How to stay sane during COVID-19

All around us, locations are closing rapidly in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Restaurants, museums, parks, and retail businesses are all closing their doors.  So how do you stay active and sane for the next few weeks?

For starters, it’s not the end of the world.  While it may seem like our technologically advanced society is slowly falling to pieces, it’s not.  Even though big industries like Costco and Amazon are limiting sales, everything will be okay.  We just have to revert back a few decades for entertainment and exercise.

First, we wrote about all the different television series you can binge watch, here.  On the other hand, if you’re anything like us, sitting down and watching tv for hours does eventually have its limits.  Thankfully, modern technology at the touch of our fingers has made it easier to find additional resources for quarantine boredom.

Try going for a walk around your neighborhood!  You can go outside and still maintain the appropriate social distance.  While most local and National Parks are closing down to prevent people from over populating them, your local neighborhood street is still open.  If you have a bicycle, you can ride around on it.  Even sitting outside to people watch tends to have its enjoyable moments.  All can happen without touching things excessively and maintaining appropriate distances.

If going outside isn’t something you would like to do, take advantage of the free resources offered by various companies and locations.  Google Arts and Culture worked with over 2500 museums across the world to offer free virtual tours.  You can find that, here.  There’s more where this comes from as well!

Here is a list of free online courses offered by universities like Yale, Harvard and MIT.  With the quarantines happening, most of these prestigious institutes have expanded their offerings as well.  Have kids?  Most schools and learning applications are offering free resources to parents that have to homeschool during this time.  Most are waiving fees, location information, and more to make their resources as accessible as possible.

Family and friends all schooled out?  What about home science experiments?  Most of them require everyday products easily found around the house and can be fun for children and adults.  There is currently a video circulating that uses pepper flakes in water to prove a handwashing point, which several parents and teachers are replicating at home. Have some baking soda, vinegar and red dye? You’re almost halfway to a volcano experiment (or a cleaning solution, without the dye).

Also, baking and cooking is a form of science!  While we understand most grocery stores may not have everything you need, we have faith you’ll be able to figure something out with alternate ingredients.  Or, maybe that is the “lesson learned” … not having the right ingredient did not create the appropriate “reaction,” which caused a fail.

Last, we all know those “Honey do lists” and creative projects won’t complete themselves!  Now is the perfect time to focus your energy on tidying up the home space a little.  If you’re a homeowner, you know there are parts of the house typically neglected, so now’s the chance to make sure you get those unfinished tasks done.  Or maybe you just want to try your hand at building a kitchen table for fun…

Need extra cash? Talk to your local grocer, most of them are hiring additional part time staff to help with the uptick in sales.  You might even get a security job if things in your area are crazy right now.

We can all look at this time as a detriment to our society or we can look at having to “stay in” for a few weeks as a prime opportunity to connect with family and friends, and ourselves.  Find something new to learn, put extra effort into working from home (or even beefing up your resume if you need a job!), and just focus on improving yourself.

This will all blow over if we do our part, as we have mentioned several times.  What will you be doing to stay sane?

Know what we're sayin fam?

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67 thoughts on “How to stay sane during COVID-19”

  1. Bridgette Miramontes

    So true. I know me and my kids are tired of being locked in. We know it’s for safety reasons but dang!!! At least give Texas some snow out something!!!! 😂

  2. Good read guys!

    Read the Bible, spend time with my kiddos and always shoot a few rounds! God bless the U S of A!

  3. Thank you for these gentle reminders. No, we are not a society collapsing and we need to be reminded of that too. Hope you all are staying healthy, safe and sane too. America Strong.

  4. For sure spending time with family!!!
    Plus keeping up to date on COVID-19. I have a mother who is 84 yrs old & has under lined health issues!!
    In addition trying to read & learn new wo

  5. This is one of the best things that I have read since the crazy started. All anyone is talking about is the “Doom and Gloom” of it all. This was a great quick read with a ton of great ideas to make it through the “stay in”. As a techno-geek working for a Police agency, I will have to work from home, the office and, the field (as needed) but that’s OK, it all part of the job and I enjoy it. I have said from the start, this too shall pass and I think the “Social Distancing” will do society a lot of good in multiple ways.

  6. You can also clean all your guns and magazines. Inventory your ammo and do some dry fire practice. Ask your neighbors if they need help with anything and offer your time to people in need. That’s what makes us Americans. We will win World War “C’, Just remain calm and freedom on!!!

  7. Heather Wagner

    Stoked and grateful to live in a beautiful area, no shortage of hiking and outdoor exploration here!
    Perfect opportunity to teach kids life skills and survival tactics 😁.
    Thank you grunt style for clothing suitable and loved by my patriotic 15 yr. old son also.

  8. my dear brothers and sisters, please take good care of your selves. my prayers are with each and every service member out there. you are the life blood of our Country. i am grateful for each and every one of you brave warriors. i live on a small ranch in TEXAS and i live alone. i go for walks with my dogs and do a little bit of hog hunting, unless the darn dogs get to them first LOL. the biggest problem i have found is the big city folks coming out to the smaller towns and they are hoarding all of the groceries. PLEASE stop this, we in the country can only get out to shop once or twice a month. the closest gas station and store is 30 miles away from me. the HONEY DO list you mentioned is long and i plan on doing some of the things, so as i mentioned, to ALL of my brothers and sisters, stay safe and OD BLESS you all, a TEXAS PATRIOT

  9. mandi abernathy

    Great ideas!!! Sanity is what we need right now, while making it throught this stay in. Also to add…coloring books, crossword puzzles, puzzles and board games.

  10. I’m a Lineman gotta keep the lights on for TVA ⚡️⚡️⚡️Love grunt style for years , very patriotic company ,yaw stay safe ! Home of the Free and the Brave ! Absolutely the best and elite company for meaningful clothing on the market !!! Good read guys!

    1. Good time to get caught up with the family. Getting to be in a more quiet and controlled environment without the crowds. Not a fan of crowds, but a big fan of my kids and love being with them.

  11. Catching up on Netflix shows and hanging out with the wife is good for me also a chance to clean my guns and do a count on ammo

  12. Home & vehicle repairs ( have both tools and parts/components) but no time

    Video gaming
    Weapons cleaning/ dry fire practice
    & of course home family rime

  13. Life & work for us in our family doesn’t shutdown. We ALL are in ESSENTIAL Job positions. So it is life as usual. Although difficult to find essentials at the store after a long day at work.

  14. Jennifer MacCue

    I’m staying sane by spring cleaning. The kids have their school work we picked up yesterday. We are playing outside on the 4 wheeler when it’s nice out. Of course I’m shopping on your site, finally getting my shirts.

  15. Thank you for your words of wisdom, my small business has been shut down in Minnesota, my family and friends have been making the best of this situation, we as Americans and the rest of the world will regroup and forge ahead!

  16. I’m kinda chuckling at the TP hoarding, buy everything in sight crowd. There were more than a few times our COB didn’t get resupplied. Ok…scavenge. Easy do. Extra socks became shit mitts…use, rinse, wash in a bucket and hang out to dry. People are so spoiled now days.

    You guys need a line of clothing dedicated to the esteemed shit mitt!

  17. Gina Trafecante

    I’m scared, I work at a hospital in Massachusetts and we are running out of masks.. I’m sick😥 thinking about it.. I’m home and practicing social distancing which I really like.. with a short glass of whiskey and honey to chase the germs out of my throat. Praying for the curve to flatten in the meantime 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. Agreed! if we Americans can just take this situation serious and just postpone the vacations and social gathering for a month or two…then maybe we all can get back to normal life.

    Also try not to get pulled down by social media and the news…that can add some unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation…just stop for a moment…take a break, so we can stop this virus from spreading.

    Take some new approaches to keeping your self safe… something I am doing is all the cardboard and bags I get through the mail stays outside!…yes even all my grunt gear get opened outside and washed instantly. And that is a win win for me…just means I don’t have to wait to wear lol

    Wash your hands America stay safe and let’s squash this pandemic.

  19. We are continuing to remodel our Georgia property. Bought a gutted home and we set it up to be self sustaining and are now finishing the interior. Of course target practice is at least an every other day exercise. We still get a lot more f ride time on the Harley Ultra. Forty acres of trees and plenty to do. Fish hunt and never leave home. We have no complaints.

  20. Our little local police are scared that the vets will show them up if the SHTF hence they have banned any private security around the one grocery store. But since in TX we can basically open carry anything up to an AT gun and being we are now in a state of emergency, they really can’t say crap when we take the wife to shop and we wait outside letting the population know all will be fine.. Still work as usual here. Local BBQ shack has set up tables outside 12 feet apart and just carrying on. Trying to get the beer garden to follow suit.

  21. Pray for health care workers who are not being provided with the necessary protective equipment. Many would like to have the option of staying home.

  22. Carlnetta Kelley

    I’m, homeschooling my kid, crocheting….possibly a asymmetrical blanket, resistance training, and curling up in my ‘Beautiful Badass ‘ hoodie and reading about mythological monsters and other creatures that go bump in the night and day.

  23. Love this also a great time to work on your family tree i have mine on ancestry. And go through photos mark who is in the picture on the back so when future generations look at them they will know who their ancestors are

  24. Roger That!!! Staying Frosty!!! Lmao! Thank you guys & gals at GS love your service to our country! God Bless!

    U.S. Navy (Vet) 1989-1993

  25. Angie McConnell

    I love you guys! Thank you for that! I needed it. I lost my job until further notice. And it has me scared to death about keeping a roof over my head. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting that we all need a little bit of encouragement right now God bless you all

  26. Golf courses are still open here in Phoenix and the way I spray the ball lately social distances are not an issue.

  27. Awesome post!!! As a retired disabled Navy Hospital Corpsman, it’s tough not being able to jump back in the “fight” as it were but I’ve been able to at least spread medical knowledge around. I Love reading things posted my other Vets doin whatever they can do to help out in the crazy time. Keep up the Great Work!!!

  28. Jennifer Panozzo

    Thank you so so SO much for having all those suggestions, and not saying anything about washing your hands or not touching your face!! We all know hands should be washed, and how to do so…well, I suppose that’s IF we graduated from Kindergarten! Anyhow, thanks for some novel ideas all! Stay safe and sane!! 💜

  29. I am doing my best to be sane with two little children and no work cuz I’m a sub teacher and I can’t get a job because I have no one to watch them. I hope this ends soon! I’m also running out of toilet paper cuz I gave some away.

  30. Hi. I’m a nurse in the Bronx NY. I just want to let people know that while the quarantine may be driving you “nuts” or making you super stir crazy I want to tell you from the front lines that staying in is the BEST thing you can do! We are watching people get sick and die daily. This virus is no joke! It not meant to scare you. You just need to be safe. We can see it and those without symptoms CAN spread it despite what the media is saying. I see it first hand. So take the time to enjoy the slow pace of being home. I 100% wish I could be doing the same. No one is “safe” as it’s being reported. This virus is airborne. So please all my fellow Americans who are reading this please I beg you to stay home and be safe!!!! This will pass if we can all stay safe! I know staying away from people is hard and sad and lonely sometimes but the quicker we all get on board and do it the quicker this will pass!

  31. I’m glad to hear that some people haven’t lost their damn mind! I am a substitute teacher, but recently procured a seasonal job working from home doing customer service for a widely known company. This is a time to get back to our roots, learn how to eat at home with our families again, and actually spend time together and entertain ourselves….which I believe is a very good thing! My grown kids actually came to my house last night and we had game night for the first time since they became grown and moved out into the world on their own. We used to do it all the time when they were younger. We had so much fun that we lost track of time and ended up playing games until almost midnight! It was so much fun and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity and time to do so! Make the most of every situation and stay UNITED! Thanks Grunt style, our family loves your company and wear your merchandise all the time!

  32. Michael Armstead

    I’m staying in, watching a lot of daytime TV. My little apartment has not been cleaner. It’s like my OCD ex came in and cleaned it. LOL.
    But hang in there, brothers and sisters. Like the song says… “It’ll only hurt for a little while.” REDLEG!

  33. Thanks for a “good” read for a change. Doin a bunch of honey-do’s & catching up on yard/garden work. Even reaching out by “snail mail” to brighten somebody’s day!
    Love all my Grunt Style stuff! You guys a f’n awesome. Still never got a reply about the hole in my brand new Aroma Therapy shirt though!! Keep up the good work and great logos. I wear my Veteran Blank Check shirt all the time. Maybe you can start making the Women’s sizes in colors?? Women ask me all the time if they come in other colors. After all, Pink is the new Black!! Thanks again, Dawn R., First Sergeant (Retired)

  34. Love all of your comments and shirts even more.
    Wish I had the money to buy the F covid for my marines. But since our gym is closed I’ve given them equipment to train.
    And since I dont have memberships coming in. But did order the quarantine shirt since my family has been affected. Stay safe.
    How about some reasonably priced face masks.
    I need them as an RN and for many of us on the front lines.


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