Gun control passes in Virginia: Read pending rules

The Virginia House of Delegates passed several gun reform laws this week. They still have to be voted on by the Virginia state Senate, but they are expected to pass and go into law later this year.

What would change?

  • Mandatory universal background checks.
    • This would include private sales and gun show sales.
  • “Red flag” legislation.
    • This would allow authorities to temporarily confiscate guns from individuals determined to be dangerous to themselves or others. How those determinations will be made is yet to be foreseen.
  • Requirements to report lost and stolen guns to authorities.
    • This would include being required to report serial numbers of weapons, and how they were originally obtained.
  • Limiting you to only being able to buy one handgun per month.
    • Let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish they could afford a new handgun every month, let alone more than one.
  • Prohibiting those under protective orders from owning a gun while on those orders.
    • This is sometimes associated with restraining orders, which can last up to two years. Imagine being falsely accused and given a restraining order, then prohibited from owning a gun for two years despite not being convicted of any crime.
  • Requirements for child access prevention.
    • This may include requirements for weapons to be locked at all times reducing effectiveness of home defense use, but aimed at reducing accidental child deaths.
  • Local officials being given the authority to determine how to regulate guns in public spaces.
    • Many public places such as libraries, parks, and retail centers already prohibit the carrying of firearms. This would be subjective and change from location to location.

91 out of 95 counties in Virginia have heard law enforcement officials verbalize disapproval of these new measures. Regardless of where you find yourself on the debate, it is important to stay current on the laws and be aware what the government is doing with your rights.

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50 thoughts on “Gun control passes in Virginia: Read pending rules”

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    Time after time we’re told these are ‘common sense” measure that actually don’t make any sense whatsoever from a crime prevention standpoint, If I’m to give up my personal liberty shouldn’t I get something of value in exchange? SMH

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      I know all the criminals will obviously obey these new laws. Not that I am against “common sense” guns laws, I do not understand how they (lawmakers) get away with this? What part of “shall not be infringed upon” do they not understand?

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    Jordan Christensen

    By their actions the sick Depraved Democrats have become an “illegitimate” gov body.
    They are suppressing 1st and 2nd amendments.
    Warping the minds of the next generations.

    They are FAR out of step with the bulk of the population and backed by billionaires. They need to me nationally declared Illegitimate.

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    I live in VA and as a state I feel we need to become a conservative state again. I am by far a political person, but I feel like this is just a brief compromise until they can come up with another way to try and confiscate our weapons.

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    I’ll be honest, dont see a problem w any of these. If I’m protecting my family and carrying, the only way someone finds out is either if I have to use it to protect someone or I do something really stupid. Either way it’ll be worth breaking the law if I’m the good guy in the situation.

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    Thomas Mercurio

    I’m for common sense background check on all firearms. I’m also for a ban of military grade assault weapons to average non-military citizens… that’s my stance

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      Mr. Mercurio please give me your definition of a common sense gun laws. When doing so please remember that criminals by nature do not follow laws. I would also recommend that you become a little more educated on the weapons that the media likes to portray as military grade. A machine gun has not been available to the general public since 1986. The firearms that the media portrays as military grade is truly nothing more than a hunting rifle with black cosmetic plastic, it would be the same as taking a Toyota corolla putting racing stripes on it and a spoiler kit and calling it a high-performance vehicle.

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      I’m interested in your reasoning? Just what is the consensus on common sense here? Military assault grade weapons are in fact banned, and have been since 1934. One cannot purchase a select fire M4 carbine any more than a M67 fragmentation grenade, these are highly controlled and regulated available to police and military personnel ONLY. Yet, I have yet to find a single case were a legally owned class III weapon was used in a crime. These are ill considered pieces of legislation without merit of common sense or valid
      research and will have zero impact on crime.

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      What’s a military style assault weapon?
      Come on .
      Keep giving and then it WILL be cival war.
      Nothing Cival about war.

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      I hate the term assault weapons.anything you can pick up and use to defend yourself and or commit a crime or murder in my eyes is considered a assault weapon.hell I see a pencil as a assult weapon simply because I can pick one up and idk say stab you in the eye with it to stating you in the neck multiple times.

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    Once more those who want to remove our 2A rights are taking little “bites” out of the second. The NFA was supposed to be the LAST firearms bill, and they continue to nickel and dime everything they can. What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” do people not understand. ANYTHING the prevents a citizen from owning and using a firearm, is a violation of the second and thus, is illegal.

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    This is absolutely the biggest spectacle of showboating I have ever seen. This DOES NOTHING to prevent crime and punishes the very citizens that pay these politicians salaries.
    I am ashamed and disgusted by the very site of VA politicians. They are delusional and cowardly. Shame on them and on the weak hearted who voted for them.

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    Virginia citizens, listen up. The ability to defend yourself is granted from God. Our Forefathers knew this day would come which is why they put it into The Constitution. Stand up and shout. Fight for what you believe in. I live in a state where it is LEGAL to conceal carry without a permit. Why is it legal here but not there? My guess is that it’s because one Governor and 2 Senators will is not stronger than the citizens’ will who put them into their offices.

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    This is bullshit and it’s and infringement of rights these bastards don’t care what the people think they are just doing what they damn well please . They think they are above the people and it’s Time to stand and speak . We are not talking about law biding citizens you think you going to restrict shit for the criminals your a bunch of freaking idiots . Remember hitler started out this way .

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    Your not doing nothing to take guns from criminals. it’s just the good taxes paying people your hurting.

    And taking our wrights away. And dishonoring the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

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    I am don’t think any legislation actually works to stop criminals. But these rules listed really wont effect me or majority of people in the slightest. I already register my firearms and if i sold to another i would transfer ownership. The red flag laws depending on the actual rules, which will take some time to determine is not all terrible. I honestly do not see anything outeageous listed above. No rights are being infringed.

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    I think every 2 amendment family should move to non communist states and every business that backs 2 amendment rights should leave that communist state and then only then would things change

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    Nope. None of them. Government needs to get out of thinking they have any right to do this even by vote. The second is not to “allow” citizens guns, it’s specifically to keep ALL government out of them regardless of how it’s tried. The government has NO rights, none. These rules can and will be broken by millions. I feel sorry for those that try to enforce these joker’s ideas and will probably leave in a bag. It’s a sad day and I don’t even live there.

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    I can see how you would rationalize most of these measures. It SOUNDS like common sense. But the two GLARING issues for me are;1. red flag laws. It would be very easy to get a few people to lodge complaints on any individual so that the sheriff or whomever could go take their guns. Then when they arrive the person accused or targeted has no idea what’s going on and then they end up in a shootout with the police. Bc their is no “common sense” process to inform the accused so they are caught by surprise. 2. The whole restraining order thing falls in the same category as the first Bc it doesn’t take much to file a restraining order on someone. Then you have the same scenario play out again. Accused caught off balance and totally unaware why the cops are there to take their guns. So they need to look long and hard at both processes before implementation Bc you are going to have more of what we’ve seen to date with people getting in to shoot-outs with Law enforcement. Who is responsible for THAT?? This is not nearly as clean cut as they want us to believe. But ultimately the power lies with the people. They have voted in the idiots so now they have to vote them out. Good luck VA.

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    What part about shall not be infringed do they not understand? This is anti-constitutional in the Liberals passed in in the name of child. Safety. I’m sure. What this does number one Leaves innocent people unprotected, number 2 does not take guns away from criminals, Number 3 gives the government capacity to take a person’s guns away on hearsay from another person. This is what you get when you have a Democratic Senate and a democratic house.

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    Most be Democrats coming up with these laws. Like any criminals are going to abay by these or any of the gun law. I’m all for Common Sense gun laws but no criminal will wait for anyone to retrieve there weapon before they attempt to do anything… I’m all for the 2nd Amendment

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    2000+ gun laws on the books and democrats think we need more how ignorant of them. Oh yea demoncraps criminals don’t care about your laws.

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    I don’t know how the state supreme Court of Virginia and the federal supreme Court are allowing the Democrats to unlawfully dismiss the Constitution of the United States what in the hell is going on? Do we have a constitution or we don’t that is the question because if we don’t everyone should all themselves cause all hell is going to break loose…

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    Local officials being given the authority to determine how to regulate guns in public spaces

    This is the very locations the bad guys are targeting. Good thing they thought that through.

  20. Avatar

    Amber Leroux, You are absolutely correct! but forgot to finish your statement. It should have read ” Unfortunately this country has too many gun laws and none of them have been instrumental in dropping the crime rates or removing the evil that exists in the people that perpetrate the crimes.

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    One everyone who purchases a weapon from a dealer or a gun show ( in Texas ) have to go through a background check which is tied to the federal background system so how much more can they check
    I don’t k ow very many people except dealers who buy more than one gun a month or who can afford to buy that’s still 12 guns a year and you can’t shoot more than two at a time and it’s doubtful you would be very accurate if you did .
    I don’t know about you but if someone steals my gun I’m reporting it anyway and if there’s anyone who thinks reporting a stolen weapon is a bad thing are hiding something so that’s a dumb law
    In one of the background check questions it ask are you now or been convicted of a abuse charge and it also ask if your under any restraining order so why ask the same question twice
    Kids need training that is number one keeping most of your weapons locked up is common sense but I do keep a weapon or two available in the house my kids at a young age knew not to touch them and what would happen and I don’t just mean punishment they knew potential danger period
    Most public places in Texas have the right to hang 30-06 or 30-07 signs which restrict guns totally or just restrict open carry ( and me personally I do my beat not to patronize a business who won’t allow me the right after passing requirements to legally carry a weapon

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    Someone who will never visit your state

    They have managed to pass laws that will absolutely do nothing to deter crime or keep anyone safe. Good job dumbasses.

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    The left is trying to disarm Americans so that we can not fight back after they make this a communist country…..

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    This is what you get when you vote for someone just because they have are a Democratic. A farmer doesn’t buy a cow with out looking at it first. So why would someone vote for a person just because ?Why wouldn’t you look at what they say or stand for and their beliefs ? Why are voting for someone that gives more rights to criminals than you ? At what point do lift your head up and see what you are doing? Time after Time I heard someone say they would never vote for a Republicans I should say conservative ( there’s a different ). But all of their views conservative but yet they don’t vote that way. Be your own man .

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    This is fear taking over and blaming an object for causing the problem. These laws still do not address the issues. They are a band-aide that hold the innocent hostage. All these laws do is protect a few individuals that might harm themselves that obey the law and the rest of the people, who are criminals will do as they please. They do not care about these laws. Look at the world. Look at countries who have tried this. They have failed. Look at cities who have strict gun laws, FAILED. These laws only constrict the innocent and will lead to more crimes.

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    Christian Benjamin

    Proud gun owner and 2nd amendment supporter. I have AR-15’s and multiple other weapons.
    1. Not sure why their is an issue with universal backround checks. If your a law abiding citizen this in no way infringes on our rights.
    2. As far as Red Flag laws, if your put on a 72 hour hold by a shrink, maybe that’s a good thing….but there again it depends on who is making that decision.
    3. Lost and/or stolen guns being reported. I agree with them being reported and giving the serial number, but for me that is just a CYA thing in case it’s used in a crime. The whole origination thing is BS though.
    4. Restraining orders to me is BS, people that are going to obey the restraint are not violating the law. People that are not following the restraint aren’t going to follow gun laws.
    5. I believe in proper handling of fire arms. I personally have gone to biometric locks on all of my storage of my guns. I do believe if a 5 year old in a house can find a gun and shoot themselves or someone else the gun owner should be charged with the death, not saying murder, but some legal punishment. Idiots that don’t take proper care of guns screw it up for everyone.
    6. If you have the right to carry or have a concealed carry permit, you should be able to carry them almost anywhere, isn’t that the point?

    Just my thoughts and opinions. I am not afraid of the man coming to get my arms, wouldn’t even mind registering them because if they do come to get them I won’t be breathing by the time they get to them.

  27. Avatar

    One step on the way to confiscation. How the red flag law gets reported has yet to be determined?
    What gun laws do is leave good people defenseless. What gun laws do not do? Is take guns away from criminals. You really think any criminal is going to register his gun?

  28. Avatar

    Well as I said before you all thought showing up and protesting would have a affect on what they were trying to do as I said before the only thing that a tyrant knows is violence we have to fight back no matter what tell him if they want our guns They can pry it from our dead cold hands it’s time the American people stand up for our constitution and fight back or become socialist that’s what they want just like leading pigs to slaughter


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