“You just made us Felons!” 2A supporters ejected from committee meeting

The Virginia Committee on Public Safety voted to pass HB 961 on the morning of February 7th. However, political insiders believed the committee would not pass the bill. A man named Richard Plye claimed on Facebook that members of the House of Delegates told him the bill would “die in committee.”

Rumors this was not actually the case began to swirl after presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg headed to Norfolk, Virginia as part of his campaign.

As the meeting moved forward, 2A supporters scrambled to take off work to be present for the vote. Afterwards, some present in the crowd voiced their opposition. The State Police offered an ultimatum: leave or be arrested for trespassing.

Witnesses claim the protests were peaceful and civil, leading up to the ejection. When given the opportunity to speak, members of the crowd did so passionately, and to thunderous applause. A man shouted “right to assembly!”

As of yet, there has been no explanation on why the State Police ejected the protestor. The action left many present feeling jaded. A video shows the people present visibly upset while gathering their belongings before they might be made to forfeit their freedom.  Trespassing and receiving a misdemeanor would prohibit the ability to demonstrate peacefully in the future.

If you’re not up to speed on HB961, read all about it here.  Should the State Police have have ejected the crowd? Additionally, how could they have handled this differently? Do you think the representatives should have stood up for the crowd? Let us know what you think of all this in the comments below.

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26 thoughts on ““You just made us Felons!” 2A supporters ejected from committee meeting”

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    This was wrong on every level. Since when is it improper for a public assembly to protest a ruling which is patently UNconstitutional? Has Virginia now become Communist China?

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    20K Second Amendment supporters with zero affect on the Virginia legislative body. A chamber overflowing with 2A supporters voicing opposition to a disengaged legislative body.

    Sooner or later, the bodies will come together-one way or the other. Let me make it perfectly clear: I am not advocating for violence or the inevitable Second Civil War. As state governments continue down this truly tyrannical path, the choice will have to be made between literally standing your ground or being buried in the suppression of anything once related to our God given rights.
    I am not a soothsayer or political analyst or academic. I am not the first to say this nor am I coming from a place of pure emotion. I am quite aware of the political climate and feeling the heat of the rising temperature in that climate.
    God help us.

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      Gee what a throughly lame response. Advocating for the enforcement of the constitution should not be a weak point of consideration. And the State (thug) patrol should be looked at as the chicken sh!t wannabe brown shirts they are. When the people realize the actual shape and how close to tyrannical over play by your masters is, and wake up your rights are already gone

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    Behavior like this from law enforcement officials will turn supporters against them. They took an oath to support the constitution, not politicians!

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    Looks to me like their civil liberties were violated in my personal opinion. Just because a committee doesn’t like what’s being said doesn’t mean we lose our rights so they can do what they want.

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    Christopher Weimer

    Those law enforcement officers sadly have made the wrong choice. The order to eject is unconstitutional. It’s up to the people to decide how to respond. It is sad to see this happening in our country.

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    They should have sat down and had them carry them out. This would have brought more attention. They want this to go through as quietly as possible.

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    We folks here in Ok. STAND with the people of Virginia, there is a day soon coming when we the PEOPLE will have to make a STAND.

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    I do not consider myself a left or right political participator. I believe both sides inhibit true freedom in this country in their own form. That being said, their right to assembly and to address grievances we’re not granted and we’re even threatened with imprisonment for exercising these very rights. Laws that protect politicians from having to face their constituents are unconstitutional in cowardly. I understand wanting to help everyone and not just before the individual. But it must not come at the cost of individual freedom. Such as our creator given right to bare arms. No one should be forced to be part of any collective.

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    If that bunch of gun grabbing Democrats have their way, nobody but the criminals and law enforcement will have them. Then we will be like sheep waiting for the slaughter. It’s pretty sad that they want to make it so that a poor honest working person doesn’t have any right to protect what’s his, like the badge wearing commies in law enforcement.

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    Scumbag Democrat communist radicals want a physical confrontation with God-fearing, law-abiding, America-loving Patriots. Keep pushing, assholes. We’re going to give you your foolish heart’s desire. Then you’ll wish to your god, Satan, you hadn’t

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    first, on Va.GeneralAssembly.gov it states that the capitol is open to the public, and that you have the right and obligation to share your opinions with those you elect so they shouldn’t have been asked to leave. That was just their local officials not wanting to have to justify their actions.
    Visiting the Virginia Capitol
    The Capitol building is open to visitors Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Capitol Square is open to the public from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. daily.

    Citizen Involvement
    Active citizen participation is an integral part of a functioning representative democracy. Members of the General Assembly want and need citizen input when crafting laws. As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is your right to voice your opinion regarding pending legislation. There are many ways in which citizens can communicate with their legislator; phone calls, letters, email, or through visits to their legislative offices.

    A citizen testifying before a committee
    A citizen testifying before a committee
    As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help elect the legislators who represent all Virginians. But your role in the democratic process of government does not end at the polls. By sharing your opinions and ideas with your elected officials, you help them resolve issues and evaluate pending legislation.
    Lastly, this is wrong and everyone of those people should be voted out quickly!! This is beginning a dangerous effect that will only get worse as more of our rights are taken away.

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    Time to form a citizens militia, if they are trying to take your rights away for owning any kind of weapon or semi automatic and even trying to tell you how many rounds you can have is horse shit. There are few people that want to destroy lives with guns and thousands more that want to protect it, so how can you do this when you are making it seem like everyone that owns a firearm is a bad guy waiting to kill. I hope the day comes to when the people signing into law this bull shit get in a situation to where they wish they had the upper hand. “STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT TOGETHER”

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    What a bunch shit.Bloomberg is dangerous unfortunately I live in the asshole of the country n.y.the little gay fella doesn’t care about money he is used to buying people. I wonder what the commonwealth of Virginia cost.Polititions must be cheap he is buying alot of them.maybe his fuel guzzling private jet will crash on the way to buy more mutts

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    Voters put them into office. Voter can take them out of office. Don’t forget: Doing nothing is the same as losing!

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    When socialists/communists trample your rights. You’ll regret surrendering your freedom to these political thugs who only serve their own interests.


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