What are the best MRE parts?

When it comes to the mystery (Mr. E…. MRE…) meal, everyone has an opinion on which is the best and worst.  We decided to change it up by taking an office poll for best part.  These parts have proven to be as valuable in the field as a place to sleep.  Here’s what they are, in no particular order, and why:

  1. Jalapeno cheese– Let’s be real here, there are three reasons you trade to get the jalapeno cheese specifically.  Either you want to make your “meal” taste better, you solely eat the cheese with the “bread” option, or you need to stop yourself up to avoid using the portashitter.
  2. Peanut butter– This one is right up there with the cheese option, although most people grab this one for the protein aspect.  Not to mention, nowadays in our newfangled military, there is a chocolate peanut butter that you can basically trade for light duty, its that coveted.
  3. Tabasco sauce– Oh Tabasco, how you make even chicken a la king slightly edible.  Plus, if you’re in a tight pinch and need a pepper bomb…. there’s a way…
  4. Tiny “napkin”– Over the years we have heard many debates over this tiny little white piece of “paper” within the MRE.  Is it a napkin or is it a small square of toilet paper?  You know you’ve used it for both.  You can only use so many socks….
  5. Mixer bags– These clear plastic bags seem to be pretty versatile in the field.  Sure you can mix your “electrolyte beverage” in it, but we typically see these baggies stashed away for a rainy day.  Literally.  They’re commonly used to prevent maps, hand guides, or in today’s military- cell phones, from getting wet.
  6. “Chiclets”– Once again, many debates happen over this little pack of “gum” provided in every brown bag.  We have heard claims they are a laxative, and you wouldn’t be too far off.  The main ingredient is xylitol, which is supposed to be a sweetener, but really it helps what the cheese prevents…
  7. The sweets–  Throughout our entire poll, most answered “nutribars, pound cakes, muffin tops, the candy” and so forth.  Even our 90s vets answered the “track pad” which was apparently some form of oatmeal and chocolate chip dessert.  Desserts must be sought after to balance the saltiness acquired in the field.
  8. Spoon– Hello little plastic multitool of awesome.  Spoons are used for MUCH more than eating in the field.  How else would you splint a broken appendage or dig your hasty foxhole?! (Wait, did we just date ourselves?)
  9. Coffee grounds– Look man, the military runs on caffeine.  When push comes to shove, these little grounds are used like dip.  If you are a little less desperate, the aforementioned “paper” might be used as a coffee filter while the water gets heated.  There are some creative ways to get that caffeine hit with the included packet.
  10. Matches– First of all, waterproof matches.  Second, especially if you eat MREs, who isn’t some sort of pyro?  (We’ll wait…) Matches are always a good thing and sometimes there’s a smoker who forgot their lighter and is willing to trade something good for these puppies.

We are 100% sure there are other parts to the MRE that have proven their value, this is just a list around the office.  After all, an honorable mention was the strawberry milkshake…. does anyone else really drink those?

Drop a comment with your favorite MRE part, and why, in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “What are the best MRE parts?”

  1. I was in basic when the Army made the switch to MREs. We all thought they were the space shuttle meets the Happy Meal. Fast forward a few short years later. You can’t give away those Charms candy to a starving kid and your anus looks like someone’s been driving a duce and a half out of it.

  2. Christopher Anthony Cangemi

    USCG Veteran…’82-’88 I did not have MREs when I was in. I use them now for hiking..backpacking..Bug-out bag..emergency/survival tote in my vehical.

  3. Erica A Sammons

    I would say the gum packs are my favorite, then the track pack. Not much after that would taste good to me LOL.

    1. That damn bread was so damn dry that it made it hard to swallow unless you threw some water in your mouth to swallow it down haha

  4. I remember the dehydrated fruit bars and the peanut butter with the crackers. The best MRE was the beef stew, that was awesome… The worst was the ham egg
    omelette.. The coffee dip was a eye opener… The creamer could be used to help start a fire.. the tobasco was a to put in the canteens of 8 up individuals…I wanna say I remember maybe some M&M’s or some type of candy.. but the MRE heaters was used to warm up them dog’s.. Life was good..

  5. Jalapeno cheese is where its at, made the stale ass cardboard crackers that much better. My Nasty girl buddy’s bring me in just that after every drill weekend.

  6. I may be dating myself but I started my 22 year career with C-rats . I preferred C-rats to MREs. In keeping with the article and no particular order , pound cake, peanut butter and the BBQ. But to finish your meal of C-rats there was always a package of four cigarettes ….

  7. Tried used a grilled chicken patty on a piece of 550 cord fishing for a gator during gunnery one time, yeah it got with five feet of it and splashed and said f*ck nasty sh!t. Lol. Anyways favorite was chicken salsa👍

  8. Definitely on the coffee, but i’m more used to Brit Rat packs, crazy thing is we’d try our best to trade our stuff for yours!! Either way, it’s an eat or starve situation, which might be a closer choice than you think! lol!

  9. I want to start off with saying how the strawberry milkshake was by far my least favorite thing in the MRE’S it reminded me to much of the old ovaltine drinks which when I was younger I ended up drinking a shit ton of the stuff after eating a big dinner and ended up throwing all that food right back up in the middle of the night ! So I hate that crap, but my favorite part was always the meal itself unless I got stuck with the fingers of death and then it happened to be the pound cake haha . And I had also used the coffee packs as dip on a regular basis especially when I was on guard duty in the middle of the night over in the sandbox 💪😵😞🤪😎

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