99 year old WW2 Veteran raises $17 million for Health Services

Tom Moore started walking laps in his garden as part of his recovery after breaking his hip. The 99 year old British war Veteran wanted to pay back the “kindness” the healthcare workers had shown him. So, he enlisted his family’s help to raise money by walking laps around his garden. Tom had to use a walking chair to conquer 100 laps around his garden, which was 25 meters (82 feet) long. However, Tom would soldier on to his goal.

The expectation was 100 laps and to hopefully raise £1000 pounds($1,244.84 USD). However, Tom’s quiet resolve inspired much of the country to rally behind him. Currently, Moore has raised over £14,000,000 for workers in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. Veterans, public figures, and even the London Underground Metro has taken to social media to show their support. Many have seen Tom as a symbol of The U.K.’s resiliency and ability to “keep calm and carry on.”  That phrase was first used as a government slogan to encourage the people who still worked during bombing raids on London, and other cities.

“Thank you so much to all you people who subscribe to the National Health Service, because for every penny that we get, they deserve every one of it,” Tom said to the BBC.

Tom Moore’s military service

Moore served as a Captain in the British military. He was posted in India and Myanmar during World War II. Firstly, as a civil engineer, then Moore became an officer in 1940. He saw action and fought on the historic coastal region of Arakan. After leaving Myanmar, he became an instructor at Armoured(sic) Fighting Vehicle School in Bovington.

On Twitter, the WWII veteran said that he was “blown away by the Great British public and their generosity.”

731,131 individual donors have given to the NHS Charities Together fundraiser. Captain Tom Moore turns 100 at the end of the month, and wanted to laps to coincide with his birthday. Now a petition has begun encouraging the Queen of England to grant Tom Moore a knighthood. At the very least, this man deserves a beer!

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35 thoughts on “99 year old WW2 Veteran raises $17 million for Health Services”

  1. Avatar
    Gabrielle C Ketchum

    Beautiful article proves there are still kind people out there willing to help out veterans ♡

  2. Avatar

    I am so grateful and thankful that I live in a Country were even in the hard and unknown time we live in, we still come together and help each other from the heart.

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    This is so amazing! I’m glad you posted the article. This man is a true hero. Thank you to all the vets and current military men and women for your strength, courage, and putting your life on the line everyday! ‘Merica appreciates you.

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    Great story of heroism and grit to fight in the 40s and now he’ s 99 to fight for another great cause to show people in the world to fight together to help each other.


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    William M Schwartz

    Knocking on 100 and still 100% Patriot! Bet he was sweating red, white, and blue! Thank you Sir!!!🇺🇸💪

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    I tried to give a 5 star rating. I love what your company is doing and it honestly brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful world we would have if everyone had hearts like this! ♥️

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    Lissette Gonzalez

    I just want to take a moment to appreciate all our troops thank you all for your amazing service!!


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