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Drive through strip clubs, yes they’re a thing now

Many business are finding alternate ways to generate revenue. One such industry trying to keep their workers gainfully employed are strip clubs or “gentlemen’s clubs.” (That’s not to say that ladies don’t enjoy these clubs as well, it’s just what they’re labeled as.) However, the efforts of these strip club establishments have been met with some pushback.

In certain locations across the country, patrons can drive into a designated area to see dancers perform their routines. Because they are out in open air, the dancers are dressed in bikinis. Basically this and other swimwear you’d find at the beach. Dancers list their PayPal, Venmo and Cash App information on poster boards, so that observers can send them tips from the safety of their own vehicles. These are popping up in Oregon, Las Vegas, and other places.

Additionally, these particular strip clubs are testing other inventive ways to generate revenue. One such establishment held a bikini car wash. Platinum Gentleman’s Club is located just outside the front gate of Camp Lejeune. Formally known as Driftwood, the Marine staple has undergone new ownership and renovations in recent years. They tell us about their experience holding a car wash to keep their employees working.

On March 17th, the state of North Carolina shut down all bars and restaurants. Additionally, they restricted gatherings to under 100 people, then eventually down to 50. This strip club set up a car wash and things were going fairly well. However, that did not last long. A passing motorist called the police to complain about their hurt feelings. As a result, the police were called up. (I’m sure all of the patrol cars were vying for the chance to see all the bikini clad beauties.) Nevertheless, you can imagine the presence of a police car puts a damper on things. Platinum tells us they intend to hold another car wash. They are just waiting for the end of the lock down.

Would you visit a place like this? Do you have any ideas on how to keep these Americans employed? Sound off in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Drive through strip clubs, yes they’re a thing now”

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    People have to stop being so butt hurt over everything. If it was so horrible they should just drive on by. I would also suggest the criers try something novel and mind their own business. These women are doing nothing wrong. They still have to pay bills and eat. I doubt they are getting unemployment. I hope they are getting tipped well.

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    Hell they should set up home delivery! If nobody can go to them, let them come to us!
    (*after establishing some safety protocols for the dancers of course! There are still plenty of weirdos out there…)


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