Iranian Navy attempts to harrass US Navy

Yesterday, the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet released photos and video of Iranian Naval boats getting close to them.  The event happened in international waters off the North Arabian Gulf. In the photos and video, you see several speed boat-looking vessels coming up very quickly to the much larger U.S. Naval ships.  You can also see there is weaponry on the Iranian boats, because they get so close.

5th Fleet released on their Twitter there were 11 IRCG boats that “conducted dangerous & harassing approaches” against several US ships.  The US responded by simply maneuvering to avoid collision with the smaller boats.  They also stated the boats acted against the rules of international waters.

In other headlines, the Iranian Naval commander said yesterday he would like to revisit the idea of nuclear submarines.  According to reports, he last spoke about that in 2016.  He went on to say they need the nuclear energy to simply ensure their ships can stay at sea for a long time, like the U.S.

Ultimately it seems the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy is making waves, if you catch our drift. The question is, why would they send completely inferior “vessels” to buzz around our much larger fleet?  Do they think we would not be able to defend ourselves because they are able to move a little quicker?

If so, clearly they have neither played Battleship, nor done their research.  It is interesting to see which countries, including Iran, are making moves during these times.  Do they think the United States is not paying attention?  While we may have our hands full at home, we are certainly still paying attention.

Should we pay closer attention to Iran’s Naval assets?  What do you think they will do next?  Or, like most other countries antics, is this simply a cry for U.S. attention?

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14 thoughts on “Iranian Navy attempts to harrass US Navy”

  1. The Venezuelan navy had a better chance with that cruise ship, than these puddle jumpers have against a fully armed U.S. Navy Destroyer!

  2. John W. Bryant

    I do believe that our Navy should do something about what Iran is doing by harassing our Naval ships!!!🇺🇸

  3. Yeah they are definitely trying to make waves by doing that maybe testing the waters checking us out.

  4. The Japanese used Kamikaze pilots to make direct hits on our Navy ships during the WWII conflict…the muslims have used people, cars, trucks, pressure cookers and baloons as bombs, why not a guided boat bomb?It would appear that President Trump is taking the offense, to untie the hands of our military in order to protect themselves and us from enemies who don’t have a moral code. Warning shots across the bow and then if unheeded send those little boats to the bottom if they come within a mile of your ship. No playing patty cake with people who intend to kill you.


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