeping an eye out over the next few weeks to see what happens…  Should be interesting to see how this turns and twists.  It will definitely be a defining moment in the 2nd Amendment movements, either way it goes.

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4 thoughts on “What in the 2A, Virginia!?!”

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    This whole notion is toxic and unConstitutional. ANY gun regulations are against the 2nd Amendment. If you want to own a cannon and set it up on your property, you have the right. Might not be the best idea, but you have that right. The notion of the grandfather clause that lets you keep your ‘assault rifles’ (stupid term. If it don’t go full auto, it won’t assault much. Just my opinion.), if you REGISTER them, is BULLSHITBULLSHITBULLSHIT. Required registration was the first step the Nazis took and we all know how that ended. These assholes need shut down most riki-tick. Gun control for non-criminals. What morons! :/

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    The only reason the government would take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is the government is fixin to do something you would shoot them for.
    The second amendment wasn’t written because the deer were coming and it wasn’t upheld because we need to prepare ourselves to defend ourselves against a friendly government.


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