Body armor company making masks to donate to hospital

Aspetto, a company we have previously reported on, has converted their manufacturing power to start producing face masks. The local business will then donate the masks to medical workers at Mary Washington Hospital. This medical facility, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is one of the largest hospitals in the area. According to their website, the hospital has 551 beds and 3 emergency departments.

Aspetto project manager, Noel McPherson, expects to have the first 100 masks delivered this week. He encourages others to find ways to help in their community. Additionally, Noel suggests going online and finding charitable organizations who have posted requests, stating that we are all in this together.

Standard hospital practice is to store donations for 48-72 hours. However, most viruses and bacteria die before that window ends. Research shows that coronavirus can live on hard, shiny surfaces for up to 72 hours. Although, COVID-19 only lives 24 hours on porous surfaces like cloth or cardboard. This, combined with manufacturing time, and shipping, limits the potential of spread.

The company says they expect the staff working closest to the COVID-19 patients to still wear the hospital-issued N95 masks. They go on to say these masks are for anyone else in the hospital that may not have any protection due to the shortages of face masks.

Are all masks the same?

There are many levels of face masks, both rated and not rated. The letter and number refers to several factors such as: are they disposable or reusable? Furthermore, they are rated on the ability to filter out or block such things as: oil, fluids, and particles.

Manufacturer 3M also suggests considering other factors when choosing a mask. Some may filter out particles, but not stop a high pressure stream of fluids. This means hospitals must prioritize certain masks for those at highest risk for that particular type of contamination, like surgeons. In contrast, hospital workers who do not interact with sick patients may find other mask options suitable.

They go on to say you should use any mask with an N95 rating “Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements for a minimum 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil.”

A complete guide of N95 masks can be found here.

Let us know if you have seen another examples of charity in your area by leaving a comment below.

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39 thoughts on “Body armor company making masks to donate to hospital”

  1. Avatar
    Laura DeLaughter

    This an example of a company doing the right thing for the community and an example of how we dont need the federal government to exert authority.

  2. Avatar

    This is so great to read about and is a huge help to the healthcare community!

    We have multiple people in our area making masks and donating them to the local hospitals and clinics. Being in healthcare and working the frontlines, I am very appreciative of all the time/effort and donations from the volunteers.

    1. Avatar

      God bless, you, Rachel. I know quite a few nurses/other workers in healthcare. You are all amazing. I am praying for you!

  3. Avatar
    Mark A Venezia

    I live in Bremerton Washington since the stay-at-home has been implemented I have seen my community Embrace each other with respect and love people are helping people checking on the seniors and keeping our kids safe I believe will be a better country when this is done

  4. Avatar

    This is why Trump resists the Defense Production Act. America will come to each other’s aid without the federal government overstepping its boundaries

  5. Avatar

    I really love to read inspirational stories like this, brings back my hope in humanity. Unlike much of what is happening today, not only here at home, but all across the world. We as Americans need to step up or step off. Now for my family and I to get in on assisting or community, my wife is a quilter and would really like to find a Free and easy pattern for facemasks. She likes the one here, with the pleats, but most places are charging for said patterns. Is there a way to send me that pattern, she is really eager to get to this need. Thanks Patriots.

  6. Avatar

    I’m glad we are taking care of our own. a local pharmacy in my area is giving out there own supply of mask and toilet paper to the elderly in my area for those who can’t go out and get it for themselves.

  7. Avatar

    How can we donate to them?

    These are the types of stories we need to be hearing. I am so tired of all the gloom and doom, 24/7, coming from every corner!

  8. Avatar
    Calvin L Fletcher

    We are Cemetary care takers at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery doing burials we would like to receive masks of any kind we are in need of masks. WE are Veterans our selfs.

  9. Avatar

    Love seeing Americans coming together to help one another. We are all in this together. Where I live I have classmates from high school that are sewing masks for nurses. One of the local hospitals put out a pattern for them to use. I can’t sew, but I donated some money towards so they could buy materials. We all need to step up and kick this!

  10. Avatar

    My wife has been in medicine for over 25 years so I thank you so much for your contribution to her and all medical workers. American Giant is doing the same thing from their facilities in North Carolina. Thanks again!

  11. Avatar
    Krystal Ernce

    Thank you to everyone who’s thinking of others. Im a geriatric direct health care provider in Oklahoma. We have approximately 3 boxes of mask for our entire staff. To last us until they make more. Ordered my hero shirt (not that I am) but wanted someone else to get one. Don’t forget our elderly this is a death sentence for them. Thanks for all you do!
    Krystal E.M.T., former L.E., USAF mom

    1. Avatar

      Yes, you are a hero. Anyone who is working the front lines of this thing and does it in spite of the danger in order to help other people is everything a hero is about. Thank you.

      Wishing I had masks to send to you.

      p.s. there is a company that makes altitude training masks that just came out with a new mask that has replaceable carbon-activated filters so it can be used for some medical scenarios. I don’t know about working directly with COVID-infected folks but, maybe in your case?? I don’t want to say their name here because it’s not my website but you can do a search and you’ll find it pretty quickly. They are about a week out on delivery. I have nothing to do with them, just own an older training mask by them and got an email – so I am not promoting – just trying to help with suggestions. (Webmaster – I apologize if this wasn’t appropriate; please let me know if I crossed a boundary and it won’t happen again).

  12. Avatar

    Yeah! This is American spirit. Maybe some good can come from this horrific pandemic: That America comes together with a common cause again.

    In these days of constant crap news, it feels good to read something really positive.

    Thank you for posting this.

  13. Avatar

    More than 15,000 masks were prepared by members of the community in Salem, Oregon this week. Salem Health reached out offering surgical drape cloth and templates as part of a local response to this healthcare emergency. A central pick up point allowed drive-by service and each kit contained material for 12-masks! Volunteers returned the finished masks a few days later for sterilizing and distribution. Stay safe and check back when you can. Medical Reserve Corps Unit 1575

  14. Avatar
    Chriss Melancon

    I love Body Armor athletic gear, but the company is even more a favorite now. Americans helping the country. Love it!! Stay safe!

    1. Avatar
      Charlotte Reavis

      Hey Chriss, this article is not about Body Armor the company, this is talking about a ballistic-proof clothing (aka body armor) company. But thanks for the read!

  15. Avatar
    Sarah Roeglin

    I work for Beacon Memorial Trauma Hospital in South Bend IN and being a front line worker I see how important masks really are! I appreciate all the efforts your company are providing to help out our frontline workers! Thank you!

  16. Avatar
    Ashley McClure

    I found this article to be enlightening and very informative about the N95 masks and where to read up about them and find them

  17. Avatar
    Kathy Laderman

    To all the local distillery’s making hand sanitizers Here in Deland fla a local distillery is doing just that. My daughter in New Orleans was able to procure a large amount from a local distillery there to distribute to employees still doing essential work

  18. Avatar

    Be great if they would donate some body armor to corrections officers also. They are on front lines daily, tensions run high in prisons currently faced with this epidemic. Their risks are greater then anyone else currently. I know first hand, my wife works in corrections, yet I still have not been able to source cost effective slash/cut resistant concealable body armor. Hell, I cannot ask a question to some suppliers and get an answer.

    “Is this carrier cut/slash resistant?”

    I get responses like “we do not provide plates for this carrier.”

    Not sure how that even remotely answered my question, she cannot enter with plates, so it must be self sufficient without any metal.

  19. Avatar

    In our office, our surgeon, and us nurses are making Masks for our co-workers, family and friends, along with any one else that is in need of a mask. We are part of two hospitals in our city, and this is something we need to do for our community!


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