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Marines positive for ‘Rona forced to wear red patch

The Marine Corps has been quietly forcing some Marines to put a red patch on their uniform. However, an anonymous Corpsman with 3rd Battalion 6th Marine regiment gave us some insight. The source (who we will refer to as “silver bullet”) told us this is to “identify those yuck mouths with that ‘Rona.”(sic)

The battalion is still looking for two lost rifles, so many Marines are constantly in close proximity.

Silver bullet says “If you see a red patch Marine, you know to keep your distance. It may be mean to highlight them, but it’s good encouragement to self-isolate, no one wants to be a red patch Marine.”

How the Corps enforces the red patch

The Marine Corps has seen COVID-19 spread rapidly through several bases. Commanders have scrambled to hold several “all hands” formations to ensure Marines know how to stay six feet apart. Captain Iwana Tryhard told us she makes sure to have at least 2 formations daily to warn Marines. “I like bringing everyone in to tell them to keep six feet apart” says Tryhard.

We asked if she had limited formations to non-essential personnel, to which she responded, “Every Marine is essential, from the one sweeping my office, to the Marines taking out my trash.” As a result, Corpsmen and Marines alike have been posting pictures of their mops and brooms on Snapchat with the caption “essential personnel.”

“Physical training is no different either,” silver bullet confides in us. “We now run six feet behind each other in a straight line. Everyone coughs and we don’t know if its smoker’s lung, burn pit lung, or that ‘Rona.”

A Marine cannot remove the red patch until they have tested negative for the virus, twice. Additionally, they need to have it annotated in their medical record. However, the stamp is typically “out of ink” and supply hasn’t ordered a new one yet.


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58 thoughts on “Marines positive for ‘Rona forced to wear red patch”

    1. Thank you for your service and please stay safe. In regards to the article yog would thing y’all would be doing everything to stay away from each other until it’s contained or at least the use of masks and suits to prevent the spread of this. The government released this thing from China. That’s what they want to do is destroy our brothers in arms so they can attempt to take over ssp id think we would be protecting our military but apparently not

  1. When I was serving my Corps red patch Marines were the logistics Marines. All had a red patch on their cammies and cover. This sounds like bs to me about the patch.

    1. Mrs Rebecca Austin

      Bullshit! Very proud former Red patcher wifey here and this has nothing to do with Corona! My husband was stationed at Camp Pendleton attached to an LS LSE logistics battalion under Gunny McNair ( The best Gunny I ever met) along side a couple handfuls of his fellow red patch Marines . This was back in 2004 – 2012 so pretty impossible to be related to Corona. Whoever’s is publishing this type of garbage , needs to rethink their life goals and retract this article. This is straight up false and an all out lie, and might I say very disrespectful. False news like this can start unnecessary chaos, worry and panic and could honestly get these men and women hurt by someone that’s panicked over the epidemic already and then reads this shit. If your source is truly from another Marine , that Marine needs to sit down and go do some research before talking out of his ass like this.
      Be safe with love yall and as always thank you for your service.

        1. Doc Richard Pickles

          Daniel, please do not offend the dependapotamus. She is gullible. She still believes herpes just manifest on their own through genetics.

  2. Marine Corp shore party Battalion in the 70’s always wore a red patch on their trouser to I.D. them when they were on the beach during landings!

  3. Lawrence David Morris

    No one truly wants to be a “Red Patcher”, not even those in LSB required to wear them. Worse Battalion in the Corps! I know because Air Delivery is forced to wear those silly things. 🙄

  4. I can’t believe that those rona soldiers are out training. I am a VA RN on a rona unit and these people are SICK. I am disgusted that soldiers are tagged and branded! What about Hippa?? Talk about hazing. Ty for bringing this story to light. Now what can we do about it? Hmm

  5. That’s funny. The red patch is the designation for “Beach & Port” Marine Battalions. Somebody got their story wrong.

  6. Back when i was in logistic marines wore a red patch I always thought it was weird then even weirder now to single them out now. I call bullshit on that!

  7. That’s it’s Awful, I understanding is for they Security, Well I Guess is Temporary, Never Give Up and “Semper Fi” Soldiers 👍

  8. This is bullshit. Red Patch Marines have been around sense WWII. Do some damn research about the shore party Marines.

  9. Now that brings back memories! I was a “red-patcher” 1st LSB in Pendleton… back in the day when we still had the squad bays… geez that was a long time ago, and a few pounds as well… guess thats why I order the XXL shirts 🙂 Nice one!

    1. Mrs Rebecca Austin

      Ooohh rah! Red patcher wife at Pendleton here! It gave me a good feeling from the past to see this red patch again.

    1. Charlotte Reavis

      This is a satire article and not intended to offend. We made sure to mark it as such and were extremely sarcastic hoping it would catch on. Thanks for reading!

  10. Now that’s sum funny shit!!!
    Back in the day we used to say it was the Marines that had aids or had the clap!! Ahh good times

  11. I used to wear this when in 2nd landing support Bn H&S co camp Lejuene???? 84-87 Red Patchers. Suppose to be a representation if you were suppose to be on the beach. Also had a red patch on our covers. loaded and unloaded air craft Cherry point and loaded and unloaded ships at Morehead City.

  12. Not sure if some of the responders are trolling me, or if they didn’t realize they were being trolled. Queue squinty eyes meme.

    Yut Marines always a sucker out there that believes the scuttlebut.

  13. Damn, some of yall need to pay attention to detail!! I’m referring to the “Categories: Funny, Satire, Totally Made Up And Not True” And I’m the Jarhead!! I’m the one who’s supposed to be sitting in the corner, eating my crayons, until someone tells me to KILL.

    Red Patchers were logistics Marines. And being a grunt, you only saw them in your area when they were gathering a working party. So we avoided them like the plague…er, Rona. Unless you lost your damn canteen because your hooch-mate used it in the middle of the night and then didn’t snap the damn thing shut!! Then, and only then, you would try to sweet talk them like they were the Colonel’s daughter at the Marine Corps Ball.

    I’m surprised Capt Tryhard is still around. She was a butter-bar (2nd Lt) when I was in boot camp, back in 87. Damn that’s one old bat. And she’s still only a Captain? She was a Captain when I retired in 07. Guess she ain’t trying hard enough. LOL. I kill me.

    Thanks for the memories!!

    OOH-RAH!! and Semper Fi!!

  14. William C Pohlmeyer ( LCpl Vet)

    As a former Marine I cant argue with command to make this decision. This crap ain’t a joke and needs to be taken seriously. But our brother and sister Devil Dogs need to remember that these Red Patch Marines are just that…Marines. Semper Fi all.

  15. I remember Iwanna… guess she got married, ‘cause her last name used to be Phuckup. Watched that squad do more pushups than Jack Lelanne… made the DI go hoarse from yelling so much… Glad she finally moved up in the world. Truly a proud government employee…. a real lifer… i bet she gets the barracks she burned down paid for before she retires, too.

    1. I laughed my butt of at this. I was an instructor at a joint service base – Intel. LSBs were rarely at that post. We’d tell the boots 1000 different stories for the red patch – homosexual, conscientious objector, they killed someone in a training ex screwup, etc. I see this continues….poor lsbs

  16. It was so much easier when it just meant we were mercenaries. I know that most of us had a hard time with such a big word, but Marnies can overcome any obstacle. Except,maybe, Navy coffee.

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