On the frontlines: NYPD

The state of New York currently has 37,258 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Through the uncertainty, there have been many examples of the indomitable American spirit. Earlier this week we reported on Veterans sending pizza to the NYPD.

So we endeavored to take a closer look at the men and women serving on the frontlines of the NYPD. Many Americans have been told to stay home amidst the pandemic. However, this is not the case for first responders and emergency services. The nation relies on these essential personnel to keep people safe. We were fortunate enough to speak with LT Eric Dym of the NYPD.

LT Dym tells us the people in the community seem positive, despite many being out of work. Additionally, he said he feels fortunate to be employed in spite of being at higher risk of exposure to coronavirus. To combat this, some officers have sent their children to stay with grandparents.

Many officers have become ill with flu-like symptoms. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea stated 3,200 police officers were out ill Wednesday. Testing for COVID-19 is limited and has been prioritized for those most at risk. Commissioner Shea also said, late Tuesday, that 211 members of the NYPD had contracted COVID-19. The actual number may be higher, but that has not deterred the brave officers from carrying out their responsibilities.

“The toughest part is not knowing who is sick, but we will return and we’ll be stronger” LT Dym tells us. He went on to say “Everyone’s civic duty is to police each other, maintain social distance, and comply with health guidelines. The more we work together, the quicker life gets back to normal.”

Dym believes the research and experience from this will better prepare us for the future. Moreover, that he believes Governor Cuomo has shown good leadership during the pandemic.

If you live in an area that has been heavily impacted, leave us a comment and tell us your experience.

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10 thoughts on “On the frontlines: NYPD”

  1. Johnny Jernigan

    They got Gregg County on lockdown. Unless you’re an essential employee like me you’re to stay at home, and hold out hope.

  2. I drive for a liquor distributor in Atlanta and I have two young children. I worry that me be labeled essential puts them at risk if I get exposed to the virus. It will take more than a virus to take out this Marine, but I know they will be fighting just as hard. Thanks for always putting yourselves first and keeping us safe.

  3. Dan Kettinger

    Milwaukee, WI. has been hit pretty hard. Unfortunately, some non-essential business’s have stayed open through mere loopholes in their sales. But, that being said, social distancing is definitely on everyone’s priority list. Every store, gas station etc. people are very good about the 6 foot rule. You can see cleaning has really been stepped up which makes it easier to get what is needed. Milwaukee has shown its greedy, hoarding side. But, thankfully that stage is over and people are really stepping up to pitch in to those less fortunate. I am happy to be an “essential” person within the city, and am very proud of all the first responders maintaining their professionalism as usual!!

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