5 books to shape your warrior ethos

Here we are a few weeks into the apocalypse, and many people are getting bored. We put together a list of 5 books that active and prior service members alike should read. Currently, over 130 million books exists. (Since the Marine Corps only teaches how to count to ten, I couldn’t fit all of them on this list!)

You may not be able to go out to the local bookstore as easily as before. However, many are available online, kindle/audible, or digital downloads from your base or local library.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

This science fiction series is set after humanity expands to the far reaches of the solar system. Genetically altered super warriors oppress the weaker classes of humans. That is until they mess with the wrong mama-jama. The book’s protagonist endeavors to “break the chains” while leaving a trail of carnage behind him. As a result, will he become just like those he sought to slay? There is a difference between winning a battle and building a civilization.

Sugarman by Vincent Vargas and Geraint Jones

A fast paced revenge story that will have you turning page after page. The main character is an anti-hero that will leave you with a different perspective of how things might go down at the border. Sometimes, you do what you must in order to survive.

MCDP-1 Warfighting by the USMC

This short manual is a great read. They quote some of the best excerpts from the most successful warfighters in history. It will help you paraphrase improv quotes to look cool in front of your junior troops. Like this one I came up with: “Before you can shape the battlefield, you must first shape your mind.”

A Talent for War by Jack McDevitt

History can often be misleading. This book is a perfect example of that. One reluctant explorer gets sent on an inherited family quest. He must potentially dispel one of the biggest assumptions of his era. However, it could be that the truth is far more simple than expected and sometimes, people just die in battle. Strap in for this exciting sci-fi thriller.

Shōgun by James Clavell

This is a beast of a book. A novel to be more precise. However, when you finish you will feel yourself wanting more. An Englishman shipwrecks on the shore of a small village in 1600s Japan. Loosely based on some true events, he finds himself a prisoner during a nationwide power struggle. Additionally, language and cultural barriers complicate things as the protagonist does the most Navy thing ever… He falls in love with one of the first girls he meets in port. Undoubtedly, this glimpse into ancient Samurai culture will leave an impact on your warrior ethos.

What books have shaped you? We would love to read your recommendations! Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with each other.

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14 thoughts on “5 books to shape your warrior ethos”

  1. Good job GS!!!! This is content I love to see-not only can patriots, of all stripes, get really cool clothes and show off their “brash” nature, but by adding this type of content to your website also lends the the opportunity (for crayon-eaters, at least) to build some extra intellect!! Not only can one have an attitude but now prove there’s some “brains behind the braun.”
    Thanks a lot!
    I hope you actually make this a permanent section of your website. Good books, magazines, articles with patriot/military/historical themes only, would ROCK!
    Thanks for what you do.
    Stay healthy!
    Oh, PS: if I could make a couple suggestions…
    The Art of War.
    Unintended Consequences.
    Gods and Generals…

  2. Chris Pickering

    How about “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink? One could even argue that Extreme Ownership is an updated teaching of many of the same principles taught in Sun Tsu’s Art of War. Also “Thank you for my service” by Mat Best.

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