Civilians now understand mass punishment

Many of us have stayed home and practiced social distancing. However, because of those who did not, the whole country feels like it received an Article 15 or NJP, the military’s form of legal punishment.

Military members have long known mass punishment. Now others know what it feels like to have their freedoms taken away because of the actions of others. Reports flooded in of people ignoring the stay at home suggestions, and now they have become laws. Particularly in coastal states, where beachgoers infuriated elected officials.

Officials have closed many public parks and beaches. Furthermore, folks are unable to congregate with their friends. The rapid spread has shut down businesses, and cost people their jobs.

People are broke and stuck at home.

This sounds a lot like the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice)’s 30 days restriction and forfeiture of pay. UCMJ can be rather unforgiving, and you often have to prove innocence more than accusers have to prove guilt.

Why should all of us have our sentences lengthened? Because the good of the many outweighs the wants of the few. Some people want to go to parties still, but it is not a need. This is a great opportunity to practice mental fortitude, because it is stressful to be denied liberties. Especially, if you fought for those rights.  We can all acknowledge that this situation is balls and we want it to end quickly.

Drill Instructors have long said “The quickest way through boot camp is to graduate!”

This implies that discharges for medical or misconduct reasons are lengthy, and not the golden ticket out of suffering. The same applies to this pandemic. The quickest way through this situation is to limit contact and limit the spread. This is particularly important to the health and safety of our first responders. Several police and fire departments have already released a 70% or higher COVID-19 infection rate.

We will get through this together. We just need to police our own, and support one another. After all, the actions of one person can impact the entire unit, and nobody wants to be “that guy”.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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57 thoughts on “Civilians now understand mass punishment”

    1. As someone pregnant during this insane time I look at all these people throwing fits like toddlers, wanting to go out and party or go to the bar and it truly saddens me. You hear people say things like “Well it’s pretty much just the flu” or “I’m young and healthy, so it won’t affect me” and I want to punch those brats square in the face. Sure some people may get this and walk away, but the spread and the amount of people they will infect will inevitably cause it get to some one like me and my unborn daughter, and we can’t catch this. Its not a matter of getting it and hoping we survive so we can build mass immunity. I have fought cancer through this pregnancy to bring my daughter into this world and she is fighting growth issues to be here. We are both fighters, and in her short amount of life, thus far, she is stronger than any of these brats out here crying cause they can’t go to the beach. But, this virus is one thing she, nor I, should ever have to fight. Yes, we are Americans, and we will get through this, but sadly we do all need the punishment so that those who wouldn’t listen are given no choice… It sucks.. but it is what is at this point.

  1. Victoria Wright

    This is really crazy to me because a lot of people are not taking this seriously and it isn’t fair

    1. Damn right! These Communist idiots in China make it damned near impossible for their people to get safe food, so they have to buy bats, snakes and God knows what else to get a meal. Personally I believe that COVID-19 is a bio-war agent that escaped from the Level 4 Bio-War lab that just happens to be located in Wuhan.

  2. Great article Daniel, pun intended.
    To the point, it made me laugh, and brought back some memories.
    Thank you for your suggestions and reminding us to embrace the suck for the greater good as we have done so before.


  3. Amen brother. My job disappeared because of this fiasco and now there’s all of these “Kids”, thirty and forty-something’s, that think that this doesn’t apply to them. They continue to do what they want, though the big difference is, they either don’t work outside the home, or they have the option to work from home. I’m a diesel mechanic, my job is where the trucks and equipment are. How about staying home, knowing that you just lost your $110K a year job? Benefits, gone. Paycheck, gone. Kids staying home because school’s out, but these people deserve to go wherever they want, whenever they want to. Park your ass at home and suck it up, buttercup. Thanks for letting me rant. The wife hates it when I do that. Keep up the good work! HOOAH!!!

  4. I agree, totally!! Love the way you explained it! Our oldest son was in the navy and served on the USS PASADENA SSN 752!!! Very proud of him and all service people!! Men and women! Also all those first responders as well!! I have been isolated in a 5th wheel trailer for over three weeks alone, sick on top of that but not with covid-19, but I’m high risk because of other health issues and can’t take chances!! Wish I would stop seeing people just running up and down the road like there’s nothing going on! People need to quit being to selfish and start listening!! It’s the only way this is ever going to go away!! But…..YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!


    Peace & Blessings People 🙌🏽 Prayers of Safety & The Peace of God Over EveryOne During This Pandemic!

  6. Patrick Montone

    Your full of it man. Lmao you have no idea of the truth regarding Chinese Wuhan virus. Social distancing and isolation only increases suicuide and serious mental strain. Friggin really? Hit me up via email and I can send you a properly researched article on the real story of covid 19

  7. About to be an additional 70 days here in Michigan. Hopefully, 90 days down, no pay, people will run out of damn money and have no choice but to stay home!

    Which had they done to begin with, the issue would be less then already rather then worse, and our down time will have been less rather then more.

    Still an essential employee myself, got to keep that cell service and internet up so idiots can keep spreading nonsense ya know.

  8. I will say I was in the Navy for four years and am currently critical care nurse in PA,( in the middle of this sh## storm). I have mixed feelings about the stay at home thing and shutting down a country.
    1. The flu may not be as contagious but, it is more deadly.
    2. COVID will not go away because everyone stays home, I think cases will go up again when people go out.
    3. Distancing and hand washing work
    4. Is destroying the economy worth it?
    5. We know the people who are most at risk, I would say it would make more sense to focus efforts on protecting them.
    6. And it is unconstitutional, have you ever noticed every time we lose rights it’s for our protection.

    He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.
    Thomas Jefferson

  9. Tabitha Samuelson

    I totally understand how some of these civilians are feeling, but being a caregiver and part of the essential personnel, I get out of the house but I have to “go straight back to my quarters after work” and it is frustrating. I do agree that we all need to start using common sense and stay home more. Yes, I understand how those walls close in. Yes, I understand how “being grounded by the government” blows. We need to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, regardless of how much we hate them.

    1. As an essential care giver myself I disagree (critical care nurse in PA). common sense is wahing hands, keeping distance, and isolating known cases. I assure you if this continues the effect and quality of people’s lives will be destroyed far worse than this virus can do on its own.and then the question becomes why? Government is all about control and creating dependence and they are loving this. Do you honestly think the people in government are suffering the way the public is? Do what the government says is very sheepish.
      “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”.
      Thomas Jefferson

  10. Studies are still showing that with/or without social distancing, it is expected that 70% of Americans are going to get the COVID-19 virus. The only thing that stay home orders are beneficial for is to lengthen the time (flatten the curve) that the 70% gets the virus, to keep it from overwhelming our healthcare systems. Lives will be saved as long as the severe cases do not outpace the ICU beds with respirators and staffing for those beds. It’s a balancing act to know at what point the stay at home orders are unnecessarily lengthening the outbreak.

  11. Now we’re being told that in the first steps of loosenin restrictions those who have tested positive or have the antibodies will be the first to run the roost. Really? Here’s a fairer option. Let’s spin their blood for plasma and give it to those who followed the guidance. When everyone else gets the plasma we let them out.

  12. AMEN 🙏
    To the POINT!!! Simply PUT….and again , I blame the PARENTS for the ACTIONS of their SPOILED BRATS that are going on SPRING BREAKS to the BEACHES and the DISGUSTING acts of PUBLIC POSTS LICKING TOILET SEATS and any other disgusting photos they think are humorous……..
    NOT ! Save your Mommy and Daddy’s $$$$ that you live on because we are all in this together and they are going to need those funds you “ self ENTITLED BRATS “ are wasting.
    When this is over you will have plenty of PARTY TIME to enjoy !
    Because after all, YOU are the only ones spreading the SHIT !!!!
    Stay the F in !!!!!
    Terry P Rinker

  13. Very well said…some people just think its a joke and cant obey the six foot order in stores they should be tazed and kicked out 😜

  14. If people will just learn to EMBRACE the SUCK we could thru this quicker! This what happens when every kid gets a trophy.

  15. Amen.
    I have several health issues and if I were to get this virus I would not survive.
    Suck it up America we will get through this together if we stay home and stop being selfish hording brats who want to do what you want without regard to your actions and infinite amount of people you can affect by your actions.

  16. It’s always that 10% of knuckleheads who f*#k it off for the rest of us. On top of that todays polite society frowns on attitude adjustments of any kind. Look, it’s not hate when you check someone for taking a shit on your yard.

  17. Bro, I was sick last nite, I went to walk my dog at the park. An old Girl friend of my fiacee” rush up to me & smack me on the lips! Boy did I get it! But U can’t Touch This! I’m a Surviver’ Warrior! Love Ur Designs! Our Colors Don’t Run! That should be a premeditated Kiss of Death! Jimmy

  18. Completely Agree. I tell my fiancé all the time that because people didn’t take this seriously now the whole country has to suffer. I live in Florida currently and it’s like as soon as the government mentioned a pandemic they flocked to the beaches. I watched this and was like wtf. It’s honestly sad to see how the world is and slot of the people in it nowadays.

  19. Accurate, perfect grouping. That message was outstanding, anyone who is reckless requires a throat punch-perhaps several. Keep the faith.

  20. Yeah. This is garbage. People are losing everything over a virus. If you get this virus there is a .3 chance you may die. This number just includes reported cases. This doesn’t included cases where people are infected and don’t know it or never report it. The number is actually much smaller.

    The government just took our God given rights away. The Bill of Rights is meant to ensure the government can not do this to the people. In the state I live in (California) stores won’t let you purchase certain items because they are non-essential. Why is the government telling me what I need and don’t need. Why are all these “non-essential” elected officials telling “essential” workers who are out there every day dealing with this virus what they need?

    I can’t believe the sentiment on this Pro-America page. This is the opposite of what America stands for. You are naive if the founders didn’t deal with plague and disease. Wake up before our freedoms are gone forever.

  21. Thank you and love this ! Served my country and now protect and serve the borough I work for . We have understood or have been trained to understand this mental fortitude for most of our lives. Thank you for all you do and your products are awesome!

  22. David L Morgan

    Well if they would test everyone that got sick and recovered they could start back filling non critical positions with those folks and allow trained individuals to step up. Like everything the government touch’s it usually goes tits up! We got people making money on this stimulus crap just to sit at home WTF.

  23. michael patrick kelly

    I get it.We made a lot of Sacrafices Serving Our Country.Unfortunatley there are folks out there with Little to No discipline that Take this Virus for granted which in fact places the rest of Us in Harms Way..Sometimes We have to do things that don’t like to Ensure a Sucessful Mission..

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