Acquitted on both counts, see how the Senate voted

Today, the President was acquitted of both charges he faced in the impeachment process. Despite flipping some Republican votes, the Democrats failed to secure the needed “Guilty,” therefore ending the proceedings. This came the day after the President delivered the State of the Union, in front of the very Congress who voted to impeach him. Here is how the breakdown went:


All Democrats in the Senate voted “Yes” to allow more witnesses. In addition, they all voted “Guilty” on both articles of the charges brought against the President.  47 “Guilty” votes in total, well below the two thirds majority needed to convict Trump. This figure includes two independents who caucus with the Democrats (Senators Sanders and King).


Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine, both voted to allow extra witnesses in the process. However, Senator Romney was the only Republican to vote “Guilty” on any charges. He consequently only voted guilty on one of the two articles, the “Abuse of Power.” Romney, and every other Republican, voted “Not Guilty” to the “Obstruction of Congress” charge. In total, 53 Republicans casted votes. Senator Romney has publicly said this was a difficult decision that he did not want to make. We will wait to see how this impacts the party moving forward.

What is next?

The President tweeted he would be making a public statement from the White House about being acquitted, the following day. Additionally, Republicans and Democrats are also voicing their opinions on the matter over social media. Sound off in the comments, what do you think of all this?

(Editor’s Note: This article is written to show the factual information and American Grit maintains an apolitical stance.  Our goal is to provide informative media which educates the public on a variety of topics, especially current events.)

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4 thoughts on “Acquitted on both counts, see how the Senate voted”

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    Thank you for providing this unbaisis information and straight facts. Now if we could get the house to get on board that would be great. Lol

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    This is a total disgrace. Best approval rating after three years in office, huge supporter of military, police and all first responders, wants to protect Americans at all cost, with borders, vetting immigrants, has economy numbers that were said we’d never achieve, unemployment lowest in 50 years. What do these idiots want? Oh yeah, for most to live off the welfare state, sucking on the government tit. Not with this President. Lace ’em up and get working! Kudos President Trump!

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    They bitch about President Trump being social media yet they are “voicing their opinion” on…social media. Hypocrites. How about they actually do so real work now?


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