H.R.5717- Is it as bad as they say?

There is a lot going on in the world and the United States right now.  One of these things is the proposal of H.R.5717, or the “Gun Violence prevention and Community safety Act of 2020,” to Congress earlier this year.  We decided dig a little deeper to see what exactly H.R.5717 is all about and what it says.  Maybe it’s not so bad?

Right off the bat, H.R.5717 comes out swinging.  The text of the bill says “…build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws…”  This is obviously going to be a bill about stricter gun laws, but will it impede the 2nd Amendment?  We keep reading.

After sorting through the initial congressional verbiage, we get to the juicy parts.  This proposed bill immediately states all future gun owners will have to obtain a Federal license.  This is in addition to any state license you may already have.

It gets better.  You will have to be licensed for both firearms and ammunition.  That’s right, any ammunition you would like to purchase, you must be federally licensed.  Plus, there will be a mandatory 7 business day wait period.

That’s just the first couple of paragraphs.  As we continue to peruse the jargon, we are quickly led to the section clearly titled “Assault weapons and firearms silencers and mufflers ban.” This is where it gets really interesting.

For starters, all AKs and ARs- gone.  They will only be authorized very limited manufacturing and they will essentially not be allowed for public purchase.  This also includes any caliber of magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. Except, of course, .22 caliber ammunition. (Those tiny little guys can’t do any harm, right?)

After this bill is enacted, the aforementioned products will also have to have a date stamped onto them.  This is to ensure the validity of the legal purchase.  Something else we found in the bill- very long lists of the brands and types of AKs, ARs, etc. that will be illegal if this bill passes Congress.

We wished it abruptly ended there, however, it did not. We also read that places of business will have stricter regulations for sales and purchases of firearms.  All firearms and ammunition will have to be kept in secure metal cabinets, behind several locks and other methods of ‘safety.’

This includes the methods of which guns are kept in the home as well.  They will have to be fully secured at all times, and everyone legal in the home will have to have a license.  Each firearm will also have to have locks, at least that’s how we read it.

Something peculiar also caught our eye regarding gun shop sales, leases, and rentals.  They will have to submit a report to the ATF every 5 days.  That report will have to include your name, residence, occupation and gender.  (No mention of phone or email information, but your gender matters when purchasing a pistol or rifle ammo.)

As we were finally getting to the end of the bill, we saw a part about weapons taxes.  This bill is proposing 30% taxation on all firearm sales and 50% taxation on all ammunition sales.  These taxes will be used to “research gun violence and prevention.”

The bill wraps up talking about how grants will be used to fund the research and something about $50,000,000 a year to the Attorney General’s office for research also.  To be honest, at this point, our eyes were starting to cross a little because the congressional jargon is heavy.

We are even pretty sure we missed some really big points within the proposed bill as well.  If we printed it, it would be almost 60 sheets of paper!  All in all, H.R.5717 seems to propose quite a bit that does not exactly sit kosher with the 2nd Amendment.

What do you think? Did we translate this bill wrong?  Do you agree or disagree with H.R.5717? It does state that all of this only applies to firearms and purchases after the bill is passed.

You can also read the proposal, in it’s entirety and for yourself, here.

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459 thoughts on “H.R.5717- Is it as bad as they say?”

  1. I disagree with H.R.5717 . I feel like firearm safety is a must and needs to be unforced yes . Honestly I feel there should be a hunters safety corse in all middle schools. But to tell us the ppl how we need to store are weapons and ammo is insane. Then wanna tax is upwards of 50% on ammo is mind boggling. I’d put money on 90% of the ppl trying to pass these laws couldn’t even tell you what end of the gun the bullet exits the weapon when fired

    1. Lawrence E. Smith III, CW3 (US Army Retired)

      These Congressman need to quit taking our Rights under the 2d Amendment of the Bill of Rights or be elected out of Office. The Constitution.
      Lawrence E. Smith III
      US Army, (Retired)

      1. maggie m dorn


        1. Debra Williams

          What’s really sad is that y’all actually believe this bulls**t! Apparently our education system failed y’all many years ago!

          1. Apparently YOUR Education system failed you. This is real, believe it or not. They’re trying to sneak in bills like this when everybody is focused on the pandemic and the protesters/rioters. Slick aren’t they?

          2. @Debra Williams, obviously you are snowed by the liberal media and the propoganda they spew, as well as the indoctrination forced through the public education system. Vote NO on H.R.5717.

          3. Marilyn Tamburri - NASCARTeamRacing

            Dear Debra Williams,
            Would you like to further explain your comment?

          4. Debra your education shows evidence that you were absent a lot or you didn’t apply your brains to learn. Your grammar is “case in point”.

          5. Debra Williams, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t know I was getting an idiot on my birthday!

          6. Charlotte Reavis

            We also referred to this link at the bottom of the article in hopes people would read it for themselves.

          7. Apparently, our educational system has failed us dramatically in the English department.

          8. Wayne E Schlessman

            No, what is sad is stupid liberals like you who think you can change our country and our rights protected by the constitution of the USA. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will not stop gun crimes. All you will do is make the people of America unable to come to the aid of this nation if we are attacked or invaded and make it much more dangerous for the everyday citizen..

        2. Cathy Craven Love

          I am a true American & God fearing citizen! The Democrats need to be taken out, before this goes any further…they lie and try to deceive, trying to take our freedom, we the people who have been free from this evilness for so many decades!

          1. Jonnie Jordan

            Mary Smith as someone of native descent….. You do not speak for me. I’ve defended this country as a soldier in the US Air force. I will continue to protect my family, myself an my country as a Veteran. If military an the police force can carry ah weapon then civilians must be allowed to carry similarly. Or we are all going to know how my ancestors felt.

          2. Dolores Carballo

            Republicans and Democrats lie to us continuously. Term limits need to be set. We are their boss not the other way around.

        3. Technically America was stolen from the Indians by immigrants. So this protect America crap is wrong on so many levels. They may start protecting the true native Americans more than anyone else because most of Americans are nothing but descendants of immigrants who came here to take over the land.

          1. Glenn Petranovich

            No if you believe in God and the Bible then before the flood we all lived on one giant continent and their we’re Giants in those days plus after the flood. The Indians have told us of red haired Giants that were white and cannibals. So the Indians wiped them out. Thing is they were before the Indians! Also God gave the earth to all man and it doesn’t matter a bit who is first! The earth is all of ours! God Bless!

          2. Michael Zuber

            Native American tribes took land (not to mention. Slaves) from other tribes long before “immigrants” arrived. Nobody “stole” America. Fake history.

          3. Mary Smith. The Pilgrims came to this Country to have the freedom to worship God as they wanted. Not to take the land from anyone. The land was given to us all by God.

          4. You were conquered! Had you taken to Heart that protect America crap as you put it you might still have your own country. I’ll try to hang on to this one that’s if you don’t mind.

          5. Mary Smith, you are part of what’s wrong with America. You can’t change the past. What’s done is done. Like it or not we are Americans. If you don’t like it you can always move to another country!

          6. Aunt Bea, how far back do you want to go? And which tribe will give back what they fought for and took from which tribe? Everyone needs to stop this they stole this land from so and so…… All of history has someone defeating someone else and conquering the land. Who gives back who’s land and how far back? European were here first?? https://www.rt.com/news/stone-age-america-archaeologists-445/

          7. Native Americans also came from other areas. They fought bloody battles with other tribes to gain land. They also had slaves and created chaos in their path. That’s how land was and is still “stolen”. Battle, theft if land, disease, raping of women is nothing new.

          8. Hate to break this to you, but most of the “Native” tribes are also descendants of immigrants who came here to take over the land.
            They just got here earlier.

          9. Chris Stratton

            But since Indians did not appear magically on North America they had to migrate from elsewhere. Making them also immigrants. Uh oh.

          10. Michael zuehlke

            oh lord! get off the stealing of America crap! I’m Indian of decent to , but I ain’t crying cuz the whites suposedly stole america…do you even know how the true story really goes? by the way you talk obviously not! AND I DEFINITELY VOTE NO!

        4. IMO I think the bill should be passed. Yes it is strict but that is exactly what this country needs. Anyone misusing them should pay dire consequences but because the laws are not strict idiots are allowed to walk around with these firearms like they are personal appendages. It’s disgusting and unnecessary. It is exactly why our country is in the state it is in. And now you throw the orange stain sitting in the Oval Office in the mix and look what happens. He went golfing while hundreds of thousands of AMERICANS die. He has spent MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS GOLFING…ON OUR TAX DOLLARS!! YOURS AND MINE!! Trump has divided this county. TRUMP! Trump is nothing more than a gutter dwelling POS that rapes boys, girls and women. He is a traitor to this country and needs to resign. AND he threatened THE AMERICAN PEOPLE with our own military which, by the way, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL.I just read where one of you said Democrats should be dragged from their offices and beaten. That right there is the reason there is so much unrest and violence in THE WORLD especially America. Those of you who agree with the violence need to get help. Professional help. There is no room in our country for senseless violence. Try using your brains. Try using your words. Try helping instead of hurting. You’ll not only feel better and not feel so angry all the time but everyone around you will benefit as well. You would benefit from some actual research instead of believing everything you are told regardless if they are family or friends. This article stated “We are even pretty sure we missed some really big points within the proposed bill as well. If we printed it, it would be almost 60 sheets of paper! All in all, H.R.5717 seems to propose quite a bit that does not exactly sit kosher with the 2nd Amendment“. Key words to see here are ‘pretty sure we missed big points’ and ‘seems to propose’. This actually means THEY DON’T KNOW! But you read it or hear it and run with it instead of doing actual research and find out for yourself. Stop being lazy and look it up. That way you won’t look or sound like idiots.

          1. Charlotte Reavis

            We wrote those things so people WOULD go in and read it and make a valued assessment for themselves! We can state our opinion or thoughts on what we read all day, but it is more important for us to guide people to do their own research on a topic, especially one as controversial as this is!

          2. WHat you don’t understand is that the bad guys don’t follow laws. They will always be able to acquire guns, any kind they want. History of other large countries tell us that taking away citizen’s freedom to arm themselves results in government oppression with sometimes millions of citizens murdered.

          3. Honestly, to condemn your fellow man for everything is ridiculous. You can not like the President(yep, he’s yours, too) and that’s okay; but, to say that he rapes people is beyond reproach. Have you ever been raped? Probably not is my guess or you wouldn’t have made such a statement. It’s shortsighted, at best, and ignorant in all it’s grandeur. I have been and it’s not something to be spoken of in that manner as if it were a literal thing. You are callous and full of shit to use that verbiage. As far as the bill goes, it’s treason. Why you left leaning idiots believe that a responsible gun owner should be punished for something as responsible as gun ownership is beyond comprehension. If you don’t want a gun. Don’t get one. Simple. If you think that a criminal who shoots up places and people actually took the time to get a gun legally, God help you. Good and moral gun owners don’t do those things. Time has proven that. Having said that, we are all human and there are bad ones in the bunch. It’s a fact. I do wish that you would pull your head from your ass and realize that this bill is theft of a society. They’re stealing our abilities to protect ourselves and our livelihoods. Not one of those idiots in Congress proposing this bill goes without protection from said guns they wish to keep from Americans. The irony is rich.

          4. Yet as you run off aft the mouth about violence, it is the Democrats that rioting with violence and death and destruction of citizens, businesses and personal property. What a Hypocrite you are.

            Take our guns away so we have no way to protect ourselves? I don’t think so!!

          5. Glenn Petranovich

            Your kidding right or maybe your a leftist! This bill is completely against our Constitutional rights and if we let them take those rights then what rights are they going to take next?

          6. You are the problem art.2. Was set up so a tyrannical government wont go rogue aginst its constituents. And if you think sling shots will defend us aginst them. Hopefully someone like me will use your body as a shield so I wont get shot defending our rights so take your dumbass some where else because you have not a fucking clue dumbass.

          7. LOL.. too funny, your opinion does not matter or does not bring any weight to the argument, when your total bias is obvious. So I take your opinion and flush it, along with everything else the Dems. push. What are you going to do, when TRUMP! Yes TRUMP!!! Wins a second term? It’s amazing that more than one NON biased mediums and futurists mention that he will be re elected. The fact that TRUE Americans see through the crap you leftist and media are pushing, we are sick of it. How will the established globalists, Capitalist American haters do? STAGE more riots for another four years? That is why they are after guns. That is also why back in WWII the Japanese did not invade the USA. It is documented, that they would not be fighting the military, but the millions of GUN toting citizens as well.
            Did you check out the provisions that the worst president obama put into law before he left office? The point where the AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS will be paying for their aircraft and plane usage. So obscene that TRUMP vetoed or canceled said provision? Probably not something the FAIR and non BIASED Cnn or msnbc and the like would report.
            Just like you, I am talking out my ass on knowledge that is hear say or true, or false, from what I had heard, read or seen online.. We KNOW if it’s on the internet it MUST be true. Well pretty soon it will be truth as those in power and those of your ilk believe, as real thought, debate, and different views and opinions are being censored, by the media, and internet. GOD forbid trying to bring a different view on college campus now a days. FREE speech right? ONLY IF you AGREE to what WE THINK. Which is against the CONSTITUTION. GOD Bless, Have fun.

          8. BARBARA R WILKINS

            If you hate this beautiful country with our Constitution and our laws, and our president so much, why don’t you just move to Iran, or Somalia? You don’t sound like a proud American citizen to me.

          9. Bottom line is this, You will never get rid of all illegal guns, just like we can not get rid of all illegal drugs. Just Imagine for a moment the thugs being the only people having guns. This would give them more power to do whatever they want with them. What happen to COMMON SENSE ?? Maybe they should be teaching this in school…

          10. Trump is not the problem it is the idiots like you that believe everything is his fault so what he went golfing ..he doesn’t take a salary for being President he deserves a vacation. It’s the Democrats that’s going to take this Country down not Trump , Blacks, Whites or any other race that lives in this country we call free it’s the Democrats and I’m sorry to say I USED to be one.

          11. Dude, you are about as un-American as they come with all these comments. But the beauty of this country is you have the spew your ignorance all over

          12. Theresa Ellison

            60 pages, with 59 pages of bullshit, just like the chapter you just wrote.

          13. George Ruppert

            You have to be a Non American Democratic Socialist Party Member who does not believe in the Constitution. The 2and. Amendment is the only way the American Citizens can protect our COUNTRYand our Families. If this bill gets passed we will be helpless to protect ourselves and the Criminals will still have weapons,because they will not follow the law Imagine someone breaks into Your house in the middle of the night you have to open your safe and then you have to unlock your gun by that time you might have your safe the criminal has found you already and he will be saying Oh thanks for opening your safe for me Then he shoots you and then goes after your family. No Way I will ever Vote for thi bill .It will be the The Beginning of the end of our lives as we know them

          14. So first they only wanted police to have guns, but now we’ve established that they don’t trust the police and want to have no police. Cities are actually agreeing to this. What do you think will happen if there are no police, or very few, and citizens don’t have guns? Only criminals will have guns. Great idea!

          15. Jonnie Jordan

            I suggest you read ah history book….. Any history book on how unarmed civilians fare under government control……myself an anyone who serves swears this oath…. I will defend against ALL enemies foreign an DOMESTIC….

            Specifically to uphold that constitution . …. So use yours comprehension skills an fact checking ……an come back with facts not feelings. . ….

          16. You are watching too much fake TV. Get a grip! Crap was going on for many years in the last few Presidencies but it was covered up but now Trump is finding out the truth!

          17. Tammy Christian

            They walk around and shoot people because they are not law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens aren’t going around shooting people and if you put stricter laws on them, the thugs wil still have guns and wil still be killing people. Theybwon’t be able to control the law breakers anymire than they have controlled illegals coming in at the border or the riots going on now. It is all about them controlling the American people more so that they can have their socialist agenda and then communism.

          18. See the problem is this. You are right in one respect that gun violence needs to end im a secondnammendmemt supporter and i agree with you onnthat one statement. The problem is that it’s not us second ammendmant supporters and legal gun owners causing gun violence it is people who purchase firearms illegally for the explicit intent to cause harm and use the firearms irresposibly. If u want to make a dent on gun violence propose bills that hurt the criminal and not the freedom loving responsible gun owner. When you propose bills that mitigate what we can have and buy etc. What you are doing is taking away reslonsible americans right to a free country and right to self defense becuase those of us who practice firearm safety much as a sacred religion and purchase our firearms legally will be disarmed by these laws or unequally armed even in the event of a home invasion or ribbery perpetrated against us unless we to become criminals under your laws by simply owning pur firearms! The thing is this criminals do not care about much less abide by the law therefore once you disarm responsible gun owners, limit our magazines and ammunitions the criminals will still posess ak ars uzis and anything under the sun thatbthey have always obtained illegally! So as i stated above if you wish to make a difference and impact on gun violence again make bills that affect criminals and perpetrators of gun violence. This could be things such as if you commit a violent crime with a gun or brandish a firearm inna threatening and umlawful way you get thisnor that stiff sentence mandatory pay those taxes that you all are proposing imposing on honest citezens no make the criminal who used a firearm illegally pay those in reperations no plea deals. If you have killed someone heres an idea bring baclk death penalty mandatory no plea deals no circumstances no appeals if you shot someone and killed them.and it was not.a lawful self defense shooting then you get your one fair and speedy trial. Upon conviction you get 5 minutes innthe court to say goodbye to ur loves ones dragged outside the court.house and a bullet put to your head bynthe executioner. This way law abiding tax payers only habe to pay their share of one bullet rather than the jerk to breathe and eat for however long and be released to reoffend. I bet if these criminals knew the consequence of death was iminant and they coukdnt plea out or snitch out of it then more woukd be offenders would think twice

          19. Dawn Morrow, Trump is the best POTUS we”ve had since Raegan. I”m guessing you”d want Osama for a 3rd term if could”ve run. The US doesn”t need a DemWit running this country, or else it”ll be over run by every illegal their is to come down the pike. I won”t even get into the other crap you said.

          20. Dawn. Shut the hell up. Mentalities like yours are the reason that a certain german rose to power. Your calling for division. No one brought up the orange bastard but you. Hr5717 would RAPE OUR RIGHTS. So when someone come to get you or do you harm. You gunna call the cops? Nope thier evil. All racists blah blah blah. Now you have no weapons. Guess your going to do well defending yourself. Oh wait only the government should have those weapons. What happens when they come to enforce thier will. What the hell will you do. Will you surrender and hope for the best. Or will you die free. If you havent been paying attention they dont care about you. They will shoot you. They will mace you. They will put you in jail if you survive.

          21. Ok Dawn, I did take the time to read the whole document you so gladly agree with and as a former soldier and civilian gun owner of several weapons that include an A.R.15 with a couple 30 round magazines. This bill brings me great concerns. Not for me but for my children, grand children, nieces, and nephews. It effectively ends states that allow open carry with no permit. Why shouldn’t I be able to purchase more than 10 weapons per year? If I have the funds why should anyone have the ability, to regulate my right to happiness? Violating my civil rights will only provoke me! As a legal and responsible gun owner i should be allowed to purchase more A.R rifles. They are great for hunting, not just a animals either,lol. No more attached bi- pods? What? You obviously have never toted around an A.R 10 with ammunition for a few miles. Arm strain affects your ability to keep the weapon stable. With a range of 3500 meters I really want that projectile to hit it’s intended target. No more than 5 rounds in a shot gun. Now your just taking all the fun out of hip shooting. Then this lovely tid bit thrown in there, no forward/tactical grips. It’s a stability tool. Created to alleviate loss of grip strength. Do you want bullets flying around all willie nillie? The folding/telescopic stocks were created for quick adjustment for those of us with long arms. They are cool to boot! As a former member of our beloved U.S. Army I already have a minimum 3 day wait. Once your retired/ discharged your already on the alphabet boys watch lists. A buy back program, oh please no owner is wanting to sell to the government! What you think they are going to do with them? Destroy them, melt them down. You poor misguided soul.Taxing the retail price of weapons by 30% and ammunition by 50% wont solve any issues. Criminals will always find a way to circumvent the system. It does nothing but punish honest people that are just trying to provide meat and security for their family. Our current system of background checks and buying from authorized licensed dealers isnt perfect but it works.To assume that you and your people can pass this by 09/30/2020 is an absolute joke. I will forward this to each and ever person I have ever known. Including active and retired military personnel. So sorry , not sorry!! I took an oath to fight and defend foreign and domestic terrorism. I will do just that by buying as many weapons and at least 2000 rounds for each. AMERICA!!! HOOAH!!!

          22. Linda Akkerman

            Lady, here’s a bit of education for you. Do you really believe the bad people that use guns give a single rats ass what this proposed bill says? Just curious? Do you think they will pay any additional tax on a new firearm and or ammunition? Bad people DO NOT purchase guns this way and most are stolen. One day you may very glad to see one of these gun owners there to protect your angry self. This bill is ridiculous and abuse of our 2nd amendment rights. Careful, your hate for OUR President is going to cause your head to explode. Only 4 more years and then we’ll see what you end up with next

          23. How long have you had your head up your a$$? You obviously attended a Public School, in fact it would not surprise me that you are a Public School educator yourself. You might want to move to another Country like Venezuela or North Korea… they have the government in place that you prefer.

          24. Dawn- clearly you suffer from TDS. You do realize that criminals by definition do not obey the law. The only thing this bill will do is hurt law abiding citizens like me. Unless of course it passes. Then I guess I’ll be a criminal too.

          25. This bill is not going to stop criminals criminals are going to find guns with dollar bills they get from drug sales or whatever. This bill is full of crap.

          26. Dawn Morrow. You negated any point you were trying to make by degrading our president. Well, I’ll say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you.

          27. Dawn Morrow. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in you. You should seek psychiatric help. Or better yet, just move to another country and leave us the hell alone.

          28. How do you gather that hundreds of thousands of Americans died as he was golfing ,when and where did this happen ? I am sure if that occurred the MSM would have been all over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans caused by OUR President . As for millions of dollars spent by Trump’s golfing outings , that is nothing but pocket change when compared to 6 billions dollars lost by Hillary Clinton head of the State department under Obama .He did not threaten American people with his wanting to bring the military into the mix of those who were destroying American’s businesses , he wanted to protect those who were losing their livelihood’s . Which is not unconstitutional under the Insurrection Act of 1807 . You talk about looking up or researching ,how about you doing the same ,hypocrite .

          29. Must be miserable to be so full of hate. If you think this bill will decrease the number of guns in the hands of criminals and make things safer then you are an idiot.

          30. If you believe half of what you wrote you need help. CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS and they will be the only people with guns. Sorry, I will keep my gun and anyone breaking into my home will be shot

          31. You mean sound like you Trump the best thing this Country had since Kennedy if he loses 2020 this Country will fall apart

          32. It’s people like you who are gonna screw up this country more….. You really think criminals( who by the way don’t give a crap about laws) are going to abide by this? It will cause even more crimes due to them wanting the weapons cheap, so they will steal more of them. I know you hate Trump and blame him for everything. Some of these clowns have been in Congress for 40 years. Yet he is one man who took over 3.5 years ago but everything is his fault for some reason. Why? I am hoping he doesn’t send in troop to Seattle. I say let the people like you be responsible for the kaos and eventually the violence that will happen ( criminals don’t just stop being criminals because there are no food around) I just wonder why you guys hate this country so much you want to see it burn down. I feel sorry for the honest hard-working people who are stuck in the cities and watch the businesses they built-up be destroyed because of hatred fuel by MSM and sheeples who want everyone to think exactly the same way. ( Which of course they have to think and be just like you I’m sure) unfortunately the utopia you are seeking will never satisfy the hatred burning inside you. It’s a shame what has happened to the country I live in in the last decade.

          33. Sorry, to break it to you. But, the people that are affected by these laws are not the ones you need to worry about. Creating stricter gun laws does not affect or change anything for the criminal that is intent on killing someone. Calling names will not resolve things. All the research in the world will not replace logic, not common sense.

          34. I agree. It’s past time to tighten up on gun laws. We do not AR’s or any type of assault weapons on the streets. It’s time we became responsible. And don’t start yelling at me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I was a member of NRA, I am a gun owner and have enjoyed shooting all types of guns including AR.

          35. Maria Deloach

            The problem is, criminals won’t be affected by this law. Only the law-abiding citizens will be affected. Had you thought about that?

          36. Jimmie L Hewer

            When does the taxing end. If we have to register guns bought by my grandfather from a Montgomery Ward and Sears catalog way before any of us was born (I’m 80)
            it infringes upon our rights to privacy and the Second Amendment.

          37. Dawn morrow …Spoke the script from CNN ! I bet the radical left hired the all the school shooters or brainwashed them to put fourth bills like this ! I have never voted I think it’s time ! You too ! Its not your fault you’ve been duped that is what the democrats do best ! Try to see things from a different perspective… if you can allow yourself ..

          38. Sgt. Oakes, Steven Veteran U.S. Army

            Dawn Marrow. It has been proven that more gun control causes MORE violence committed with guns, not less. Chicago, DC, California. All areas of the country with very strict gun control. All areas of the country with high rates of violence committed with guns.
            As for the President’s threats of military action. Those are completely constitutional, as those he threatened are no longer American Citizens. They have taken over an area and claimed to have succeeded from the United States. They are at this point. An invading foreign power. Exactly what the Constitution allows the Military to be used for.

          39. Yes, there is a bill “H.R.5717” and other proposed laws, which are attempting to remove or at the very least limit firearms and ammo from law abiding citizens who use them for hunting and protection. Yes, the Democrats are trying to secretly push it through while our country is battling a virus and hatred. Yes, unfortunately there are people who just run with things without real knowledge of the facts. Look in the mirror Dawn Morrow, this hatred spews forth in your words.
            The stupidity in trying to create these ridiculous laws is that it does not in any way affect those who plan to harm others with guns or any other weapon. Their weapons are often obtained illegally. ILLEGALLY. Again….. ILLEGALLY. So how do ridiculous gun laws affect those who aim to harm people by using guns? THEY DON’T. They do not affect their ability to purchase stolen and trafficked guns in any way. They will continue with business as usual. But guess what? Those law abiding citizens who actually use their weapons for food and protection are penalized. Those people who may be the very ones who could stop a mass murder from happening by a non- law abiding citizen, would be hampered because of ridiculous gun laws that only help the criminals. WAKE UP. In your words – That way you won’t look or sound like idiots.

          40. I’m for a certain amount of gun control. But make no mistake, when you Kerri letting criminals back out on the streets with a revolving door, until you are prepared to stop the the inner city killings (which taking my gun won’t do) going on everyday and actually address the real problem, leave our guns alone. We have seen what can happen when a mob strikes and police are not allowed to help The Little People.
            I deserve, and the have the Right to protect myself, and my country from harm from without or from within.

            The restrictions this would impose would serve only take weapons further out of reach of the average, law abiding citizen (criminals won’t care) and leave us, THE PEOPLE, more vulnerable not only to criminals, but subjection by our own government. Which is the main thing our 2nd amendment is to prevent.

            Let that sink in and think about WHO is trying to take our protection.

          41. Where did you get your info.?Did you make it up. ?
            Do you think you know what is best for me?
            WRONG , YOU ARE CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          42. Wow. I feel sorry for folks as clueless as you clearly are. As Rob posted, none of this socialistic, grow government, bureaucratic bullshit WILL EVER APPLY TO THE BAD GUYS! Never has, never will. This stupid grab does what most socialist crap does – it hurts the poorest most – 50%tax on Ammo. You think the communist “speaker” cares? Will it be harder for her private police, behind her wall in her multi-million dollar ‘house’?

            This is just another (socialistic) democratic grab for control – control of all, including folks as clueless as you.

            It NEEDS AN OVERWHELMING ‘NO’ VOTE from the folks that work for us!

          43. Wow. I feel sorry for folks as clueless as you clearly are. As Rob posted, none of this socialistic, grow government, bureaucratic bullshit WILL EVER APPLY TO THE BAD GUYS! Never has, never will. This stupid grab does what most socialist crap does – it hurts the poorest most – 50%tax on Ammo. You think the communist “speaker” cares? Will it be harder for her private police, behind her wall in her multi-million dollar ‘house’?

            This is just another (socialistic) democratic grab for control – control of all, including folks as clueless as you.

            It NEEDS AN OVERWHELMING ‘NO’ VOTE from the folks that work for us!

        5. What we need to do is organize a March on DC which gun owners hunters anyone who believes and everyone who believes in our constitutional rights we need to take back our country from these vile, corrupt, traders home we call elected political officials.
          it’s time to rise up just as the protesters have been we need to protest DC and take our country back
          Let the revolution begin!!!!!

          1. Barbara Jensen just another meltdown itty bitty tirade. No point to make just go right to name calling.

        6. I believe that these nut jobs should be voted out of office and put in jail and tried for treason. We are getting soft on crime.

        7. When you say “Us true Americans” you mean the Native Indigenous People who were here first right?? Or do you mean the white Europeans who came here Illegally and took this land away from them?? Besides ‘America’ is not a country, it is one of 3 Continents (North America/Central America/South America) Owning a gun is fine but what do you need an assault weapon for, you plan on killing mass amounts of people at once or shooting up 1 person till they look like a piece of swiss cheese?

        8. For the record dude. Native Americans were here first. Please re-educate yourself. Also America was built by immigrants. Technically our ancestors came from else so I would honestly take a moment and rethink your life choices if you think guns are worth more than human life.

        9. All scum, it’s getting to the point where they are making complete assholes out of us. They think they know better than us. This is from the democratic scum that want to stand there and watch the so called make believe b Lives Matter destroy our country and why, because they figure they are worth a few votes even though Nancy and the likes of them can’t stand the black people, they never did and never will. They are so jealous of Trump because of what he’s doing for them, they can’t sleep. The true facts are what they accuse him of is exactly what they are doing. bLM, and I won’t start capitalizing the b like the kiss ass media wants to do, are a terrorist organization that has been funded by the left side and hiding in the cracks or should I say under a rock for years waiting for the right time. They have been lead to believe that this country is terrible. They have been taught in college about history we never heard of.
          They want to shit can the constitution, the flag, the national anthem, the statues and even Lincoln. It ‘s the only thing I agree with because black lives matter has proved that maybe Lincoln made a mistake. It is amazing to watch Schummer, Polosi, and all the other scum bags say things that are no where near the truth. Imagine how the Democrats must have felt when they first said one of the most dumbest things in history, that Trump was a traitor and was a Soviet Spy and their moron followers or their base actually believed it. Now they lie about everything.That’s the kind of people we are dealing with, totally pathetic. They are pushing the limit and I think they will not have the power to back up their communist bullshit. I mean do you think if they get in our military is going to back them up. We know the police and all law enforcement can’t stand their Democratic Governors or Mayors and their not going to back these morons. Once we finally start to see the light they will have no chance against the power of the people. That’s their only reason for taking our guns. If you think for one minuet they actually give two shits about any mass shooting except to jump on the wagon before the first body hits the ground. They are scum, they were so happy to see this virus, they were pissing their pants. They do not want you to work they want the economy to tank. Do you realize if we stopped working until the end of the year what would actually happen. To make it short the country goes broke and can’t pay for anything, we go broke and all health care, doctors offices and hospitals will obviously go broke. Within months millions will start dying. This is what they want and they won’t talk about the dead millions. They will not go thru this process again and they will want to be leaders. They will abolish voting and just like Putin did last year, he told his people that he wants to stay for 20 years. Who in his government was going to say no. There are groups all over the country who are getting together. When they start organizing, stay the fuk out of their way. Democrats should be abolished.

      2. Big mistake by congress….folks who “collect” firearms, use them for sport, and require them to obtain some of their food supply are not going down easily. Those of us who still hold the constitution in high regard are going to stand with our friends on the issue of arms. Back off, Ms. Pelosi and others.

      3. I think it’s sad that the good and honest people in this country all have to suffer for all the bad and unlawful people who only think of violence and killing with firearms. I think the law should be, if you have a criminal record, you should not be able to purchase a firearm or ammo anywhere! and if you get caught with one, you go straight to prison! Simple as that!!!!!! DON’T HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD!!

        1. That IS literally the law. Convicted felons may not own or use any type of firearm. Domestic abusers may not have posession of guns either.

        2. Ok Rick what if you had a minor brush with the law say 30 plus years ago and never got in trouble again that seems a little harsh the federal government let them have a second chance. And many would fight and die for their country. How about you ? That’s right you would probably run and hide like the little bitch you want to be.

        1. Chris Stratton

          Only the part where it says anything about taxing ammunition and gun sales. And they are deleting the part granting Americans the right to own AR’s with high capacity magazines.

      4. Marina Hagan McCaslin

        Please don’t let this bill go through. We need our guns.
        People will need to defend themselves, their families, property.

        1. I think it is just another step closer to taking our guns away completely. Everyone be sure to get out there and vote!!

      5. They can’t take our rights. The rights are inherent in our nature. All they can do is infringe. It’s up to us to stop them.

        1. They get all they want and can carry back at the office . Why do you think there ,was ammo shortages a couple years back department of homeland security bought enough ammo they could shoot every man woman and child in America 3 times each. And how could they do something like that? Because some of the previous twits in this feed thought firearm bans was a good idea. Hopefully they will be at the front of the line, and get their 3 free rounds to the head hopefully it hurts because I’ve seen some of them shoot. I wouldnt want to be a hostage. Personally I’d take my chances with the hostage taker.

      6. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
        For militia not for you to go gun down rabbits and squirrels with a AK-47.. Buy a musket loader and shut the fuck up.
        The bill provides for more safe guards and isn’t taking anything from you other than some machine guns and high mags. SO why are you crying ?

        1. I don’t believe for a second you are a Marine. Not with that stupid logic. Machine guns and “high mags”? Yeah, no. You;re just an ignorant liar.

        2. A well regulated militia does not mean by the government. Also muskets are not considered firearms. It is already illegal to buy/own a machine gun if you are a private citizen unless you have been explicitly permitted by the Federal ATF two on one.

          Please learn the gun laws before you make this kind of post. An thank you for your service in the USMC.

        3. Militia’s for squirrel hunting? I’m literally crying laughing….no no honey, a militia is an army. An army of the people. Free American Men and Women. They won’t be squirrel hunting 😉 I don’t thing you are in the military…still picturing a bunch of guys with AR’s looking for squirrels….

        4. You quote it. “THE RIGHT OF THE “PEOPLE” WILL “NOT” BE INFRINGED. I am people and my right to own a gun is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. If you don’t want to have a gun… don’t buy one. But I do and anyone breaking into my house will be shot.

          1. (It is guaranteed by God, the 2A just recognizes it). E.g., if they change the constitution it still exists.

        5. Really? Militia does not just refer to the military. You apparently don’t know squat about hunting because rabbits and squirrels are generally “gunned down” with a shot gun or if your a skilled shot maybe a .22. A musket loader? I believe the gun you are trying to name is a muzzle loader or a musket. I know because I have one and have used it for over 40 years and it is utilized for deer. So I will not shut the fuck up. There are already Federal laws on the books regarding selling and owning a machine gun so no more legislation is needed. AR’s are NOT machine guns nor are they automatic weapons. They are semi-automatic weapons and AR’s are actually utilized for hunting of specific game in my State it would be predators. So you may start crying because you’ve just been schooled by a female hunter of 45 years with her lifetime hunting license.

      7. Presenting a bill and passing a bill is completely different. Many Bill’s have been presented regulating guns in the past. They have failed. All I’d say is 2 things,
        1- stock up on guns, ammo and get a conceal carry now. 2- this would be one of them instances it’ll be better to ask forgiveness than permission.

      8. Pelosi and all the others who vote for this law their security should have the guns taken away.

      9. Kathleen Howland

        This bill needed to die. As a gun owner myself, it takes away pretty much all my rights. One big question I have does this law apply to the bodyguards of the people passes this bill, and to those of them who themselves carry a cow, as Fienstien did and emplied her life style was more high profile, by choice, than others or no?

      10. I totally agree with the Chief Warrant officer, the radical socialist/communist demoncrats are wanting to take away our rights plus defund the police departments. This way we will become subjects and not citizens! I will not comply with their laws. Hopefully there will be clear thinking senators that will defeat this bill ! We need to remove these congressional people who want to destroy this country.
        Ken Shaddix
        Master Sargeant
        United States Army Retired

      11. Of course you’re correct. Licensing gun ownership suggests it is a priviledge and not a right. This bill is a way enemies of the state will bypass the Second Amendment.

    2. Firearms should be safely stored and used, but each individual should be responsible. No government laws!!!!

      1. I agree, that would just be a way to barge in your home and cite you or arrest you for not following code. I would say its even important for those who are a danger to have a home to go to that would allow them to decompress. Could imagine how much worse a shooting would be if you couldn’t even relax in your home.

        1. Another sneaky step the dems. R pushing through communism here comes AMERICA no longer the home of the free

      2. Joyce I Arnett

        I say no to any government control of our guns. The 2nd amendment says it is our right to bear arms. No government control, no laws!!!@

      1. This so stupid all it will do is take away our right to defend ourselves against criminals and our government. WHEN GUNS BECOME ILLEGAL ONLY THE ILLEGAL WILL HAVE GUNS!

      2. Keith Soisson

        Just need hunters education classes for first time hunting license purchase. Also gun classes for all senators and congressmen due to the fact that most information in this bill is incorrect. AR stands for Automatic Weapons. It’s illeagle now and always has been for civilians in the United States to own automatic weapons. Also the AKs sold are not automatic. All these rifles are semi automatic rifles every time you pull the trigger the gun fires. Automatic rifles will continue firing as long as you hold the trigger or in 3 round burst. The Goverment dosent even know the facts about what the facts are. There should be law suits against the people responsible for the false information. And there lies have been spread among the populous and many beleave these false facts. America this is completely full of lies trying to miss lead unknowing Americans.

          1. You are correct. I just looked this up. The “AR” in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.” An assault rifle is fully automatic, a machine gun.

          2. That’s also incorrect a.r.stoeger hes the designer behind the ar15. Nice try though.

          3. Assault is a frame of mind and a rifle has a frame but no mind there fore makes it a Semi automatic rifle. Everytime you pull the trigger a single round is fired and the gas fro. That round goes through the barrel a port towards the front allows the gases to travel back towards the bolt carrier group and unlocks the bolt allowing the recoil to push the bolt carrier to eject the spent case and then the bolt carrier start moving back towards the chamber stripping the next round out of the mag and pushing it into the chamber and atleast full lock up and shes ready to do it all over again and again and again. So how they come up with automatic I don’t know because that’s an awful lot of steps to go through to be automatic.

        1. Dems pray on the unintelligent masses that hear it fires 30 rounds all at the same time. Impossible. Hell I was watching the news one night and they were trying a to make a point about AR’s and the picture was of a Simi automatic 12 ga Shotgun and the news people were oh it’s an AR15 black rifle. Look at its firing full auto. 1 shot per trigger pull is not an automatic so sad prey on stupid people. Heres one a female government official was holding a mini 14 in a black stock looked identical to the one with a wood stock. Same gun but she wanted the black one outlawed because it was sinister looking. But the wood stock one was ok.??? And shes in our government and cant tell they were the same. Idoits vote for idiots dumbasses leading the dumbasses.

          1. Eugene Stoner was the engineer at Armalite that developed the AR 15 along with other AR models.

        2. A.R. stands for Assult Rifle not Automatic Weapons. Please correct yourself before you make yourself look ignorant.

          1. I Can Not Believe you thought that AR Stands for Assault Rifle Lmao !!!!! Also it is Spelled Assault not Assult. Lol. I was 5 Years old When Taught About Guns; and Gun Safety, and I Damn Sure knew at that age AR Stood for Armalite Rifle !!! I Don’t know if your a Liberal Dem; But Fella, that sure is something a Liberal Dem Would Think AR Stood For. Lmao !!!!! Where the Hell do These People Get there information, this is why we have dip Sh*ts Creating These Unconstitutional Bills Because Stupid Dem Liberals Have not a Brain to do the Proper Research, or Intake of knowledge or information before Opening Their Mouths or Putting Pen to Paper. It Makes me so Damn Mad That there are Seriously Dumb, and Very Deficient People Running our Government on all Levels.

      3. I am opposed to this law/laws, no matter how the go ernment wants to squeeze the law abiding citizens with these laws to reduce gun violence, the evil ones who want to cause harm, will always be able to get their hands on their esp in of choice, so nothing will change except we won’t have any means to protect our homes/ loved ones or our self. Every one better step up ant take notice and vote AGAINST this!!

    3. I think they are Crazy. They want to take our guns do bad they will do anything they can
      They don’t care about the 2nd. Amendm

    4. I say no to this bill. If this goes through the crooks will be the only ones that has the black market on guns and ammo. This is not right the law abiding citizens won’t be able to defend their homes or family.

    5. It’s still infringing on the 2nd admendment regardless how the bill is written.
      You see the people in congress believe because if their elected post they are Lord & Master over the land. If people were educated correctly in schools they would understand elected officals are just little peons appointed to do what the people want. Not what Congress or the Senate wants. That’s not the intent of both houses.

    6. First thing and most important thing is to vote out the people in the government that keep chipping away at our rights. Our country is never gonna be safe til we get rid of Pelosi and all her minions. Please get out and vote. Vote for the people that love this country and believe in our constitution as is. Its worked for a long time, see no sense in changing it now.

    7. Sherry Gaskins

      Don’t agree with the bill. This is just another way to take away our freedom and for certain people to make money off if this bill.

    8. Linda Rohrman

      They are being sneaky by trying to push this restrictive Anti 2nd Amendment law thru now, during the Covid19, and the recent death of the black man vs police mess. This is typical of Democrats & Socialists – chip away at our Constitutional rights so they can destroy our freedoms and control us!! They are trying everything to orchestrate chaos the months before election, regardless of who dies.

    9. We need to help clean the swamp. They are destroying us…I believe we need to fight for our rights and to bear arms. I’m against this. They need to take care of business, not strip us to a lower life.

      1. Michael Stogdill

        Get rid of those dems .they are pushing us out of our own country . All these people coming into out great country.trying to take our guns .no way be a commie .socialist .liberal.nazi .they are all that and more. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of this great country.guns they will never get that done . True americans oh yeah . I love this country .

      2. @Dawn Morrow

        If someone breaks into your home, you will probably wish you had a gun, it happens all the time! Especially now since all this crap is going on! Minnesota is disbanding their police dept, who will people call if they need help? The Democrats are so far left, I think they all have dementia!!! The things they want to do is so ridiculous, it is almost funny. They are so desperate for votes they want to defund police departments, let illegal immigrants vote and this is a good one, let 16 yr old kids vote. We all know they don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. I will step off my soap box now. Just venting, so frustrated about all this crap going on!!!

    10. Its vice tax any way you look at it times 3! Naw , I tell ya what we all should do…… not buy another mother fucking thing from the manufacturer, walmart or anywhere else. They cannot monitor private sales or ammo you primed yourself . That’s how we survive . Let em tax the fuck out of it. Meanwhile, we are selling to each other and keeping us all in stock. I mean my god I could build an art 15 with what I got laying around the house . People, they will take only as much as we are willing to give them enuff said

    11. Boy, obviously you have some problems. Do you really believe that by passing a bill like this that it will stop ANY of the murderers from busting your door down and raping or killing your loved ones? Let’s see……..NO! And in the event bad guys DO attack this “law” makes you keep any weapon locked up and totally unaccesible in time to do ANYTHING!
      OH, and that 30-50% tax they want, REALLY? You must not have a clue as to what politicians do with your money at that level? Don’t need to tell you what has been going on with the “gas tax” money that was supposed to keep our roads in repair.
      Making another level of responsibility to the law abiding citizens of America absolutely will do nothing to stop the mental and emotionally disturbed from harming us. It’s just another layer of red tape and taxes to make the masses see that the politicians are looking like they are doing “something ” !

    12. Hunter safety courses in middle schools is never going to happen. There used to be, many moons ago. There was even a rifle club that met once a week and shot targets – in the school basement! Can you imagine that happening today? All of this was removed by the leftists in their co-opting of our public school system, right along with metal, wood, and auto shops as well has home-ec. This was during the time when they were pushing every kid (even those who weren’t good candidates) to go to college so they could bury themselves in debt. Plan worked pretty well, yes?

    13. I hope you enjoy your life as an American where the government runs all aspects of your life and you can’t own a business, or keep your own money to do as you please. An America where they can come into your home whenever they want and for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy your new American life where you have no individual rights and you will answer to the government powers that be. You will be required to succum to what the powers that be tell you to do and no one but the dictator leaders have guns, power or personal rights. No citizen will have a say or be able to stop them. Only the evil tyrant government will have weapons so there will be no stopping any thing they want to do. This is what you call elitist power. This is what the founding fathers came here because of, fought against and wrote the constitution to protect against. They had already lived this way and knew what had to happen to keep the new America from being this way. People who don’t understand this will allow our freedoms and rights to be wiped away and America will no longer be a great world power. So, I hope people with these ideas are ready for the place they will live in and how horrible life as they now know it will be. Freedom, rights, liberty all gone. The rest of us will do what our American Patriots have done from the beginning of a America and fight like hell to keep our American freedoms!!

    14. Martyn Griffin

      Go ahead then and feel free to donate your money because from where I come from growing up around guns well gun safety was and is a common sense issue you either have it or you don’t and most of the time that is the mental issue. Meaning you should not even have a gun or be around a gun. That’s my opinion Martyn Griffin

    15. No no no. We will not tolerate the taxation from Democrats who blame law bidding citizens for the violence in there city’s. Find another way to pay for your sanctuary citys, and communist police’s. Drain the stinking swamp 😠

    16. The President needs to destroy veto this bill and not allow this to happen to the American people. This is America not some communist country.

    17. In the 70’s gun safety was part of the 9th grade PE curriculum in at our high school. We learned how to safely handle and clean our 22 rifles. And yes, we had a shooting range in the basement of our school! Loved that class!

    18. Does those people have any common sense? Will the bad guys follow this NO. It hurts the good for people protecting themselves. Oh and when you lock up those firearms… by the time you got to them your dead by the intruder! Washington needs a big over hall. They are so like trying to destroy the freedoms we have. Bad guys will always get guns and ammo …no law past will stop that. We already have gun laws and don’t need any more.
      Thank you

    19. Brandon most ppl dont know how to store their weapons nor the ammo.. They are mindless idiots sometimes and that is why some kids shoot themselves. But this article is messing with our rights to carry and own … there are hunter and safety courses outside of school which i was a participant in and so i will go to the firing range and they will also teach me how to handle and load and clean and fire my gun properly .. Its a 65 dollar course and safety should be in enforced at all times…. The right to carry is a constitutional right and i find it to be a privilege as well

      1. Jerry no. This bill will be on the election ballots just like any other bill the demonic devils try and sneak in!

    20. It is ignorant people who will ne led off by the NWO Democrats just like Hitler fooled the Jews into going along with his guns law!!! No wonder Democrats were pushing to remove history from schools! When are blind sheep going to wake up and realize the democratic party is the spirit of Anti- Christ?

    21. Unbelievable What are these brain dead people thinking
      We need to get these people out of the ability to make these kinds of bills . Talk about stupidity

    22. They can teach my middle-schoolers hunting safety? Then they can stop giving our kids condoms, so they can “practice” safe sex!

  2. You guys are spot on. This is a travesty. It is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment. If they were interested in actually making a difference you could enforce the existing gun laws and utilize Federal prosecutions (existing laws), but that’s not the objective. The really bad news is that this would likely be a short cut to a 2nd Civil War if passed.

    1. It won’t be cival war cival war is North vs South the correct term would be revolutionary war against tyrany REVOLUTIONARY not cival

        1. Democracy can’t work when only the wealthy are able to win elections. Because a middle class person can not afford the air time or to hire hundreds of people and companies to get their message out to the masses. Therefore we only see the same wealthy candidates running for office. Which is also the same ones ruining our country. Which also are the same ones who hire think tanks to come up with plans and groups to keep dividing us into smaller and smaller groups to keep us from ever being able to get enough people together to put a stop to these crooks who have hijacked our country. This is just another issue that they use to divide us with. Haven’t we had enough already. Are we ready to open our eyes and ears to the reality of what’s really taking place in our country. We should have been ready along time ago to have came together as a common people of 1 nation to restore our country and remove these traitors from the midst of us. Make no mistake about it they have committed horrible crimes against us and our country. Yet they are looked upon as leaders held in high esteem. When in reality they are organized crime at its ugliest.

          1. Apparently, now all you need to win an election, is a Dominion Voting Machine, the right crowd counting the votes, and the help of the CCP!

    2. Linda Elliott

      First of all learn how to spell civil before attempting to correct a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter’s opinion. I think Neil’s point was simply to bring attention to the fact that this is just one more sneaky attempt to assault OUR 2nd Amendment and how such attempts are exactly why we have a 2nd Amendment. North vs South / left vs right /civil vs revolutionary…whatever you call it, call it ugly and entirely unnecessary when democracy works. VOTE!

    3. “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon”
      This attempt is infringement upon our 2nd amendment.

    4. Beverly Ondarcho

      Well I for one feel the Constitution should be revised ! Come on it’s the 21st century people! Just like Congress , we need younger, new ideas, and stricter laws on guns! Taxes should be higher on purchases and ammo because the reasearch on guns should be paid by those who own guns. I’ve always thought that the Federal govt should be the ones approving the licensing and less availability to AK’s & AR’s. After all hunting is fine but I live in Florida and too many children’s deaths due to non-compliance from the parents sedately licking up their weapons. Look at it like this , how many deaths are caused from bow & arrows or knives? That’s enough for me to vote Yes on this law to pass. We need changes to our 2 Nd amendment to fit the 21st century’s laws.

      1. You thinning the way you do are the problem.impose fines and taxes on people who harm others with guns. Its not us responsible firearm owners who purchase legally that hurt others.

    5. criminals still wont care no matter how the law reads. when you make it harder for people to defend themselves crime always goes up. see the gov is trying to create a problem which in this case is more crime. when law abiding citizens start to complain then the gov will try to come back with a make you feel good solution. this is actually a mental disorder called munchausen by proxy where someone makes you sick then comes up with a solution for your sickness so that they are your hero. phase 1 needs to be remove criminals from office as they wont abide by their own laws anyway. same as with cigs. they know they will kill you so they keep you addicted and when you get sick direct you for treatment. when really if they cared at all cigs would have been banned decades ago.

    6. So I believe Hitler did tge same to the people. Not much verbage when he ordered the troops to confiscate all weapons. The rest is history..Just a major way to take down our U S A. What say you.

  3. I’m a 33 yr (retired) law enforcement veteran. My career path was SWAT, Motors and training and I am not, repeat, NOT an attorney. I do; however, know how to read law and interpret them for enforcement, probable cause, etc….and after SKIMMING this proposed legislation, I smell a HUGE RAT! Vague verbiage leaving a lot of discretion to whatever governmental authority tasked with enforcement. A background check to get your mandated federal firearms possession license and ammunition license that will be closely akin to getting a concealed carry in New Jersey …. to many excuses to deny the citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. You’ve already mentioned the exorbitant excise tax that will funnel $$ straight to the politicians whos goal is to disarm the population.

    1. Kerry Ballentine

      Thank you for your service and I totally agree. This bill is wrong on so many levels. Also, criminals couldn’t care less about gun laws. The ridiculously restrictive laws would create an even larger black market, making it easier than ever for them to get their hands on guns and ammo. The 2nd amendment was written mainly as protection against tyranny which exactly what this bill represents.
      If we would just enforce the existing laws, invest more in safety education, and in preventing high risk individuals from buying weapons. This great country needs more educated, level-headed gun owners to dissuade criminals and tyrants, not less of them !!

    1. Marian Gardner

      I agree. Buy guns off individual citizens and do not get them registered. Keep your guns safe this way.

      1. Michelle Miller


    2. Lorraine Weiser

      Thats funny. Theres more Republicans than Democrates in congress. Looks like trump is taking ur 2nd Amendment righs away!

      1. The house which is a Democrat majority Santa isn’t passed it it has to go through the Senate which is Republican majority which it won’t pass most likely, and the president will veto it anyway oh, so it’s mostly hype and publicity for idiots

      2. Senate has 53 Republicans and 45 Democrats. House has 200 Republicans and 235 Democrats. That is 253 Republicans and 280 Democrats. Is 253 more than 280?? That is funny.

    3. Why do you accuse the Democrats. It is the Republicans who are taking your rights in front of you eyes and you don’t see it

      1. If you think Pelosi is your friend, you are an idiot. I’ve never seen anyone more hateful In my life and I’ve seen a few. This is how Hitler took Germany’s rights away, by removing the ability to resist. He took the guns and they willingly let him. Dumb! The dems have lost it and now they are trying to sneak in under the wire and steel your right to bear arms. Don’t let it happen, you will be sorry and it will be too late to do anything about it!

    4. They will never stop trying to take our freedom. That is what they want. The guns are what keep America free. They are succeeding in putting more guns and ammo in the hands of citizens than ever before so I thank them for that. Are citizens ready to pull them out? It’s not going to be a well defined line to know when to pull the trigger.

  4. Christina M Powers

    I do NOT agree with any new gun laws! It is interesting to me that we have more gun laws now and more violence/crime BUT back when there were less or NO gun laws or restrictions we had less gun crimes and/or violence………… Gun laws/restrictions do NOT help anything or anyone except CRIMINALS! What happened to the wonderful thing called…… COMMON SENSE!

  5. I definitely believe it infringes on our Constitutional right to bear arms. They are trying to quickly whittle away at what types of guns we can own, our ability to buy a gun by making each step more difficult. Trying to pigeonhole who’s buying the most weapons and ammo by gender and job. They want to tax our firearms and ammo so high that it’s going to cost beyond a small fortune to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes. I myself sit outside late at night in the cool and calm, on 7 acres but 2/10 of a mile from the road. On more than one occasion, I have had to scare off a few individuals coming through the woods from the road trying to steal something around mine and my families houses. I’m sure as hell not using my .22 pistol to do that. My family owns AR’s. My daddy passed his on to my cousin before he died. No one is taking these away. That was the first AR i ever fired. My dad didn’t spend 21 years in the military and serve during Desert Storm to see any of this taken away after he was gone. He fought for gun rights up until his last breath. They believe the harder they make it to purchase guns and ammo, the less it will get bought and the wrong kind of people won’t get their hands on them. Absolutely not true! They can’t take our Constitutional rights away from us! I won’t stand for it and my late USNR father will be there with me as well as every damn family and friend I have!

    1. Marian Gardner

      I agree. When I buy guns, I buy them off individual citizens. I never get them registered. That way, the Federal Government cannot come and take them away from me. Plus, it will not do any good to try and come get them. I’m not that stupid. I do not keep them here with me but they are still accessible to me. Buy guns off individual citizens. Do not get them registered. Also, I thank your Father for protecting us.

      1. Beverly Ondarcho

        Sorry but you want, rights then abide by the laws set forth to protect non gun owners . It seems to me you as a gun owner are breaking the law when you buy a gun and not register that gun legally? How are we ever going to feel safe with all you gun owners don’t comply? You CANT have your cake and it it too! All gun owners need to be legally registering their guns, how else can there be gun control. Move to ALASKA they don’t need gun laws! Be responsible and register your weapons. PLEASE! I vote YES on this amendment is passed by Congress.

      2. If this becomes law, people won’t want to sell their guns, at any price. We’ll be stuck buying from stores. Also, what about ammo? You can’t really buy that off other people. You’re stuck in line at the store, and paying 50% tax on it. This can’t pass. Someone needs to fillibuster this thing.

    2. Sandra Johnson

      I do own a gun. So far, I not feel I need to own a gun. But attempts made to tell me I can do NOT have a constitutional right, makes me want to go get a weapon.
      I am a disabled veteran, Desert Storm.
      I am also a women.
      The law has gotten thin enough that gender doesn’t matter for public restrooms (safety of my granddauthers!), the intitution of marriage has crumbled, and it is important to know my GENDER when purchasing firearms and ammo! We need God, we need Prayer (which they have also chipped away)! Soon they will completely take my FREEDOM of worship away too! I don’t CARRY! I DO support those who DO!

  6. The H.R. 5717 bill proposition is bullshit!!! It’s basically putting stipulations on our 2nd amendment rights!!! If this goes into effect all of us Gun owners are fucked!! I guess that’s when we will be the criminals!! I will be buying as much ammo and as many guns as I can now because apparently this doesn’t affect the guns and ammo we already own!!! But I’m sure they’ll make a way to make that illegal for us and it will affect it somehow!! All I can say is it’s bullshit! This is America the land of the free!! And they are taking away our freedom and our right to bear arms if this is approved!!!

  7. This is obsurd to say the least! Our rights are constantly in danger. H.R.5717 is a joke.I for one do not support this. I’m thankful for Gruntstyle and the information that they make available to the public to keep us aware.

  8. Andy Osteen Sr

    H.R. 5717 is a complete violation of the 2nd Ammendment and the type of bill that would be followed by Gun Confiscation. This should not even receive enough support to be scheduled for a vote.

    1. Vote no to protect we the people and our second amendment right. It is not there for the government to control we the people it is there if our government commits tyranny against we the people.

      1. First our food is being restricted.Then we’re told to stay home.Then you eliminate our right and more importantly ability to defend our Constitution.Then govt has us where they want us.Hungry and dependent.Dont let this happen America.It will take a lifetime to get it back.STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

  9. Gregory Pitts

    This is exactly the kind of crap those snakes attach to other bills. You know just “sign it and read it later”. These are seeds of revolution.

    1. When the government tries this ,they will have a full scale war right here on American soil .It is our constitutional right to have and bare arms. You think the criminals will voluntarily give up theirs .I along with the rest of the country think not. You are I’ll advised to try this.

  10. Looks like if it passes I will be an outlaw . No one will take my AR or AK ! Only one of two ways they can get the bullet first ,or out of my cold dead hands! Now don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer in Gun safety. But this just keeps the guns in the hands of criminals. Will not stand for it. Sounds like they want to take our guns so they can release the hounds then we can’t protect ourselves against the corrupt government.

  11. Read it a couple days ago. You’re completely right, its a bad bill being pushed through while everyone is focusing on other things. It needs to be voted down immediately.

  12. I’ve read it a few times myself! I myself don’t like it! Not at all. I live in Tax-A-Chusetts! We have to already jump through too many hoops as it is! This is purely a way for the to go after your guns.
    The Democrats are mostly behind this, need I say more about that! The only way that I might be interested in a federal license is that I could cross the state lines without any problem!! Otherwise, I don’t think that it’s very good for us or the second Ammendment!

  13. This ridiculous. Our current laws were ok, bot great, but something I think most of us could live with, but this B.S. , not only does it not save lives, it is simply a tax grab that simultaneously endangers innocents and completely ignores the second amendment. So first Pelosi and the house fuck us over the stimulus package, then this!!!!!! Vote these traitorous whores out of office ASAP. We the people won’t take much more of this bullshit and there’s always the pink mist solution.

  14. Donna Blanchard

    I think it sucks and they are infringing on our personal rights to own a gun period. They need to back the hell off. Need to open mental hospitals so the crazies can be locked up where they can’t do any harm. Of course that would make to much sense!

    1. I disagree with this bill… Safety is very important when it comes to guns but making it harder for law abiding citizens to protect their self is not the way to go about handling this at and while criminals don’t care about following the law what are the plans to for getting rid of there guns?

  15. You missed nationwide red flag laws and the ability to be charged with trafficking if you sell to any one that doesn’t have GOVERNMENT permission to own a gun. Complete gutting and total neutering of the 2nd Amendment. These communists need to be drug out into the streets, tarred and feathered for violating their oath to uphold the constitution.

  16. Dems take advantage of everyone while America focuses on social distancing and “stay at home” orders. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this kind of legislation would come at a time when America is wallowing in utter chaos. It would be so convenient for the governments of the world if Americans were disarmed during the biggest, global event in these 21st century. What better time to try to bring this country to its knees. Sorry, Congressional-types… we “shall not go gentle into that good night” nor will we comply with anti- constitutional, tyrannical BS. “Molon Labe” a nice day…we will not comply. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Well said Kevin ! Had to read “1 Second After” when this all came down. Not giving up my Right to Bear Arms !

  17. You completely left out any mention of the other huge portion which is protecting domestic partners/spouses. You failed to mention that having this enacted would help people who ha e a restraining order against someone so that spouse/partner cannot go out and purchase a weapon and kill them. I’m all for having weapons but the small few who can’t seem to hold their selves together and not kill people because their feelings are hurt or refuse mental health treatment cause bills like this to be created.

    1. I’m sorry but, you are completely mistaken. All that any democratic party sponsored gun bills are always about is, taking away the rights of law abiding citizens, so that they can force thier socialist doctrine on the populace. With out guns, nobody will be able to stop them. THAT, is all that it is ever about.

  18. Robert L. Shafer

    That’s a load of bullshit. My question is who’s going to regulate the drug cartels, the home invaders, and the other bad guys that don’t FOLLOW the laws. You know the ones we buy guns to protect our home and families from. These ass hat are worried that we the citizens will enact the true 2nd Amendment and the veterans will follow through with our oath to protect and defend our country from threats both foreign and DOMESTIC. Those old and crusty bastards need to make stricter laws and punishments on all offenders, gang bangers, drug cartels/dealers and illegals that want to take what is ours. They need to actually make it easier for the law abiding citizens to purchase all calibers of weapons and ammunition. While stationed in Germany, I ask one of my German counterparts “How come Germany never did a ground assault on the United States and they said that they knew everyone had a gun”. Ironic right

    1. What happened to the old saying “When Guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”? What needs to happen is for those responsible to start enforcing the laws we already have!

  19. Hugh Blanchard

    This awful HR 5717 is so typical of our “progressive” friends in the Democrat-Socialist Party. Try to pass sneaky legislation to take away our rights, preferably when everyone’s attention is distracted by an ongoing crisis. This attempt to require “registration” to get ammo is a very old Communist tactic to try to disarm us. What good is a firearm without ammo? Like good old Rahm Emanuel says, “Don’t ever waste a good crisis.” Bunch of *ssholes! Buy guns and ammo now, as much as you can get.

  20. Sounds like someone’s trying to trim a little of the Constitution, to keep folks from getting weapons, let alone any ammo to even use them. If this passes, hide what you have they will try to come into our homes and take what we already have, and of course someone will be getting well paid for this travesty.

  21. Thanks for reading that for us. There is no way I could do it. I was getting mad just reading this article. This bill is freakin laughable. Who’s the bleeding-heart moron that came up with this bill? None of it is even realistic, kinda like Obamacare. Thanks for the info. Stay up.

    Big Gravy

    1. Lorraine Craig

      People are saying that this is laughable. There definitely is nothing funny about this. All of our rights as Americans are being taken away quietly and quickly. If we don’t get involved and say” NO” to these changes, we will be another China or Russia. This is terrifying me.
      We are all supposed to be equal with equal rights. It definitely does not seem that way. Our country is in huge trouble. I don’t believe in violence; that does not solve problems. I don’t even like guns. I do believe that we are declared in the constitution to be free and safe. Currently neither is true. Our military is fighting for our freedom while our government is trying to take it away.

  22. This whole bill is a slap in the face to the founders of our great nation and patriots from Pacific to Atlantic. Let the fight (continue) commence!

  23. This bill is absolutely garbage!!! It’s whole premise is to shut down gun ranges and tax the less fortunate to the point they cannot afford personal protection!

  24. I’m not from the States but I am ex British Army of 25 plus years. Aside from that I was aware you had the right to bear arms and defend your self. Reading in to this you have the right to defend yourself now with a Balloon and a Pin to scare of ass holes. Wow and you guys say our gun laws are fucked up over here. Say no people or the next time role over and scratch my belly that’s Dems for ya. O and I totally disagree with this bill.

  25. Honestly didn’t know anything about this proposed legislation. After skimming, determined this could be a solution to the toilet paper shortage.Another attempt to power grab by disarming American Citizens.
    If these narrow minded politicians truly cared about safer communities, they would shit can gun free zones, violent video games and political correctness (fuc* Bill Clinton for giving us that term). Support law enforcement and stop calling them racist. Support parents and raising children With good Christian values.

    1. There no telling what else is gonna be added to Bill before it s passed…..how do we go about voting against this bill ? Even if we vote against it who s to say this day an time it will even matter…..these times where in now so uncertain may God be with us an help prepare us for what s gonna happend…..

  26. Barbara Bonnell

    This is crazy. They are making it hard for your average everyday citizen who likes to target shoot or hunt to be able to go out and enjoy themselves. Let alone a person wanting to protect his home and family. The criminals will always have access they are just limiting the access to the everyday citizens that are honest and law abiding From having Safe guns. I’m afraid what this will cause people to do to.

  27. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    Did I miss something?
    For those of you who dont know, the second ammendment IS NOT about hunting or self defense or carrying etc. It is to allow the American PEOPLE the ability to defend itaelf against a tyrannical government that no longer represents its people. Democrats never let a crisis go to waste when it comes to attempting more gun control or passing more socialist programs.

    Retired Marine, Life NRA member, NEVER voting Democrat.


    1. Lynette Brown

      I sat on my porch and helped several young people register to vote yesterday. They are all gun owners . So I’m pushing them to pay attention to what’s going on in the government

  28. It’s very obvious that the left is even more emboldened to grab all they can with virtually no knowledge of the subject and total disregard for the US Constitution.
    They are the very concept of why the second amendment exists.

  29. Vote all red in every election or America is done as we know it, there is only one thing on demon-crats minds take control of us, I truely believe that dems unleased this virus on us another way to take out trump.

  30. As you can see we are way past due on enacting term limits, age limits and drug testing our government. Most of the individuals trying to make these laws have never looked up the term assault weapon. Our goverment employees should have to follow the laws they invent. All of them !

  31. Michael Starkey

    This is the far left political shitheads attempting to take all of our freedoms away and make it to where we cannot defend those freedoms. This is bullshit and we need to not only make sure this does not pass, but take those who want to do this to our country but to us as patriots and drag them out of office.

  32. Nicholas Savala

    So this is obviously a bill to put a dent in firearm ownership in our nation and eventually eliminate the citizen’s 2nd amendment right to bear arms. This bill discourages firearm purchases with additional minute laws where citizens will eventually give up and say it’s too much trouble and costly to own a firearm. They will keep chipping away at the 2nd amendment until it is no longer there. It’s just another step to control the masses. Wake up America!
    By the way I am retired law enforcement with 21 years of service

  33. Jonathan Greer

    This is all bull shit! What part of shall not be infringed is hard to understand? All the gun laws that are in place now infringe on our god given right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. They have forgotten along the way they are public servants and not our lords and masters. Only a matter of time before they start rounding up the sheepeople.

  34. Larry Presnell

    Absolute BS, every politician and I mean EVERY POLITICIAN who has served 3 terms should be fired NOW, if you cant do your job in that amount of time you have failed, for many of us, this has been a safe and true form of life since a very young age, TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS AND SEE WHO IS LEFT, you asshats in congress have forgotten OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, you are a public servant, I too am a Decorated Combat Vet and have 4 generations of military family, ( and yes a 22 is just fine for penetration so it bounces around inside ) we need to get rid of poorly educated officials immediately…… HOOAH

  35. I hope the liberals my family read this because these people will not stop at this alone. Say good bye to your freedom.This is taxation without representation. And I will not vote for this ! I disagree with H.R.5717

    1. Heard on local news last night that the state that reported most background checks for gun sales in first weeks of COVID was New Hampshire, a liberal enclave! Once again, it’s do as I say, not do as I do. ((smdh))

  36. We need to take the House back and keep the Senate . The Democrats will , I say again WILL , take our second amendment rights away. The only way to stop the madness is vote the Dems out ! Call your congressional representatives and tell them to boot this bill out .

  37. Fuck U. Bitches

    Vote for it you silly fuckers. Go ahead and vote for it. You as a political entity for the United States have been asking for an ass kicking for a while. Be careful what your next move is.

  38. The author (authors) should be put on trial for treason. This is nothing more than trying to create a backdoor way to overthrowing the 2nd amendment. This is ANTI AMERICAN and seems to have come from a place of people trying to hurt American citizens. This is a violation of not only our rights but the safety and security of our nation.

  39. President Regan was shoot with a .22.. Now what? Does this bill ban all illegal weapons the criminals have too ?? Or is this Bill only applies to the legal Gun Owners ?? there are so many questions to be asked here.

  40. Oh I forgot to add I have a friend that can reload all of my Ammo. When I need more I just give Him all my brass and he reloads it for me .. I guess that goes around the Ammo registration .. Thank you Liberals.

  41. this bill as it is worded is an attack on 2nd amendment rights, it is a grab for guns, a ban for some types of guns & mags & grab for money. It really limits dealers too. They are trying to make it so hard to sell & buy guns and ammo that many won’t & can’t. This will NOT have an affect on criminals & guns…but will create more criminals that are now law abiding. I also interpreted the bill as saying you must be licensed & pass training certification on the firearm(s) you own/ buy. It sounded like if you already didn’t own one to be certified/ licensed on, you would be cut out from doing so in the future? Maybe I am incorrect but wouldn’t this cut out the next generation from gun ownership & legal possession?

  42. Billy Joe Jackson

    Can I ask what good is a firearm behind several locks when an armed man is breaking in your home…no good at all they want you to lock them up and get on that federal database so they when ready can just jackboot your door and take your weapons? and make sure you can never buy anything bigger than a bb gun if that…we need to start hanging these fuckers from light poles.

    1. Many children have shot their friend , sibling or parent because the gun owner did not have their guns locked safely away from others. They should not be accessible to anyone other than the owner of the gun!

  43. Boyd Higginbotham

    I do not support the bill I think they are to leave things alone they’re taking things to far i’ll middle school should have a hunters education course like we have here in Kentucky that helps out a lot with the youth I don’t think we need to know how to lock up our guns we already know that it looks like with the tax they’re trying to put on it it was the same thing that they did with the cigarette taxes which I think is very stupid this bill does not need to goThrough it needs to be dropped

  44. This is a huge infringement on our rights we all need to stock up and be ready for the government to knock on our doors this is gonna be a civil war and we the people need to protect ourselves from this corrupt government we need to come together and fight to keep our rights

  45. Alan Pasquale

    This is just another government encroachment on our rights. I don’t just say no but hell no to this bill. Also, another excuse for government to get more of our money to spend. Look no further than the party which endorses this to know how they love spending our money.

  46. and if they start with fear in creating more sheople with covid-19 then its that much easier to take away more of our rights and dupe us. well not ALL of us…. cold dead hands unite!

  47. …The rights of the people shall not be infringed.” The very idea that a bill such as this could originate in the capitol of the free world should wake everyone up. Be vigilant, America. Those who would surrender their freedoms for safety deserve neither. Semper Fi!

  48. I can walk down the street,hand my neighbor 1200 dollars for the car he has for sale.He won’t do a background check.he won’t ask me if I have insurance, if I am a citizen of the U.S. if I have a DUI,I don’t even have to have a drivers license, I just drive off with that killing machine…..and congress wants me to buy into this nonsense??!!!!!!

  49. William V. Weeks

    Please keep up the good work. The American dream is dead but we might hold on to a little freedom for a while more.
    Thank you.

  50. I don’t have any firearms now. Used to tho.Grandfather gave a .22 rifle when I was 13 living in FLA. Since then I have had a RUGER pistol, a S&W .38. Now back in NY state I’m thinking maybe a crossbow or blowgun, silent, accurate. I have two air pistols, .177. Trio of tomahawks, also silent. Numerous edged weapons, “GATOR” 10″ blade machete, & 20″ sugar cane machete, Combat Smachet. My fave is a ZombieTools.net from Missoula MT Called the “Rat Bastard>” 13″ blade 1/4 thick. Weighs a little over two pounds. Looking for a .22 carbine.

  51. This HR 5717 is a BAD IDEA, the increase in the Federal Licenses, along with security Investigation just to purchase a Gun… Both Hand Guns and Long Guns, plus the added Taxes on guns and ammunition will be a BIG headache for any LAW Abiding Citizen….. The Criminals will not be the ones who will be punished at all…. We will be loosing our 2nd Amendment Rights FOREVER… and the Timing stinks as well

  52. The Dems clearly want to do much worse to the American people than that,
    but first they must take away our guns. Strange how they are silent, or even apologetic for the Chinese Communist Party.

  53. Control…control…control, that is all it is about. Vote the Dems out of control of the House. Here’s an idea, place harsher laws on the criminal element rather than the law abiding citizen. Duh! H.R.5717 is another Dem waste of our tax dollars. How about doing something useful for our nation for a change? Really???

    1. President Trump would never sign this Pos bill into law, but the Democrats would have it waiting in January for An incoming Democrat president.

  54. Marian Gardner

    I vote no. I’ve owned guns my entire life. I’ve hunted with them. I’ve never broken any laws with guns and you will not get my guns. I believe everyone should buy guns off individual citizens and never get them registered. This way, you idiots cannot take my guns. My guns are not now and never will be registered.

  55. No I don’t agree with this bill it’s all bullshit in my mind we the people will haft to take this country back from the power hunger no goods in office right now

  56. fred courtright

    he 5717 this is why millions of us have millions of guns and a lot more ammo already we will go to war if you try to fix it where we cant get ammo and guns to protect our feedom and we will die to keep them will you die to take them away

  57. What makes you think that a bill like this would stop someone from killing another? If they’re going to kill their spouse then they’re gonna do it no matter if they can buy a gun or not. Maybe they’ll stab them with a knive… so are we gonna ban sharp objects too? Maybe they’ll strangle them with a rope…better ban those also. Maybe they’ll poison them…better quit making anything poisonous…you’re a fucking idiot and a whiny bitch that is helping take away rights that people died to protect! What happens if china or Japan tries to invade our country? Who do you think will protect you? I know I’ll die for my family and shoot anyone who tries to hurt them…hope you can defend yourself and yours if you allow this and if Red Dawn ever happens…

  58. CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW AGAINST SUCH RIGHTS!!!!!!!! AND THESE RIGHTS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED !!!!!!!!! I can see riots happening. I can see revolt. Assemble the gallows.

  59. Christina Nichols

    Stop trying to deceive the American people while there’s a pandemic we all should have rights to have our guns if we want them they should be regulated because the guns aren’t the ones killing people it’s the people who are killing people.

  60. They want to take our Guns for one reason and one reason only…Because they plan on doing things to us that would get them Shot…

  61. As a former cop I agree Gun safety is a must My father taught myself and siblings. What the government by the people for the people is proposing is a way for them to make more money and make alot of it As well it will make it harder for an honest citizen almost impossible for most to own a firearm. This passes youll have a but load of criminals out there. But this generation of idiots that are contemplating being chipped will be easy to track for the government. Sorry another topic. If you’ve never committed a crime if you do do not have any violent criminal record there’s no reason for you not to be able to buy a firearm it being an Ak an AR a BAR whether it be a 10:22. If that gets passed there will be no end to what they’ll keep jamming down people’s throats they have no business considering what theyre talkin about. It soundslike being ruled not governed a lot like what’s going on in Germany right now as we speak thats as per a German National that I’m friends with. Your not alowed to own a gun or ammo without paying exorbitent taxes to govt. Most cant afford.Only criminals and Govt will be allowed to own guns soon they become the same citizens are done.

  62. This has never been about “Gun Safety”. It has always been about removing firearms from law abiding citizens. A crimnal in essence is someone who breaks the law. So how do additional laws prevent someone who already is breaking the law, stop breaking laws? It doesn’t it will only remove protective measures (firearms) from law abiding citizens or makes criminals out of the citizen’s who stand up to with their constitutional rights would now be crominalized. Its like sheep giving up their teeth expecting the wolves to do the same.

  63. *None of what is proposed will stand muster in any court in America. The truth is, as been stated a million times….People kill people…..and the Brand of Firearm they use is irrelevant. Some people like Lexus, some a Tesla or BMW! If you run someone over with a Cadillac SUV…..it is not the fault of the Cadillac. So, Honorable, Law Abiding Firearms Owners need just ONE Law for this country: Mandatory Drug Testing for every NEW Firearm Purchase or Transfer. A deep background check for Mental Disabilities or illness. The choices are becoming clearer all the time. You either Drug Test or go along with ridiculous laws that ban certain firearms and certain ammo.

  64. Amazing unanimous against this illegal law Congress is introducing. We should enact laws to arrest anyone opposing 2nd amendment’ law.

    Why on earth would states release criminals because of “covid”. That should tell you everything you need to know about Democrats.
    These officials should be charged with crimes these criminals commit as co conspirators.

  65. This is a great example of why “sane” people prefer a divided government. It will die like the 100’s before it. Regardless, stay vigilant.

  66. Frances Roten

    We are getting our rights taken away secretly. It’s not right that someone can do things with our lives when we don’t know about it.

  67. I vote NO. It’s in our rights to bararms.
    I have family that has guns and it’s there right to have them.

  68. Good I hope it passes. The only ones with a good legitimate reason to have a gun in the first place are people who need one to do their jobs like law enforcement and the military

  69. Samuel Puckett

    I think they need to stop trying to pass stuff and leave it all alone or remove them self put of office we dont need people like that in office so please do us all a big deal leave ……………………

  70. Want to bet there will be another unimaginably sad incident of a mass killing with a gun in the near future.

  71. We want everyone Tues to this bill to be charged with treason .and put in getmo for life no on this bill. And fight to get rid of the communist party of America do it now.

  72. This is nothing more than a precursor to eventual socialism and a dictatorship, second amendment will mean nothing if the cost of gun ownership will be cost prohibitive , history is not being taught any longer, as it tend ‘s to repeat its self, control a persons right to self protection, control their food supply and their access to health care, then the radical left and the crooked political class, will control every aspect of your life, stop the Criminalcrats (Democrats) and do it now, before it is too late and their dreams of a dictatorship are firmly in place.

  73. If they think the protests because of George Floyd is bad, take away citizens guns and see a whole lot.of messy protests I reckon.

  74. David DeMichele

    I vote NO! Vote out Dem. out of office. Yes there is civil war coming! You see whats going on now in the streets.

  75. Ok it is the for all Americans to wake up to what is going on .time to let the politicians that we are not going to put up with this shit no more and if that don’t like it to fucking bad

  76. Becca if someone is really wanting to kill you they are going to do it with or without a gun. They will just use another means to do it like using a knife, axe, vehicle, nail gun, hammer, screw driver, bomb, bow and arrow, home made gun, etc. If they are set on killing you you better be able to protect yourself which you can not with your gun locked up. Remember the saying “a restraining order is nothing but a piece of paper” and the cops will not get there in time to save you. You better be able to save yourself. I am against this and it should be voted against.

  77. margaret boehm

    They would feel differently if they lived in the country and hunted. All my grandchildren are taught gun safety as soon as they walk. Shoot for food or don’t shoot. Except when someone shoots first.

  78. What Democeatic authored this bill?……..what really upsets me is that their are still believe this the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THEIR FATHER,……..WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ………”PARTY OF THE WORKING MAN?

  79. Come on American Grit I expect better out of y’all. Why are you writing an article about this bill. You really need to stop tryin to incite panic buying.
    While I don’t agree with this bill you need to make sure you let people know the truth about when this bill was introduced.
    This bill was introduced on Jan 1 202 and has been DOA since then. It is a Democrat Bill with zero Republican co sponsors so it will probably never make it out of committee.

    1. Charlotte Reavis

      James, our goal is to educate people about what is going on. We were asked by many of our followers to read the proposed bill and write an article, which we did. This article was also written a couple of months ago and keeps getting published by other sources. We simply wrote an article about what the bill states. What the audience does from there, is their right.

  80. Trena S Martin

    Stop these infringements of our rights. Stop destroying our Constitutional rights. I will only agree to follow constitutional laws. We will resist any further infringement of any kind!

  81. The congress and senate are so corrupt they would like everyone to be defenseless. Lets get rid of them and start over

  82. Junita Plybon


  83. Douglas Kelley

    What is necessary to stop this bill? It definitely needs stopped we do not need our rights taken away by this nonsense!

  84. This is is ridiculous and a major infringement on our rights. I hate to be cliche but we have the 2nd amendment for a damn reason and I’m f’ing tired of politicians try to restrict it to the point that they have total control. All the damn while their family is protected by automatic weapons; Trust me if we the gun owning people were the problem you would know it. So get off your ass and serve the people of this country and stop pushing your personal fears and dislike on law abiding citizens………

    1. Wouldn’t matter if another Democrat was voted in to replace one going out. Better keep a Republican in the White House and R control of House & Senate if we don’t want this type of crap to pass.

  85. Democrats are whiny little commy puppets. Spoiled sheltered live, easy to bamboozle. Bribed by commys to weaken our structure, to initiate the fall of freedom. When finished with the puppets, they will be disappeared and silenced. Fresh organs on the market. Fuck the Democrats and fuck them treading on American and I say shove this bill so far up their ass, they can read each paragraph with the back of their eyes. Taste the Inc of hard justice comocrats!

  86. I think what we need in America is God and equality I believe as a citizen that federal organizations should have to abide by the same laws we do, I hope and pray to the lord that this law doesnt pass. Ig will destroy future generations of hunters and just make us one step further away from our supposed freedom

  87. Tracy Forsythe

    So I’ve been wondering what all this Covid 19 hype was intended to distract us from so thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention…

  88. Jose Dominguez


    for making our point for US. As long as there were soul gun suspects you were fine. NOW NOT ONLY DID YOU BRING THE ISSUE TO THE FOREFRONT, BUT ISSUE FOR CENTURIES TO COME. Gun sales and trading professional and individual, how would all say it? GO VIRAL BIG-TIME. If you had any hope of taking our guns. You NOW made “over my dead body”. The RED line in the sand, on the concrete, asphalt, field and anything else. It’s no longer matter of what Political Party, skin color, national origin or religion a problem. Now it’s neighbors defending NEIGHBORS. You thought we were divided? Now you your forced us to ALL become AMERICANS again!

  89. After what this under 30 generation is pulling now with riots backed up by terrorists ! Destroying property, killing cops , business people getting beat up. Oh yeah I want some politician to come to my house to take my guns. Please!! I need an excuse ! The filthy demorats stand by and watch with encouraging words to these scumbags causing violence and fear. Nope ,my guns are for killing these scumbags.

  90. I took the time to read the bill. The federal license requirement it to be 21 ad take a gun safety class. (sounds reasonable), The extra taxes, they already have a 10% tax on guns and ammo, is to fund the safety training program and also research into gun safety. (sounds reasonable). It will require you to keep the guns secured in your home or on your person or under your direct control. (sounds reasonable) Ban on assault rifles and silencers, they will buy them back.

    Does this violate my second amendment right? Most of it is like getting a drivers license. make sure you know how to safely operate a firearm and you can have one. would like to see the age at 18 and not ban assualt rifles but other then that i would vote yes.

    1. By keeping a Republican in the White House and R control of House & Senate. Only way. If the Democrats get control they will move their agenda,including removal/limitation of the 2nd amendment, forward.

  91. Now if anyone breaks into your home and is carrying a gun, he’ll have to tell everyone to wait while he unlocks all of his locks that protect his gun, then wait till the home owner unlocks multiple locks so he can protect his home and family. Sounds like whoever wrote this house bill up had their shorts on too tight, especially with their heads up their behinds.

  92. Wow, where to start…first of all, my husband and I are both prior service USMC, (he did 4 yrs, I retired) we honorably served to fight for the Constitution, not the government. The 2nd is a right, not a priveledge, and can’t be taken, it must be given away. We have the solution, vote NO on h.r.5717, vote out these corrupt demonrats who became millionaires off of our backs. DRAIN THE SWAMP. They work for us, not the other way around, vote out their perks, vote in term limits, cut their salaries, make them EARN THEIR PAY. If the 2nd ever falls, the rest will soon follow. Semper Fi

  93. I am from a small town, like a tiny post office and thats it. We are a good 20-30mins from any other town. And you’re telling me that their going to tax us 50% on ammunition? If someone breaks into my house threatening my families life im not waiting 30mins for someone to get here. But none of you care about that right? Do not take away my right as an American to bear arms. This is how we provide for my family. All you are doing is making it hard for people like me to have the home protection and to get food. We havent done anything for you to take our rights away or make them to where we cant afford them. Thank you for taking food away from our AMERICAN children.

  94. I am personally ready to go to war with these tyrants and put an end to the gun debate once and for all these people will never stop and they know that most of the men in this country don’t have the balls to stand up for what they say they believe in .

  95. Whatever your beliefs or convictions, you MUST contact your representatives in Washington and let them know how you feel. You, as their constituents, need to tell them how you want them to vote. No offense intended, but I feel some may not realize this will not be on any of our ballots.

  96. Patrick Cator

    How can they do this? The 2A is Constitutional Law. Infringement, infringement, Damn it infringement.

  97. Well, here it is. Mass gun confiscation is just behind this anti 2nd amendment bill. It is dangerous enough to stop at all costs. Don’t let it happen here.

  98. I don’t own a gun! and I don’t want to! YET! HOWEVER, I believe in the rights we all have as ONE nation under GOD! I also believe that some of the powers that be, are attempting to take our rights!So we can’t fight back when they make a mess of things! I VOTE NO!as I would rather have a gun and NOT need it than to need it and NOT HAVE IT!

  99. This really all comes down to numbers. How many referes does it take to ref a football game. Now imaging a football field as big as your neighborhood and how many refs you woukd need to keep an eye on everyone in it to make sure that no one is breaking the rules. Thats how many police you would need to ensure that everyone is safe. Federal and State budgets and peoples inherent right of freedom will never allow for this amount of oversight. Get a gun and propect your family like it was always supposed to be.

  100. How stupid 🙄 can one person be an that person is the so called representative of the people. They don’t understand the construction that are for fathers wrote. Are right to bear arm an protect are homes an lifes. An just to clarify the dimwitted person that a .22 caliber is more deadly then a glock .40 caliber at close range, it will turn a brain to scrambled mush
    Retired US MARINE

  101. Justin Dancing Hawk

    Although I am against public ownership of non-hunting weapons, I’m also protective of our constitutional rights. This bill quite blatantly infringes on those rights! I say NO!

  102. Liberal scumbag traitor

    As a gun owner, and (I’ve been told) a “democrat”… this bill is not addressing the problem. This country is not contending with a gun problem. It’s a gun violence problem. This bill addresses guns, not violence. Therefore, it is not addressing a problem. At best, it empowers government and oversight to make it easier to track prosecute gun crimes, committed with guns that were obtained through a legal manner. It literally addresses nothing related to violence, or criminal possession of firearms, assuming the synopsis of this bill as stated in this article is accurate.

    Not really sure about all the anti-immigration, and anti trump, and pro trump, and all of that through these comments, doesn’t exactly help all of us have a good conversation about solving problems and not restricting citizen rights in the process. There are solutions, but not when we require them to align with all of our other ideologies (religion, nationalism, etc.). This is a 2nd amendment issue, and I don’t care where your political allegiance lies, or why any of us care. Nobody should have an interest in eroding constitutional rights, and that goes for all of them, including all rights afforded to one who becomes an American, not just those who were born into it.

  103. WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of having our 2nd amendment rights messed with….LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU DAMN IDIOTS!!! I, for one, will defend my right to keep my guns and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it, stupid ass demon rats!! And ANYONE who thinks this damn bill should be passed is a total dumbass!!!!

    1. Charlotte Reavis

      Ramon, I wrote this about HR 5717. The bill you are referring to is 5715. Attention to detail. K thanks.

  104. OK, so I actually read all 60 pages of this mind numbing attack on the 2nd Amendment.
    It looks like congress is going to sit on this until the elections with the hope of Biden winning, https://web.archive.org/web/20200306180708/https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/.
    He will then put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun reform/control.
    Here’s what Biden told the crowd after O’Rourke spoke at the rally:
    “I want to make something clear, I’m going to guarantee this is not the last you’ve seen of this guy — you’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you. I’m counting on you. We need you badly — the state needs you, the country needs you, you’re the best.”
    Their Ideas differ only slightly. I don’t believe, as of yet, Biden is onboard with confiscation of AR’s AK’s but will offer a voluntary buy-back.
    That will be a HARD NO on both

  105. Another person

    Well. It is very apparent that those of us need to be very busy getting alot of people brainwashed back to the way it was meant to be. Myself include. Then, get them to vote to protect our constitution. Next, we need to be very vigilant about how those ballot boxes are handled when we vote! Cannot depends on the democrats when they are pushing real hard for mail in votes. If the new guns bill pass, hopefully not. We need to make sure we bought a lot of ammo and then state a fake robbery of our guns. That bill should be defeated by Senate or president tho. I’m not waiting tho.

  106. Why is it everytime they talk about gun reform its always about making if harder or taking something away from legal gun owners but they say nothing about how they will try to improve measures on getting illegal guns off the streets and out of criminals hands

  107. If you elect democrats this will keep happening and eventually become law. Gun owners and sensible people, wake up!!!

  108. I would vote yes.
    Too many kids lose their lives to guns not stored with any thought. Too many AR type guns have been used in mass shootings. So it costs more and you have to register and you can’t fancy yourself as Rambo. You can still own your guns legally and safely. The result of gun violence from legally obtained guns used hastily by non-felons is all around us. It is too much.

  109. No where in any of that did it say anyone is losing their guns. Why is it that everytime gun control is brought up, gun owners freak out screaming “They’re trying to take our guns away. Is our right to have guns!” Yes, you have the right to have them, no one is stopping you. Adding a tax, license, and longer waiting period are not taking your guns away. You need a license to drive a car and nobody seems to mind that. So it takes a few days longer to get your firearm… so what?

  110. I don’t like guns nor do i mess with them! But i vote no due to the fact that WE AS AMERICAN’S have the right to bare arms when needed. But RESPONSIBILITY
    Just like this pandemic it was honestly uncalled for we didnt need to close schools and jobs for 2 and 3 months over this nor should this so called new york governor be aloud to close. Schools i dont know whats going on in other states but here their wanting familys to homeschool their children some children need to stick to a routine

  111. Chaplain L.L.

    To DAWN MORROW:  Do you really  NOT REALIZE that if “LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” cannot afford these taxes and guns that we will not be able to protect ourselves or our children from rapist, murderers or any criminals that may break in our homes and do GOD KNOWS WHAT? YOUR WORDS: “There is no room in our country for senseless violence” , that I agree with! But also YOUR WORDS: “Try using your brains”, I think maybe you need to take your own advice on that!!  Just as the drug dealers get “government controlled substance drugs” illegally, them and murders and rapist will get  “illegal  government guns”! Are you stupid enough to believe they won’t? Are you that brain washed?  My daughter is  alive today ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD! In January she was held hostage and tortured. She was stabbed multiple times! Beaten with a cord so bad all over her body she looked like she had been horse whipped. She had 2 black eyes, not to mention she was bleeding from her wrist from guarding her eyes as he was trying to put them out. Multiple knots on her head, bites all over her body including a BIG CHUNK bitten out of her breast, hair cut, toe cut as he tried to cut it off. He continuously ask her “Are you ready? I’m going to jail tonight after I kill you!! Have you said your prayers?”  He pulled out cocaine, meth and pot as he forced his way into her apartment. He trapped her in the bathroom and continued torturing her while forcing her to watch him do drugs and this was someone who said he loved her!!. I can not tell you everything he did to her.  When she finally escaped and got to the hospital, she had multiple  bone deep stab wounds, bleeding. This was someone who said he loved her. He did this because she found out he was on drugs and told him she wanted nothing to do with him. She went from the hospital to a battered woman’s shelter for 6 weeks then had to go home and clean up her own blood. TAKE NOTE: HE DID ALL THIS WITH NO GUN! TAKING GUNS AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WILL NOT STOP VIOLENCE!! Because of COVID-19, the case has still not gone to court and he is out on bond! My daughter never wanted anything to do with guns!! If she had had one in January maybe she would not have come so close to death. SHE HAS A GUN NOW AND HAD MULTIPLE LESSONS ON HOW TO USE IT!! I HAVE SEVERAL!! I WATCH MY BACK EVERY DAY AND SO DOES SHE! SHOULD WE NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEND OURSELF FROM A MAN THAT IS MUCH STRONG THAN US AND THREATENING TO KILL US BOTH?????? WOULD YOUR Attitude CHANGE IF IT WERE YOUR DAUGHTER???
    And as for what you said about The President of The UNITED STATES, SHAME ON YOU! How can you complain about him playing GOLF WHEN HE HAS WORKED AS OUR PRESIDENT FOR NO SALARY?????? You need to come out of your fantasy and face reality!!

  112. I will vote NO, NO, NO. They de-fund police and they want to take away guns and if that doesn’t work they will tax us to no end and let the killers come into our houses and steal, rape and kill us and our children. We won’t be able to call the cops before all this happens because cops have walked away because they are accused of unfair treatment. Talk about stupidity, who’s the clown that thought this up? Oh wait a minute…. It’s the people that can afford body guards. The people that want this to be a communist country, another HOLOCAUST.Another Hitler REGIME . A bunch of MORONS. How low can you go?

  113. Assholes are at it again to take our protection and rights away so they can rule the country with their stupid socialist ideas and end freedom in the US for ever

  114. There must be some way to stop this kind tyranny. How do we get the voters to get rid of the idiots that want to collapse our country. I VOTE NO

  115. I’m a retired CWO3 USCG. We MUST NOT allow this bill to pass. And we must NOT allow
    democrats to take control of the House, Senate, Presidency…. They MUST NOT control our
    government. Hank

  116. The individual citizen will never get to vote on this. It is a bill in congress and must be passed in identical language in both chambers before it is ever sent to the POTUS for signature. I am sure the current POTUS would veto it. The overall likelihood of passing both chambers (House and Senate) is very slim.

    1. You are correct with regard to your post date. But now we have a democrat house/ 50% senate with Harris as tiebreaker/ and a dementia patient for a president

  117. HR 5717 is unconstitutional and takes away the rights of citizens under 21 years of age. It appears that young American hunters will not be able to apply for the ignorant license. I’m sure the stats indicate that guns involved in violence are usually stolen. Pass a bill on voter ID before even considering taking away our 2nd amendment!

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