H.R.5717- Is it as bad as they say?

There is a lot going on in the world and the United States right now.  One of these things is the proposal of H.R.5717, or the “Gun Violence prevention and Community safety Act of 2020,” to Congress earlier this year.  We decided dig a little deeper to see what exactly H.R.5717 is all about and what it says.  Maybe it’s not so bad?

Right off the bat, H.R.5717 comes out swinging.  The text of the bill says “…build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws…”  This is obviously going to be a bill about stricter gun laws, but will it impede the 2nd Amendment?  We keep reading.

After sorting through the initial congressional verbiage, we get to the juicy parts.  This proposed bill immediately states all future gun owners will have to obtain a Federal license.  This is in addition to any state license you may already have.

It gets better.  You will have to be licensed for both firearms and ammunition.  That’s right, any ammunition you would like to purchase, you must be federally licensed.  Plus, there will be a mandatory 7 business day wait period.

That’s just the first couple of paragraphs.  As we continue to peruse the jargon, we are quickly led to the section clearly titled “Assault weapons and firearms silencers and mufflers ban.” This is where it gets really interesting.

For starters, all AKs and ARs- gone.  They will only be authorized very limited manufacturing and they will essentially not be allowed for public purchase.  This also includes any caliber of magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. Except, of course, .22 caliber ammunition. (Those tiny little guys can’t do any harm, right?)

After this bill is enacted, the aforementioned products will also have to have a date stamped onto them.  This is to ensure the validity of the legal purchase.  Something else we found in the bill- very long lists of the brands and types of AKs, ARs, etc. that will be illegal if this bill passes Congress.

We wished it abruptly ended there, however, it did not. We also read that places of business will have stricter regulations for sales and purchases of firearms.  All firearms and ammunition will have to be kept in secure metal cabinets, behind several locks and other methods of ‘safety.’

This includes the methods of which guns are kept in the home as well.  They will have to be fully secured at all times, and everyone legal in the home will have to have a license.  Each firearm will also have to have locks, at least that’s how we read it.

Something peculiar also caught our eye regarding gun shop sales, leases, and rentals.  They will have to submit a report to the ATF every 5 days.  That report will have to include your name, residence, occupation and gender.  (No mention of phone or email information, but your gender matters when purchasing a pistol or rifle ammo.)

As we were finally getting to the end of the bill, we saw a part about weapons taxes.  This bill is proposing 30% taxation on all firearm sales and 50% taxation on all ammunition sales.  These taxes will be used to “research gun violence and prevention.”

The bill wraps up talking about how grants will be used to fund the research and something about $50,000,000 a year to the Attorney General’s office for research also.  To be honest, at this point, our eyes were starting to cross a little because the congressional jargon is heavy.

We are even pretty sure we missed some really big points within the proposed bill as well.  If we printed it, it would be almost 60 sheets of paper!  All in all, H.R.5717 seems to propose quite a bit that does not exactly sit kosher with the 2nd Amendment.

What do you think? Did we translate this bill wrong?  Do you agree or disagree with H.R.5717? It does state that all of this only applies to firearms and purchases after the bill is passed.

You can also read the proposal, in it’s entirety and for yourself, here.

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70 thoughts on “H.R.5717- Is it as bad as they say?”

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    I disagree with H.R.5717 . I feel like firearm safety is a must and needs to be unforced yes . Honestly I feel there should be a hunters safety corse in all middle schools. But to tell us the ppl how we need to store are weapons and ammo is insane. Then wanna tax is upwards of 50% on ammo is mind boggling. I’d put money on 90% of the ppl trying to pass these laws couldn’t even tell you what end of the gun the bullet exits the weapon when fired

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    You guys are spot on. This is a travesty. It is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment. If they were interested in actually making a difference you could enforce the existing gun laws and utilize Federal prosecutions (existing laws), but that’s not the objective. The really bad news is that this would likely be a short cut to a 2nd Civil War if passed.

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      It won’t be cival war cival war is North vs South the correct term would be revolutionary war against tyrany REVOLUTIONARY not cival

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    I’m a 33 yr (retired) law enforcement veteran. My career path was SWAT, Motors and training and I am not, repeat, NOT an attorney. I do; however, know how to read law and interpret them for enforcement, probable cause, etc….and after SKIMMING this proposed legislation, I smell a HUGE RAT! Vague verbiage leaving a lot of discretion to whatever governmental authority tasked with enforcement. A background check to get your mandated federal firearms possession license and ammunition license that will be closely akin to getting a concealed carry in New Jersey …. to many excuses to deny the citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. You’ve already mentioned the exorbitant excise tax that will funnel $$ straight to the politicians whos goal is to disarm the population.

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    Christina M Powers

    I do NOT agree with any new gun laws! It is interesting to me that we have more gun laws now and more violence/crime BUT back when there were less or NO gun laws or restrictions we had less gun crimes and/or violence………… Gun laws/restrictions do NOT help anything or anyone except CRIMINALS! What happened to the wonderful thing called…… COMMON SENSE!

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    I definitely believe it infringes on our Constitutional right to bear arms. They are trying to quickly whittle away at what types of guns we can own, our ability to buy a gun by making each step more difficult. Trying to pigeonhole who’s buying the most weapons and ammo by gender and job. They want to tax our firearms and ammo so high that it’s going to cost beyond a small fortune to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes. I myself sit outside late at night in the cool and calm, on 7 acres but 2/10 of a mile from the road. On more than one occasion, I have had to scare off a few individuals coming through the woods from the road trying to steal something around mine and my families houses. I’m sure as hell not using my .22 pistol to do that. My family owns AR’s. My daddy passed his on to my cousin before he died. No one is taking these away. That was the first AR i ever fired. My dad didn’t spend 21 years in the military and serve during Desert Storm to see any of this taken away after he was gone. He fought for gun rights up until his last breath. They believe the harder they make it to purchase guns and ammo, the less it will get bought and the wrong kind of people won’t get their hands on them. Absolutely not true! They can’t take our Constitutional rights away from us! I won’t stand for it and my late USNR father will be there with me as well as every damn family and friend I have!

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    The H.R. 5717 bill proposition is bullshit!!! It’s basically putting stipulations on our 2nd amendment rights!!! If this goes into effect all of us Gun owners are fucked!! I guess that’s when we will be the criminals!! I will be buying as much ammo and as many guns as I can now because apparently this doesn’t affect the guns and ammo we already own!!! But I’m sure they’ll make a way to make that illegal for us and it will affect it somehow!! All I can say is it’s bullshit! This is America the land of the free!! And they are taking away our freedom and our right to bear arms if this is approved!!!

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    This is obsurd to say the least! Our rights are constantly in danger. H.R.5717 is a joke.I for one do not support this. I’m thankful for Gruntstyle and the information that they make available to the public to keep us aware.

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    Andy Osteen Sr

    H.R. 5717 is a complete violation of the 2nd Ammendment and the type of bill that would be followed by Gun Confiscation. This should not even receive enough support to be scheduled for a vote.

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    Gregory Pitts

    This is exactly the kind of crap those snakes attach to other bills. You know just “sign it and read it later”. These are seeds of revolution.

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    Looks like if it passes I will be an outlaw . No one will take my AR or AK ! Only one of two ways they can get the bullet first ,or out of my cold dead hands! Now don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer in Gun safety. But this just keeps the guns in the hands of criminals. Will not stand for it. Sounds like they want to take our guns so they can release the hounds then we can’t protect ourselves against the corrupt government.

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    Read it a couple days ago. You’re completely right, its a bad bill being pushed through while everyone is focusing on other things. It needs to be voted down immediately.

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    I’ve read it a few times myself! I myself don’t like it! Not at all. I live in Tax-A-Chusetts! We have to already jump through too many hoops as it is! This is purely a way for the to go after your guns.
    The Democrats are mostly behind this, need I say more about that! The only way that I might be interested in a federal license is that I could cross the state lines without any problem!! Otherwise, I don’t think that it’s very good for us or the second Ammendment!

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    This ridiculous. Our current laws were ok, bot great, but something I think most of us could live with, but this B.S. , not only does it not save lives, it is simply a tax grab that simultaneously endangers innocents and completely ignores the second amendment. So first Pelosi and the house fuck us over the stimulus package, then this!!!!!! Vote these traitorous whores out of office ASAP. We the people won’t take much more of this bullshit and there’s always the pink mist solution.

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    Donna Blanchard

    I think it sucks and they are infringing on our personal rights to own a gun period. They need to back the hell off. Need to open mental hospitals so the crazies can be locked up where they can’t do any harm. Of course that would make to much sense!

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    You missed nationwide red flag laws and the ability to be charged with trafficking if you sell to any one that doesn’t have GOVERNMENT permission to own a gun. Complete gutting and total neutering of the 2nd Amendment. These communists need to be drug out into the streets, tarred and feathered for violating their oath to uphold the constitution.

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    Dems take advantage of everyone while America focuses on social distancing and “stay at home” orders. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this kind of legislation would come at a time when America is wallowing in utter chaos. It would be so convenient for the governments of the world if Americans were disarmed during the biggest, global event in these 21st century. What better time to try to bring this country to its knees. Sorry, Congressional-types… we “shall not go gentle into that good night” nor will we comply with anti- constitutional, tyrannical BS. “Molon Labe” a nice day…we will not comply. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    You completely left out any mention of the other huge portion which is protecting domestic partners/spouses. You failed to mention that having this enacted would help people who ha e a restraining order against someone so that spouse/partner cannot go out and purchase a weapon and kill them. I’m all for having weapons but the small few who can’t seem to hold their selves together and not kill people because their feelings are hurt or refuse mental health treatment cause bills like this to be created.

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    Robert L. Shafer

    That’s a load of bullshit. My question is who’s going to regulate the drug cartels, the home invaders, and the other bad guys that don’t FOLLOW the laws. You know the ones we buy guns to protect our home and families from. These ass hat are worried that we the citizens will enact the true 2nd Amendment and the veterans will follow through with our oath to protect and defend our country from threats both foreign and DOMESTIC. Those old and crusty bastards need to make stricter laws and punishments on all offenders, gang bangers, drug cartels/dealers and illegals that want to take what is ours. They need to actually make it easier for the law abiding citizens to purchase all calibers of weapons and ammunition. While stationed in Germany, I ask one of my German counterparts “How come Germany never did a ground assault on the United States and they said that they knew everyone had a gun”. Ironic right

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    Hugh Blanchard

    This awful HR 5717 is so typical of our “progressive” friends in the Democrat-Socialist Party. Try to pass sneaky legislation to take away our rights, preferably when everyone’s attention is distracted by an ongoing crisis. This attempt to require “registration” to get ammo is a very old Communist tactic to try to disarm us. What good is a firearm without ammo? Like good old Rahm Emanuel says, “Don’t ever waste a good crisis.” Bunch of *ssholes! Buy guns and ammo now, as much as you can get.

  20. Avatar

    Sounds like someone’s trying to trim a little of the Constitution, to keep folks from getting weapons, let alone any ammo to even use them. If this passes, hide what you have they will try to come into our homes and take what we already have, and of course someone will be getting well paid for this travesty.

  21. Avatar

    Thanks for reading that for us. There is no way I could do it. I was getting mad just reading this article. This bill is freakin laughable. Who’s the bleeding-heart moron that came up with this bill? None of it is even realistic, kinda like Obamacare. Thanks for the info. Stay up.

    Big Gravy

  22. Avatar

    This whole bill is a slap in the face to the founders of our great nation and patriots from Pacific to Atlantic. Let the fight (continue) commence!

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    This bill is absolutely garbage!!! It’s whole premise is to shut down gun ranges and tax the less fortunate to the point they cannot afford personal protection!

  24. Avatar

    I’m not from the States but I am ex British Army of 25 plus years. Aside from that I was aware you had the right to bear arms and defend your self. Reading in to this you have the right to defend yourself now with a Balloon and a Pin to scare of ass holes. Wow and you guys say our gun laws are fucked up over here. Say no people or the next time role over and scratch my belly that’s Dems for ya. O and I totally disagree with this bill.

  25. Avatar

    Honestly didn’t know anything about this proposed legislation. After skimming, determined this could be a solution to the toilet paper shortage.Another attempt to power grab by disarming American Citizens.
    If these narrow minded politicians truly cared about safer communities, they would shit can gun free zones, violent video games and political correctness (fuc* Bill Clinton for giving us that term). Support law enforcement and stop calling them racist. Support parents and raising children With good Christian values.

  26. Avatar
    Barbara Bonnell

    This is crazy. They are making it hard for your average everyday citizen who likes to target shoot or hunt to be able to go out and enjoy themselves. Let alone a person wanting to protect his home and family. The criminals will always have access they are just limiting the access to the everyday citizens that are honest and law abiding From having Safe guns. I’m afraid what this will cause people to do to.

  27. Avatar

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    Did I miss something?
    For those of you who dont know, the second ammendment IS NOT about hunting or self defense or carrying etc. It is to allow the American PEOPLE the ability to defend itaelf against a tyrannical government that no longer represents its people. Democrats never let a crisis go to waste when it comes to attempting more gun control or passing more socialist programs.

    Retired Marine, Life NRA member, NEVER voting Democrat.


  28. Avatar

    It’s very obvious that the left is even more emboldened to grab all they can with virtually no knowledge of the subject and total disregard for the US Constitution.
    They are the very concept of why the second amendment exists.

  29. Avatar

    Vote all red in every election or America is done as we know it, there is only one thing on demon-crats minds take control of us, I truely believe that dems unleased this virus on us another way to take out trump.

  30. Avatar

    As you can see we are way past due on enacting term limits, age limits and drug testing our government. Most of the individuals trying to make these laws have never looked up the term assault weapon. Our goverment employees should have to follow the laws they invent. All of them !

  31. Avatar
    Michael Starkey

    This is the far left political shitheads attempting to take all of our freedoms away and make it to where we cannot defend those freedoms. This is bullshit and we need to not only make sure this does not pass, but take those who want to do this to our country but to us as patriots and drag them out of office.

  32. Avatar
    Nicholas Savala

    So this is obviously a bill to put a dent in firearm ownership in our nation and eventually eliminate the citizen’s 2nd amendment right to bear arms. This bill discourages firearm purchases with additional minute laws where citizens will eventually give up and say it’s too much trouble and costly to own a firearm. They will keep chipping away at the 2nd amendment until it is no longer there. It’s just another step to control the masses. Wake up America!
    By the way I am retired law enforcement with 21 years of service

  33. Avatar
    Jonathan Greer

    This is all bull shit! What part of shall not be infringed is hard to understand? All the gun laws that are in place now infringe on our god given right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. They have forgotten along the way they are public servants and not our lords and masters. Only a matter of time before they start rounding up the sheepeople.

  34. Avatar
    Larry Presnell

    Absolute BS, every politician and I mean EVERY POLITICIAN who has served 3 terms should be fired NOW, if you cant do your job in that amount of time you have failed, for many of us, this has been a safe and true form of life since a very young age, TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS AND SEE WHO IS LEFT, you asshats in congress have forgotten OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, you are a public servant, I too am a Decorated Combat Vet and have 4 generations of military family, ( and yes a 22 is just fine for penetration so it bounces around inside ) we need to get rid of poorly educated officials immediately…… HOOAH

  35. Avatar

    I hope the liberals my family read this because these people will not stop at this alone. Say good bye to your freedom.This is taxation without representation. And I will not vote for this ! I disagree with H.R.5717

  36. Avatar

    We need to take the House back and keep the Senate . The Democrats will , I say again WILL , take our second amendment rights away. The only way to stop the madness is vote the Dems out ! Call your congressional representatives and tell them to boot this bill out .

  37. Avatar
    Fuck U. Bitches

    Vote for it you silly fuckers. Go ahead and vote for it. You as a political entity for the United States have been asking for an ass kicking for a while. Be careful what your next move is.

  38. Avatar

    The author (authors) should be put on trial for treason. This is nothing more than trying to create a backdoor way to overthrowing the 2nd amendment. This is ANTI AMERICAN and seems to have come from a place of people trying to hurt American citizens. This is a violation of not only our rights but the safety and security of our nation.

  39. Avatar

    President Regan was shoot with a .22.. Now what? Does this bill ban all illegal weapons the criminals have too ?? Or is this Bill only applies to the legal Gun Owners ?? there are so many questions to be asked here.

  40. Avatar

    Oh I forgot to add I have a friend that can reload all of my Ammo. When I need more I just give Him all my brass and he reloads it for me .. I guess that goes around the Ammo registration .. Thank you Liberals.

  41. Avatar

    this bill as it is worded is an attack on 2nd amendment rights, it is a grab for guns, a ban for some types of guns & mags & grab for money. It really limits dealers too. They are trying to make it so hard to sell & buy guns and ammo that many won’t & can’t. This will NOT have an affect on criminals & guns…but will create more criminals that are now law abiding. I also interpreted the bill as saying you must be licensed & pass training certification on the firearm(s) you own/ buy. It sounded like if you already didn’t own one to be certified/ licensed on, you would be cut out from doing so in the future? Maybe I am incorrect but wouldn’t this cut out the next generation from gun ownership & legal possession?

  42. Avatar
    Billy Joe Jackson

    Can I ask what good is a firearm behind several locks when an armed man is breaking in your home…no good at all they want you to lock them up and get on that federal database so they when ready can just jackboot your door and take your weapons? and make sure you can never buy anything bigger than a bb gun if that…we need to start hanging these fuckers from light poles.

  43. Avatar
    Boyd Higginbotham

    I do not support the bill I think they are to leave things alone they’re taking things to far i’ll middle school should have a hunters education course like we have here in Kentucky that helps out a lot with the youth I don’t think we need to know how to lock up our guns we already know that it looks like with the tax they’re trying to put on it it was the same thing that they did with the cigarette taxes which I think is very stupid this bill does not need to goThrough it needs to be dropped

  44. Avatar

    This is a huge infringement on our rights we all need to stock up and be ready for the government to knock on our doors this is gonna be a civil war and we the people need to protect ourselves from this corrupt government we need to come together and fight to keep our rights

  45. Avatar
    Alan Pasquale

    This is just another government encroachment on our rights. I don’t just say no but hell no to this bill. Also, another excuse for government to get more of our money to spend. Look no further than the party which endorses this to know how they love spending our money.

  46. Avatar

    and if they start with fear in creating more sheople with covid-19 then its that much easier to take away more of our rights and dupe us. well not ALL of us…. cold dead hands unite!

  47. Avatar

    …The rights of the people shall not be infringed.” The very idea that a bill such as this could originate in the capitol of the free world should wake everyone up. Be vigilant, America. Those who would surrender their freedoms for safety deserve neither. Semper Fi!

  48. Avatar

    I can walk down the street,hand my neighbor 1200 dollars for the car he has for sale.He won’t do a background check.he won’t ask me if I have insurance, if I am a citizen of the U.S. if I have a DUI,I don’t even have to have a drivers license, I just drive off with that killing machine…..and congress wants me to buy into this nonsense??!!!!!!

  49. Avatar
    William V. Weeks

    Please keep up the good work. The American dream is dead but we might hold on to a little freedom for a while more.
    Thank you.

  50. Avatar

    I don’t have any firearms now. Used to tho.Grandfather gave a .22 rifle when I was 13 living in FLA. Since then I have had a RUGER pistol, a S&W .38. Now back in NY state I’m thinking maybe a crossbow or blowgun, silent, accurate. I have two air pistols, .177. Trio of tomahawks, also silent. Numerous edged weapons, “GATOR” 10″ blade machete, & 20″ sugar cane machete, Combat Smachet. My fave is a ZombieTools.net from Missoula MT Called the “Rat Bastard>” 13″ blade 1/4 thick. Weighs a little over two pounds. Looking for a .22 carbine.

  51. Avatar

    This HR 5717 is a BAD IDEA, the increase in the Federal Licenses, along with security Investigation just to purchase a Gun… Both Hand Guns and Long Guns, plus the added Taxes on guns and ammunition will be a BIG headache for any LAW Abiding Citizen….. The Criminals will not be the ones who will be punished at all…. We will be loosing our 2nd Amendment Rights FOREVER… and the Timing stinks as well

  52. Avatar

    The Dems clearly want to do much worse to the American people than that,
    but first they must take away our guns. Strange how they are silent, or even apologetic for the Chinese Communist Party.

  53. Avatar

    Control…control…control, that is all it is about. Vote the Dems out of control of the House. Here’s an idea, place harsher laws on the criminal element rather than the law abiding citizen. Duh! H.R.5717 is another Dem waste of our tax dollars. How about doing something useful for our nation for a change? Really???


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