Tips for social distancing like a pro

As the world reels over coronavirus, health officials have asked people to do something very important, practice social distancing. What does that mean exactly? We have compiled a handy dandy guide that is even grunt proof.

This is just a fancy term for avoiding people like you’re an angsty teenager all over again. The point is to prevent mass spread of the illness, so we don’t overburden hospitals and supplies. This will allow more people and goods to flow through the system, prioritizing the needs of the most at risk.

To begin with, don’t go out in public. Stay home, play video games or finish that project you’ve been putting off. This is a great time to read books and listen to podcasts like these ones we recommended.  We also wrote some stay at home tips, here.

If you do need to go out in public, then practice some safe habits like staying at least 6 feet away from people. This is to avoid airborne droplets that carry the funk. Additionally, try going out during low traffic times, and avoid touching public surfaces.

If you like to work out, try exercising in a park or at home versus going to a crowded gym. The “pump” may not be the same, but you won’t be making any boss progress if you get sick. The only thing that should be sick is your gains, not you.

At the office, try separating work spaces and staggering schedules or use of common spaces. Cleaning surfaces before and after use is important too.

You can buy goods online, and purchase gift cards for future use to support your favorite businesses during these hard times. I’m sure small business would appreciate it the most.

Even if you feel fine, you may be infected and could spread to others. There is no need to panic, especially if you feel fine, but it is important to be considerate of others. Comment any helpful social distancing ideas or tricks you have come up with below!

Know what we're sayin fam?

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27 thoughts on “Tips for social distancing like a pro”

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    I don’t know if it’s just the Infantry marine in but I would rather stay out of town unless I need to go!

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    Take your workout outside with friends, enjoy your workout while practicing your 6ft [or more] of social distancing.

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    Great post and recommendations, we all have had to change our day to day routines. The world has gone through worse and people before us suffered greatly. This is just another bump in road and we all will work past it.

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    thank you my brothers and sisters for this post. i was thinking that as for any business, large or small, they could swap days of work. that way they could still get the hours in and hope to not lose too much. swap as in every other day the employees switch out. i would also implement a nightly cleaning schedule for ALL office buildings. GOD BLESS you my friends andkeep up the great work. Michael

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    I’m using this time on projects in preparation for mine and my fiance’s wedding that is supposed to happen in May! May or may not happen as planned, but we’re trying to stay positive right now, so… Onward with the decorations!! Haha

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      Happy that you are helping. I hope it brings you even closer together.

      Remember, if it doesn’t “happen” the way you planned, it is a sign.
      The sign says: You do not have to spend a lot of money to marry the person you love.

      Get married in a small ceremony and put the money toward a house. Or, a nice reception on your first anniversary. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Well there’s obvious needs for going out and about. But there’s also precautions that should be taken as well.
    All in all, just use a little common sense….
    As John Wayne once aptly put “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid!”

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    Many of your favorite restaurants are now offering curbside pick-up as a way to avoid spreading the virus and stay operational during the COVID-19 crisis. You can support them and enjoy your favorite foods simultaneously. It’s a win/win!

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    Douglas E Trapp

    Shopping During Shortages:

    Okay, this may sound weird, but I’m going to tell y’all how I go shopping when I know there are shortages and I may not be able to find anything I usually buy.

    First, I do everything normal, until I am parked and turn my vehicle off. At that moment I become a Zambezi Warrior … naked with a spear in my hand.

    I enter the store watchful for other predators in the field, and make my path purposefully away from them. I see a pack of Hyenas to the left, I go right. I see Lions hovering over the bread, I stay away from bread. I direct myself to the prime target … MEAT.

    I search the meat area for what is left. I look close because I know most predators are picky and won’t feed on certain carrion. I take what no one wants.

    For all things needed I do the same routine. I find things left behind are not things i would buy, but I buy them anyway if they look at least normal.

    I make my way back through the desert to the self check-out, and plan my attack. I get things in order, and look for the bar-codes on each item to make my escape quicker. When the coast is clear, I leap up to the counter and start the bar-code reader process, quickly insert my Credit Card, take the receipt, grab my bags, and make a quick exit back to my vehicle. If predators are in my path, I choose another that avoids them.

    I reach my vehicle and arrange my bags inside, get in, turn the key, and get the HELL OUT OF DODGE!!!

    At home I look through all I bought and place all I can in my slow cooker. After eight hours I have a delicious meal that will last three or four days, made of things I never imagined existed.

    Pretending to be a Zambezi Warrior really makes shopping fun, and often pretty tasty. You should try it.

    1. Avatar

      Douglas you’re a hoot. I’d love to be at the same grocery store as you someday just to f up your shopping trip and see you run around all ZAMBEZI like!
      You remind me of the Army Grunts I work with! The are all quite touchedin the head! I love them!

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    What is crazy about this all is how close our family has gotten. We are doing full-blown dinners where we are all helping and cleaning up afterward. We all play airsoft on our back deck shooting at targets and just enjoying each others company. It’s sad that a pandemic has somehow made our little family tighter than its ever been. Plus, we all are wearing our favorite Grunt Style shirts while doing so. 🙂
    Stay home unless it is impossible for you to do so, minimize contact, wash hands thoroughly, sanitize and stay vigilant.

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    I live in the country so I can go outside BUT I can stay home for a couple of weeks and it doesn’t bother me but when we aren’t supposed to I’m going crazy, told my nephew I’m just looking for someone to punch in the face 😂 but I won’t, be safe

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    Great info!

    Everyone please remember your small local shops.
    Purchase gift cards now to use later! We can not afford to lose the good guys.

    Please shop local and shop with those that give back, like Grunt Style!!

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    Nobody is hoarding gym equipment,I hope. Greedy bastards. You can buy weights and other simple similar equipment to help your at home workout.

    Vudu is a free movie/tv app you can watch free movies and tv shows/buy the digital edition too. Buy a cookbook and teach yourself how to cook the shit these fuckers are hoarding,bread and pasta.


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