Terrorists storm Afghan hospital, killing newborns and mothers

Panic-stricken mothers rushed alongside Afghan Security Forces, Tuesday. A desperate effort was underway to save lives. Militant terror forces had stormed a maternity hospital in the capital city of Kabul. The resulting bloodshed saw 2 newborns and 12 others dead. The gun battle lasted several hours before over 100 hundred mothers and babies were evacuated. Additionally, 15 others who were present were also injured in the attack.

“Act against humanity and a war crime.”

Interior Ministry Spokesman, Tareq Arian, called the attack an “act against humanity and a war crime.”

No group has thus claimed credit for the attack. In fact, the Taliban even denied they were involved. IS has claimed responsibility for a series of car bombs that have occurred already this week. These include 4 car bombs which killed several civilians.

Photos shared by the Interior Ministry show Afghan soldiers carrying babies out of the hospital. The Ministry went on to say 3 militants had stormed the hospital. They later reported all 3 of these attackers had been shot and killed by security forces.

Pakistan condemned the attacks saying it was an “inhuman and cowardly terrorist attack.” The two nations share over 1,500 miles of border known as the Durand Line.

This attack is one in a series of many terror attacks the people and government of Afghanistan deal with on a frequent basis. Consequently, this has left the country reeling in the face of a global pandemic, the novel coronavirus.

Currently Afghanistan has reported nearly 5, 000 positive cases of COVID-19. As a result, over 127 Afghan people have died.

The hospital, which has 100 beds, was the site of a nighttime vigil. Despite the danger, family members of the victims waited for information of their loved ones well into the night.

We can say this was a horrendous act of cowards. However, we fear this will not be the last of the violence that plagues the region. What do you think of the US presence in the area? Should America leave or should we send more troops to protect against situations such as these? Sound off in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Terrorists storm Afghan hospital, killing newborns and mothers”

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    Mike blaylock

    Pure cowards and every nation needs to do their part in holding these terrorists responsible.

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    In between yes and no. In all aspects, there’s nothing more greater than our strong troops that keep our peace and freedom in place that it leaves us civilians indecisively thinking whether to have our troops be sent to a foreign country

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    One thing is obvious, leaving will allow extremists to wipe out those who are not willing to support the cause. The other obvious scenario is the US will fight until we are exhausted, this due to political issues and other world events. Find a way to put the terror groups on the run like Saddam, the whole group. Speed and mobility on a large scale. The whole army has to get faster, everyone has to get faster. I can run through a house or obstacles in PT gear way better than full TA50. Lifting heavy is badass but I think the Greeks had it right with them skirts. No I’m not wearing a skirt but light fighter is the way. Sent an idea for a mobile fortress to general dynamics “desert tortoise” it’s a mining dump truck with a compartment from a ship on the back instead of the bucket. Surrounded by bull dozer blades, RPGs should be deflected, logistics helicopter in, anti air you name it, fits in this thing. Problem is I don’t have real combat experience to support the idea. Sounds Sci-Fi but it can be built tomorrow, the parts are in Germany or Asia, build on site down range. Get word out to general dynamics and create demand… might happen. Terrorist won’t even know what to do, it’s so big with the shock absorbers on the bulldozer blades VBIEDs should be like an RC car hitting your truck. Positives about this too, mass CASEVAC, mobile TOC, humanitarian assistance… SF can deploy from it, can hold 50-100 infantry based on design, the benefits are left to imagination. The real important thing is it can be built tomorrow, just a matter of gathering all the real experience to create a demand and support the idea. Otherwise it’s a really cool movie prop.

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    God Bless your company! You maintain the spirit of a true AMERICAN!!!! As well as inspirational for us who bleed RED, WHITE AND BLUE!!!!
    Thank you!


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